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It shall be the duty of the bureau, annually, to ascer- Facilities, etc.. tain the character of the instruction and the facilities of medical edu: possessed by each of the various medical educational tions. institutions chartered under the laws of this Commonwealth, for the teaching of the various departments of medicines in accordance with the requirements of this act, and make report of the same at each annual meet- Repor ing of the bureau. Any medical institution chartered by this Commonwealth, and empowered to confer the degree in medicine, that shall be unanimously adjudged by the bureau as failing to provide the proper facilities, as maintaining a lower standard than that required under the provisions of this act, said standard being a general preliminary education of not less than a stand- Standard. ard four years' high school course, or its equivalent, and a graded medical and surgical course of four years, each of which shall be of not less than thirty-two weeks of not less than thirty-five hours each week, of actual work in didatic, laboratory, and clinical study in different calendar years,-shall be duly notified of the same, in writing, signed by the secretary of the bureau.

Notico. Failure to conform to the authorized standard, after such notification, shall render graduates of said insti. tution, ineligible for licensure until such time as the instruction and course are made to the standard adopted, as herein provided.

Applicants for licensure under the provisions of this an act shall furnish, prior to any examination by the said licensure. bureau, satisfactory proof that he or she is twenty-one years of age, is of good moral character, is not addicted Qualifications of to the intemperate use of alcohol or narcotic drugs, and has had a general education of not less than a standard four years' high school course, or its equivalent,--all of which have been received before admission to the second year of medical study,--and have attended four graded courses, of not less than thirty-two weeks of not less than thirty-five hours each, in different calendar years, in some reputable and legally incorporated medical school or college, or colleges, recognized as such by the board issuing license to practice in the State in which the college is situated,—the dean or proper officer of which shall certify that the applicant has successfully passed such of said respective courses.

Applicants from countries foreign to the territory from of the United States, who desire to be licensed by said countries. bureau, shall, before examination, furnish similar proof as to age, moral character, use of alcohol and narcotics; and shall present a certificate or diploma indicating the completion of a preliminary and medical and surgical education equivalent to the above. Each application to the said bureau, for examination or licensure, shall have attached thereto the affidavit or affirmation

Aldavit. of the applicant as to its erity. Any applicant stating any fact in his application, which shall thereafter

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Stated meeting.




Place of examination.

be proven to be false, shall be deemed guilty of perjury, and on conviction shall be subject to its penalties.

The Bureau of Medical Education and Licensure shall hold two stated meetings each year at Harrisburg, for the transaction of its business, and shall hold special meetings at its discretion, upon giving due notice thereof.

The examinations conducted by the said bureau shall be written in the English language, but may at its discretion, be supplemented by oral or practical laboratory or bedside examinations, or both. Such examinations shall include anatomy, physiology, chemistry as applied to medicine, hygiene and preventive medicine, pathology as applied to medicine, bacteriology symptomatology, diagnosis, surgery gynecology and obstetrics, medical jurisprudence and toxicology, materia medica and thereapeutics; the examination in materia medica and thereapeutics to be conducted by the members of the bureau of the same school of medicine as the respective applicant.

For studeuts in medical colleges situated within this Commonwealth, such examinations shall be held in the institutions of learning at which the students are pursuing their course of studies, at any time within thirty days of the proposed graduation of said students, due notice having been given the proper authorities of the college or school; or the examination may be held in any available laboratory or eleemosynary institution. At such examinations only such students shall be examined as are referred to the bureau by the college or school authorities as being, in their judgment, properly qualified to undertake the examination for State licensure; and the license shall be issued only on presentation to the bureau of proof of graduation. Such examinations may be considered as final, and shall entitle the student to graduate without further test, at the discretion of the college or school. Students not admitted to these examinations by their college authorities, or who, being admitted, fail to pass, and all other applicants for registration and licensure, shall, in due course after graduation, make application to the bureau and take the examinations at one of the two stated yearly examinations.

Any applicant who presents satisfactory evidence as to age, preliminary education and good moral character, and proper credentials signed by the dean of, and with the seal of, a reputable and legally incorporated school or college of medicine, recognized as such by the board issuing license to practice in the State in which the college or school is situated, that he or she has completed at least two of the required four graded courses of training in said school, of not less than thirty-two weeks, of not less than thirty-five hours each week, and in two different calendar years, may be ex



Partial examination,

Partial examination.

Failure of termi

amined forthwith by the bureau, upon the subjects of anatomy, physiology, chemistry as applied to medicine, and hygiene and preventive medicine; and if such applicants are respectively shown to be proficient in said subjects, they may be exempted from further examination in said subjects at the final examinations, at or after their graduation. Such students may also be examined at their school or college in the Commonwealth, at the discretion of the bureau. In case of failure at in case of fallure. any partial examination, thus given, at the end of the second course in a medical school or college, the candi- i nie date shall not be again examined in the subjects of anatomy, physiology, chemistry as applied to medicine, and hygiene and preventive medicine, or in any one or more of these subjects in which he may have failed, until the completion of the required four graded courses in a reputable school or college of medicine; but such candidate shall be admitted to the final examination, at the completion of said four years course, provided he or she produces sufficient evidence of continuing good moral character.

In case of failure at any terminal examination, the applicant shall have, after the expiration of six months nal examination. and within two years, the privilege of a second examination by the bureau, without the payment of an additional fee. In case of failure in a second terminal examination, the applicant must enter de novo, and qualify under the conditions obtaining at the time of this application. Applicants for a licensing me certificate, who have been examined and licensed by cants. State Boards of Medical Examiners or State Boards of Health of other States, which, through reciprocity, similarly accredit the holders of licensing certificates from the Bureau of Medical Education and Licensure of this Commonwealth to the full privileges of practice within their respective boundaries, shall, on payment of a fee of twenty-five dollars to the said bureau, and on filing in the office of the bureau a true and attested copy of the said license, certified by the affidavit of the president or secretary of such State Boards of Medical Examiners or Boards of Health issuing the same, and showing also that the standard of acquirements adopted by said State Boards of Medical Examiners or State Boards of Health is equal to that provided for by the provisions of this act, shall, without further examination, receive a licensing certificate conferring on the holder thereof all the rights and privileges accorded by this act: Provided, however, That such applicant has Proviso. not previously failed at an examination in this Commonwealth.

And, further, it shall be the duty of said Bureau of Medical Education and Licensure, at its discretion, Examination on to examine any person pretending to a knowledge of

Licensed appli


minor subject.



Limited practi a minor branch or branches of medicine and surgery, tioners.

for the purpose of establishing regulation and State

licensure. For this purpose it shall be the duty of Oversight of instruction,

the said bureau to establish such oversight of the instruction and teaching of the schools or colleges so pretending, if any such obtain, as is provided for in this act in the case of medical schools and colleges;

and further, they shall conduct such limited examinaExaminations.

. tions, as are in their judgment necessary, for the purpose of determining whether or not the applicant has the proper degree and knowledge of his or her subject, and of determining whether in other respects they are worthy of registration and State licensure as provided

for in this act. For the purpose of conducting such Aid in examina examinations, the said bureau shall have the privilege tions.

of calling to its aid men or women of established reputation and known ability in the particular pursuit under consideration, and who shall be compensated for their services at the rate of ten dollars ($10.00) per day, in addition to all incurred expenses. Reciprocity and other provisions, as provided for in this act in the case of doctors of medicine and surgery, may be established, at the discretion of the bureau, for these limited practioners.

Upon the requisite degree of knowledge and the moral character of the applicant being established, as above į provided for, and on the payment of a fee of ten dollars

($10.00), the Bureau of Medical Education and Licensure of the Department of Public Instruction shall forthwith issue a State license to the applicant, limited to the practice of his or her pursuit in this State, this fact being plainly stated across the face of the certificate. Such a system of special licensure being once established, it shall thereafter be unlawful for any person or persons to practice said system without the said State license; and, on proof of violation of this provision of this act, they shall be liable to all the penalties provided for in section one of this act in the case of doctors of medicine and surgery. A record of all persons so licensed shall be kept in the archives of the Department of Public Instruction, and shall have the standing before the law of any other license issued by the Bureau of Medical Education and Licensure. For the purpose of determining the verity of credentials and applications, conducting examinations, or discovering fraud or dishonesty, the secretary of the bureau, or, in his absence, any member thereof, shall have the right to administer oaths or any form of obligation required by law.

All persons who have complied with the requireLicensure.

ments of the rules and regulations of the bureau, and who shall have passed a final examination, and who have otherwise complied with the provisions of this






act, shall receive from said bureau, under its seal, a licensing certificate entitling them to the right to practice medicine and surgery, or special branches of medicine and surgery, as provided for in section six, in this Commonwealth ; which said license certificate shall be duly registered in the office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction of this Commonwealth, in a record book to be properly kept for that purpose, and which shall be open to public inspection; and a certified copy of said record shall be received as evidence in all courts in this Commonwealth in the trial of any case: Provided, Proviso That this section, relating to certificates to practice medicine and surgery, shall not apply to officers in the regular medical service of the United States Army and Navy, or the United States Public Health and Marine Hospital Service, while in discharge of their official duties; or to any one who may be a duly registered practitioner of medicine in any other State or Commonwealth, who may be called upon by a registered physician of this Commonwealth to consult with him in a case under treatment; or any one while actually serying as a member of the resident medical or surgical staff of any legally incorporated or State hospital: And provided further, That any duly registered prac- Proviso. titioner of medicine residing in any State near the Non-resident boundary line between said State and this Common practitioners. wealth, whose practice extends into this State shall have the right to practice in this commonwealth, at the discretion of the bureau; provided he files with the secretary of the Bureau of Medical Education and Licensure of this Commonwealth a cer- Proviso. tified copy of his registration in the State where he resides; and provided that the Board of Examiners of the adjoining State reciprocate by extending the same privilege to practitioners of medicine and surgery in this Commonwealth; in which case he shall receive from the secretary of the bureau created by this act a licensing certificate, issued by the said bureau, but which shall be automatically revoked if he changes his Fees said residence or office of practice.

Said Bureau of Medical Education and Licensure shall have the power to charge a fee for all examinations that may be made by them, and which shall not exceed the sum of twenty-five dollars for the collective Seal. or total examination of any applicant, except as pro- Office. vided for in section six. They shall adopt a seal; and shall have an office at Harrisburg, for the purpose of holding examinations, and where all their permanent records shall be kept, open to public inspection. For Supplies. that purpose they shall have the power to make requisition upon the proper State officials for office rooms and supplies, including stationery and furniture. All the printing and binding necessary for the work of the said bureau shall be done by the State Printer, upon



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