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Plans for new bulldings to be submitted to State Board.

Plans to be furnished free by State Board

Awarding of contracts.

Section 615. After the organization of the State Board of Education provided for in this act, no public school buildings shall be contracted for, constructed, or reconstructed, in any school district of the second, third, or fourth class, until their plans and specifications have been submitted to the State Board of Education, and any recommendations concerning the same by the State Board of Education have been laid before the board of school directors: Provided, When any school building is being constructed or remodeled at the time of the approval of this act, or when a contract has been awarded for the construction or remodeling of any school building, such building may be con. structed or remodeled without being subject to the provisions of this section.

Section 616. The State Board of Education shall cause to be prepared and shall, at the expense of the Commonwealth, publish, and upon application furnish, without charge, to boards of school directors, plans and specifications of different kinds of school buildings suited to the needs of the public schools: Provided, That school buildings may be built according to plans and specifications thus furnished, without submitting the same to the State Board of Education.

Section 617. Every contract in excess of three hundred dollars ($300.00), made by any school district in this Commonwealth, for the introduction of heating, ventilating, or lighting systems, or the construction, reconstruction, or repair of any school building, or work upon any school property, shall be awarded to the lowest and best bidder, after due public notice has been given, upon proper terms asking for competitive bids.

Section 618. All school buildings hereafter built or rebuilt shall comply with the following conditions:

In every school room the total light area must equal at least twenty per centum of the floor space, and the light shall not be admitted thereto from the front of seated pupils.

Every school room shall have not less than fifteen square feet of floor space, and not less than two hundred cubic feet of air space per pupil.

Section 619. No board of school directors in this Commonwealth shall use a common heating stove for the purpose of heating any school room, unless such stove is in part enclosed within a shield or jacket made of galvanized iron, or other suitable material, and of sufficient height, and so placed, as to protect all pupils while seated at their desks from direct rays of heat.

Section 620. No school room or recitation room shall be used in any public school which is not provided with ample means of ventilation, and whose windows, when they are the only means of ventilation, shall not admit of ready adjustment both at the top and bot.

School buildings.

Light area,

Floor space.

Heating stoves,


buildings now

tom, and which does not have some device to protect pupils from currents of cold air. Every school room or recitation room shall be furnished with a thermometer

Section 621. Every school building hereafter erected Fresh or reconstructed, whose cost shall exceed four thousand dollars ($4,000.00), or which is more than one story high, shall be so heated and ventilated that each school room and recitation room shall be supplied with fresh air at the rate of not less than thirty cubic feet per minute for each pupil, and which air ray be heated to an average temperature of seventy degrees Fahrenheit during zero weather. Section 622. All school buildings, two or more stor

Fireproof conies high, hereafter erected or leased in any school dis- struction. trict of the first class in this Commonwealth shall be of fireproof construction; and in any school district of the second, third, or fourth class, every building more than two stories high, hereafter built or leased for school purposes, shall be of fireproof construction. Section 623. All doors of entrance into any building

Doors shall be more than one story high, used for a public school made to open building in this Commonwealth, shall be made to open

outward in all outward, and the board of school directors of every used. district in this Commonwealth shall, before the opening of the school term next following the approval of this act, change the entrance doors of every such school building so that they shall all open outward.

Section 624. In all school buildings more than one and in all herestory high, hereafter erected, all entrance doors, as after er well as all doors from class rooms, school rooms, cloak rooms, or other rooms into halls, shall open outward.

Section 625. Every school building shall be provided Fire-escapes. with necessary fire-escapes and safety-appliances as required by law.

Section 626. The board of school directors in each Grounds. school district shall put the grounds about every school building in a neat, proper, and sanitary condition, and so maintain the same, and shall provide and maintain a proper number of shade-trees.

Section 627. Tbe board of school directors of any May permit use of district may permit the use of its school grounds and buildings for social, recreation, and other proper purposes, under such rules and regulations as the board may adopt, and shall make such arrangements with any city, borough, or township authorities for the improvement, care, protection, and mainteu nce of school buildings and grounds for school, park, play, or other recreation purposes, as it may see proper, and any board of school directors may make such arrangements as it may see proper, with any association or individual for the temporary use of school property for schools, play grounds, social, recreation, or other proper educational purposes.

for other purposes.

Damaging or de facing school property.



Section 628. If any person shall wilfully or maliciously break into, enter, deface, or write, mark, or place any obscene or improper matter upon, any public school building, or other building used for school purposes, or other purposes provided for in this act, or any outhouse used in connection therewith; or shall deface, injure, damage, or destroy any school furniture, books, paper, maps, charts, apparatus, or other property contained in any public school building, or other building used and occupied for school purposes, or other purposes provided for in this act; or shall injure, damage, or destroy any shade-trees, shrubbery, fences, or any other property of any kind, upon any public school grounds, or upon any public school play-ground, such person shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be sentenced to pay a fine of not less than five dollars ($5.00) and not more than two hundred dollars ($200.00), or undergo an imprisonment in the county jail for a period not exceeding six months, either or both, at the discretion of the court.

Section 629. The board of school directors in each district shall, when they are not otherwise provided, purchase a United States flag, flagstaff, and the necessary appliances therefor, and shall display said flag upon or near each public school building in clement weather, during school hours, and at such other times as the said board may determine.

Section 630. The board of school directors in any school district may, in the manner herein provided, enter into any contract with any person, firm, association, or corporation, for the furnishing of light, heat, or water to such school district, for any term not exceeding five years. The amount to become due and payable thereon, under such contract, may be distributed equally during the years over which the same extends, and only so much thereof as becomes due and payable in any one year need be provided for in the annual estimate of school expenses for any school year, and be certified to by any school controller.

Section 631. All school property owned by any school district, real and personal, that is occupied and used by any school district for public school, recreation, or any other purposes provided for by this act, shall be, and hereby is, made exempt from every kind of State, county, city, borough, township, or other tax, as well as from all costs or expense for paving, curbing, sidewalks, sewers, or other municipal improvements: Provided, That any school district may make any municipal improvement, in any street on which its school property abuts, or may contribute any sum towards the cost thereof.

Section 632. The board of school directors in every district shall, with every building used for school purposes, provide and maintain in a proper manner,

Contracts for light, heat or water.

School property exempt from taxes.


Water-closets or out houses.

a suitable number of water-closets or outhouses, not less than two for each building, where both sexes are in attendance. Such water-closets or outhouses shall be suitably constructed for, and used separately by, the sexes. When any water-closets or outhouses are outside and detached from the school building, the entrances thereto shall be properly screened, and they shall, unless constructed at a remote distance from each other, have separate means of access thereto, and, if possible, for not less than twenty-five feet from such water-closets or outhouses, such means of access or walks leading thereto shall be separated by a closed partition, wall, or fence, not less than seven feet high. .

Section 633. The board of school directors shall Disinfection of keep all water-closets or outhouses, used in connection with any school building, in a clean and sanitary condition, and shall, not less than ten days prior to the openings of any term of school, and oftener if necessary, have them properly cleaned and disinfected by the use of fresh dry-slacked lime, or other proper disinfecting material.

Section 634. The board of school directors in every Insurance of school district shall have full power and authority to property. make and enter into any contract or contracts it may deem proper with any person, firm or corporation, for the purpose of insuring against loss or damage by fire, or otherwise, any or all of the school buildings or other property of the school district.

Disinfection of water-closets.

purchase all supplies.

departmeliances for text-books, urchase orientov sbau

thistricts, and

ARTICLE VII. BOOKS, FURNITURE AND SUPPLIES. Section 701. The boards of school directors of each Directors shall school district in this Commonwealth shall purchase pu all necessary furniture, equipment, text-books, school supplies, and other appliances for use of the public schools, or any department thereof, in their respective districts, and furnish the same free of cost for use in the schools in said districts, subject to such rules and regulations regarding the use and safe-keeping thereof as the boards of school directors may adopt. All furniture, equipment, books, school supplies, and other appliances purchased by the board of school directors of any school district in this Commonwealth, for the use of the public schools therein, shall be purchased in the manner provided in this act.

Section 702. Text-books adopted, under the pro. Text-books. visions of this act, by any school district of the second, third, or fourth class, shall be continued in use for a period of not less than five years.

Section 703. All school text-books, in school dis- wi tricts of the second, third and fourth class, shall be shall be adopted by the board of school directors at any regular

When text-books Proviso.

Use of books during vacation.

When this provision takes effect.

meeting between the first day of April and the first day of August following. Such books, so adopted, shall be provided for the use of the schools at the beginning of the school term next following: Provided, That if in said school districts there shall be a district superintendent or supervising principal, such district superintendent or supervising principal, shall report in which subjects new text-books are needed, and after consultation with the teachers under his supervision, what text-books should be adopted or changed, and unless by a two-thirds vote of the board an adoption or change of text-books shall not be made without his recommendation: Provided, further, that books, supplementary to text-books regularly adopted, may be adopted and purchased for use in the schools at any time, such supplementary books to be adopted in the same manner as text-books are herein required to be adopted.

Section 704. The board of school directors in any district may allow any pupil in such district the use of school books during vacations, under such rules and regulations as it may adopt.

Section 705. The provisions of this act, relating to the purchase of school books and supplies by the board of school directors in any school district, shall not take effect until the first Monday of January, one thousand nine hundred and twelve (1912).

Section 706. School supplies shall be divided into two classes. The first class shall include school desks, chairs, typewriters, and school apparatus. The second class shall include maps, globes, and all other supplies, except text-books, necessary for school use, not inclued in the first class.

Section 707. When it is deemed necessary to purchase desks or other supplies of the first class, costing one hundred dollars ($100) or more, the board of school directors shall solicit sealed quotations from two or more firms, manufacturers, or dealers in such supplies, and at a regular meeting shall open such bids and quotations, and shall accept the lowest bid, when the kinds of supplies offered, and their kind, quality, and character of material, are the same, or are equal or satisfactory: Provided, That any school district may purchase school furniture and other equipment from another district, without asking for competitive bids.

Section 708. All supplies of the second class, costing three hundred dollars or more, shall be awarded and purchased only after public notice has been given by advertisement, published once each week for three weeks in not less than two newspapers of general circulation: Provided, That in any district where no newspaper is published, said notice may, in lieu of such publication, be posted in at least five public places. Buch advertisement or notice shall give all necessary

Classification of supplies.

Purchase of first class supplies.

or second class supplies.

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