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Dissolution of corporation.



Rules and regulations,

of its real estate, together with all of its other prop erty, shall be delivered to the Commonwealth, and thereafter such State Normal School shall be owned, controlled, and maintained as a State institution.

The corporation of any State Normal School, con. veying its property to the Commonwealth as herein provided, shall then be dissolved by the stockholders

thereof in the manner provided by law. Management.

Section 2035. Upon the conveyance of the property

of any State Normal School to the Commonwealth, said Trustees.

school shall be managed by a board of nine trustees, residents of the Normal School district in which said school is located, to be appointed by the State Board of Education,--three to serve until the first Monday of the first ensuing July, three to serve until the first Monday of the second ensuing July, and three to serve until the first Monday of the third ensuing July, and, each year thereafter, three to serve for three years, but all such trustees shall continue to serve until their successors are appointed. A majority of the members thereof shall be a quorum, for the transaction of business at any meeting of such board. The State Board of Education may remove any trustees at any time. All vacancies in such board shall be filled, for the unexpired terms, by the State Board of Education.

Section 2036. Subject to any existing or subsequent laws regulating the affairs of the State Normal Schools of this Commonwealth, the State Board of Education shall prescribe rules and regulations for the management and control of any State Normal Schools ac

quired by this Commonwealth. Pecuniary affairs.

Section 2037. The board of trustees of each State Normal School owned by this Commonwealth shall manage its pecuniary and other affairs, subject to the Constitution and laws of this Commonwealth, and the rules and regulations prescribed by the State Board of Education therefor, and may make and enforce such additional rules and regulations as may be deemed wise and expedient for the proper conduct of the institution, subject to the approval of the State Board of Education.

Section 2038. It shall be the duty of the Superin. tendent of Public Instruction to prescribe all forms, and to give all instruction required, for carrying into full effect the acts establishing and regulating the State Normal Schools, on all points not herein set forth in detail.

Section 2039. The General Assembly hereby declares Declaration by the that it would have passed this act if this article, num

ber twenty, relating to Normal Schools, were not in it, and that if said article twenty, relating to Normal Schools, or any part thereof, is declared unconstitutional, the remainder of this act shall continue in full force and effect.

Forms and instructions.

General Assembly.



Section 2101. The county superintendent in each

County. county of this Commonwealth is hereby required annually, at such time and place as he or a properly au

Annual meetings. thorized committee of teachers acting with him may deem most convenient, to call the teachers of the public schools, and invite the teachers of other institutions of learning in his county, to assemble and organize themselves into a teachers' institute, for their improvement in the science, art, and history of education; to continue in session at least five days, including a half-day for going to and a half-day for returning from the place of meeting of the said institute, and to be presided over by the county superintendent, or by some one designated by him, and to be subject in its general management to his control, Section 2102. Each county superintendent, upon the

Roll of members. assembling of the teachers' institute of his county, shall cause a roll of members to be prepared, which roll shall be called at least twice every day during the session of the institute, and all absentees shall be carefully noted, or he shall otherwise determine the actual attendance of the teachers at each session, and upon the adjournment of the institute he shall ascertain the exact number of teachers who were in attendance and the length of time each attended.

Section 2103. At the close of each annual teachers' institute, upon the presentation of the county super

Payments. intendent's certificate to the treasurer of the proper county, certifying to the attendance of teachers as herein required, said treasurer is hereby authorized and required to pay immediately to the county superintendent, out of the county treasury, one dollar ($1.00) for every three days spent by the teachers of the county in attendance at the institute for that year; such money to be expended by the county superintendent in paying for instructors, and other necessary expenses of the institute: Provided, That the amount which may be drawn from the county treasury shall in no case be more than two hundred dollars ($200.00) or less than one hundred dollars ($100.00), if it shall appear from the duplicate vouchers presented by the county superintendent that this sum has been actually expended for the purpose herein specified.

Section 2104. Every annual county teachers' insti. tute shall elect two of its members as auditors, who, with one auditor elected by the county directors' association, shall audit the accounts of said institute as provided in this act.




Annual meeting.


Length of meetings.


Section 2105. It shall be lawful for the board of school directors of any school district which has elected a superintendent, and employs not less than forty teachers, by resolution at any regular meeting, duly recorded, to authorize the holding of an annual teachers' institute for said district, and in such case, in all matters pertaining to the holding of institutes, it shall be in no wise subject to the authority and jurisdiction of the superintendent of schools of the county in which said district is located, and when the holding of the said separate annual institute shall have been authorized, as aforesaid, the superintendent of schools of said district shall have power to call and conduct a teachers' institute, and to draw from the county treasury moneys for the support of the same, in like manner and to the same extent as the county superintendents of this Commonwealth are empowered to do, and the board of school directors of such district may, by a majority vote, appropriate such additional funds as it may deem necessary to maintain said institute.

Section 2106. District teachers' institutes may be held throughout the school year for not less than five days, or ten half-days, which the district superintendent may select for this purpose.

Section 2107. The board of school directors of every school district holding an annual district teachers' institute shall, at or before the time of holding the same, appoint a proper person, who, with the two auditors elected by such institute, shall audit the accounts of the annual district teachers' institute as herein provided.

Section 2108. All boards of school directors in this Commonwealth are authorized and required to pay, from the district funds, to the teachers employed in the public schools of their several districts, in addition to the compensation provided for in their contracts, three dollars per day for each day's actual attendance upon the sessions of the annual teachers' institute.

Section 2109. Payment for said institute attendance shall be based on the official reports made to the several boards of school directors by the proper county or district superintendent, who shall report the daily attendance of teachers to the respective boards by which they are employed, and such payment shall be allowed by the boards of school directors and paid to the teachers entitled to receive the same. The time in attendance at the annual teachers' institute shall not be considered as days taught, or lessen the actual number of days in the minimum school term.

Allowance for attendance.

Payments, basis of.

Section 2110. Every teacher absenting himself from the annual teachers' institute shall forfeit to the school Absentees. district employing him a sum equal to that which he Forfeito would have received for attendance at such institute, this sum to be deducted from his salary for the joonth next following the date of conyening said institute, unless satisfactory reason for such absence be given to the superintendent holding such institute.

Section 2111. So much of any contract between any teacher and a school district in this Commonwealth as violates any of the provisions of this article eball be null and void.

Section 2112. All county and district superintend- Report. ents, immediately upon the adjournment of the teachers' institutes held in their respective counties or districts, shall report to the Superintendent of Public Instruction, on blanks furnished by him, the number of teachers in attendance, the names of instructors, the subjects upon which instruction was given, the degree of popular interest awakened by the proceedings, and such further information as may be required of them.

Section 2113. At the close of each annual county Itemized account. or district teachers' institute, the county or district superintendent holding the same shall, within thirty days thereafter, prepare an itemized account of all the receipts and disbursements received or made on account of such institute, and submit the same, properly sworn to, together with the proper vouchers therefor, to the auditors herein provided for to audit the same.

Section 2114. Any institute funds remaining in the hands of the superintendent at the close of the annual teachers' institute, as appears by the audit of its accounts, shall constitute an institute fund, and be accounted for by the superintendent in the accounts of the next annual teachers' institute, or be paid over to his successor in office.

Institute funds.




Section 2201. Subject to the general provisions of Additional this act, and in addition to the several provisions regulating the affairs of school districts of the first class, as otherwise provided, the following additional provisions shall relate to and regulate school districts of the first class.

Section 2202. In each school district of the first the Board of class, the board of school directors herein provided Public Education. shall be known and designated as “The Board of Public Education” of said district. The board of public education in each school district of the first class shall suc

Powers, rights, etc.

ceed to, and shall have and possess, all tbe powers, rights and privileges, not inconsistent with this act, which the present existing board of public education in its respective district now lawfully has.

Ward districts.

School visitors.





SCHOOL VISITORS. Section 2203. Every school district of the first class in this Commonwealth shall be divided into ward districts, each of which ward districts shall be composed of a municipal ward of the city comprising such school district, and designated by the same number.

Section 2204. In each ward district of school districts of the first class there shall be elected, at the first municipal election occurring after the approval of this act, and after the creation of a new ward, seven school visitors, four for two years, and three for four years; and, at the municipal elections thereafter, four and three school visitors shall be alternately elected for four years. Their terms shall begin on the first Monday of January following their election.

Section 2205. Any citizen of this Commonwealth of good moral character, who has been a resident of the ward district for one year or more, and is past twentyone years of age, shall be eligible as school visitor therein. Such school visitor shall, before entering upon the duties of his or her office, take the same oath of office as required of school directors in any school district in this Commonwealth. Any vacancy in the office of school visitor shall be filled by a majority vote of the remaining members of the board, for the remainder of the term.

Section 2206. Any person acting as a director in any sub-school district of any school district of the first class, at the time of the approval of this act, may act as a school visitor, with the school visitors herein provided, until the expiration of his term as director.

Section 2207. The school visitors of each ward district shall serve without compensation, and shall meet and organize on the first Monday of January each year, by electing one of their number as president and one as secretary. The secretary of each board of school visitors may receive from the funds of the school district an annual salary not exceeding twenty-five dollars ($25.00), as the board of public education of the school district may determine. In case of a tie vote in the election of school visitors, the same shall be disposed of in like manner as in case of a tie vote for school directors.

Section 2208. The board of school visitors in each ward district shall, at least once every three months, visit all the public elementary schools therein and inspect the same. They shall, without delay, call the attention of the board of school directors of the district, or its appropriate executive officer, to every matter requiring official action. They shall make, at least

Directors ex-officio.


Board of
School Visitors.

Visits and inspections.

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