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must hold

for one year.


CERTIFICATION OF TEACHERS. Section 1301. Every teacher in the public schools Teacher of this Commonwealth must hold a provisional, pro- certificate. fessional or State certificate, which shall set forth the branches which its holder is entitled to teach, and which shall be issued as herein provided; but no teacher shall teach, in any public school in this Commonwealth, any branch which he has not been properly certificated to teach.

PROVISIONAL CERTIFICATE. Section 1302. Any county or district superintend- Certificates valid ent in this Commonwealth may issue provisional certiticates to persons who pass satisfactory examinations in spelling, reading, writing, physiology, and hy. giene, geography, English grammar, arithmetic, elemeutary algebra, history of the United States and of Pennsylvania, civil government, including State and local government, school management and methods of teaching, valid for one year in the districts or district under the supervision of the superintendent issuing them. Every provisional certificate shall indicate by suitable marks the degree of proficiency of the holder in each branch. No person, entering upon the work of teaching in the public schools after the approval of this act, shall teach more than five school terms on provisional certificates. No superintendent shall make valid by endorsement a provisional certificate issued by another superintendent.

Section 1303. Any county or district superintend- Additions to ent may, after satisfactory examination, add addi- cer tional branches to any provisional certificate which he issues, or may grant to holders of State or professional certificates, after satisfactory examination, provisional certificates in any branches additional to those on their certificates, subject to the provisions of this act relating to provisional certificates.


PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE. Section 1304. Teachers in the public schools who Certificates valla

ny for three years. have taught successfully under the supervision of any county or district superintendent in this Commonwealth for not less than two full school terms, and who have in the examinations of such county or district superintendent for a professional certificate passed a thorough examination in the branches of study required for a provisional certificate, as well as in any two of the following subjects; namely, vocal music, drawing, English literature, plane geometry, general history, physical geography, elementary botany, elemen

Examination papers to be kept on file.

Renewal of certificate.

tary zoology, or elementary physics, and shall satisfy said superintendent, by written or oral tests, that they have carefully and intelligently read two of the books on pedagogy approved for such purposes by the Superintendent of Public Instruction, shall receive professional certificates, which certificates shall be valid for three years in the schools under the supervision of the county or district superintendent by whom they were issued.

Section 1305. The examination papers upon which professional certificates have been issued shall be kept on file not less than three years in the office of the superintendent issuing the same, and shall be open to the inspection of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, or any of his deputies, or any county or district superintendent.

Section 1306. At the expiration of any professional certificate it may be renewed by the superintendent who issued it, or by his successor, provided its holder shows by examination a satisfactory degree of thoroughness in any two of the additional branches required for professional certificates, which are not already upon his certificate, and shall satisfy the superintendent by a written or oral test, that he has carefully and intelligently read two additional books on pedagogy approved by the Superintendent of Public Instruction. No professional certificate shall be renewed more than three times.

Section 1307. Any county superintendent, or any district superintendent in a school district of the second or third class, may endorse a valid professional certificate issued by another superintendent of schools of this Commonwealth, which endorsement shall validate it in the district or districts under the supervision of the superintendent endorsing it, and, after its holder has taught successfully under his supervision, such county or district superintendent, or his successor, may renew it as provided in this act.

Section 1308. County or district superintendents may continue to renew valid professional certificates, without examination in the branches which they include, for teachers under their supervision who have held such certificates during the year preceding the approval of this act. A professional certificate thus renewed shall be valid for teaching the branches which it includes, in the district or districts under the supervision of the superintendent who renewed it, during the official term of such superintendent and for one year thereafter: Provided, That any person now teaching in the public schools of this Commonwealth, who has held a professional certificate for not less than ten years, may continue to teach the subjects embraced in his certificate, in the school district in which he is now teaching, without further examination, and his

Endorsement of certificate.


Renewal of valid
certificate may
be continued.


proper superintendent, when requested, shall by endorsement on his present certificate certify to that effect.



State certificates.

Section 1309. State certificates shall include the following:

Permanent State Certificates,
State Normal School Certificates,
State Normal School Diplomas,
Provisional College Certificates,
Permanent College Certificates.

Every college certificate shall set forth the name of Contents of the college or university from which its holder was graduated. State certificates shall entitle their holders to teach in every part of this Commonwealth for the terms herein specified.

Section 1310. The Superintendent of Public In- Examination for struction shall select such places and times for holding examinations for permanent State certificates as will, in his judgment, reasonably accommodate all parts of the Commonwealth. The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall, annually, appoint an Examining Board of superintendents or teachers, who are holders of State certificates, for each place where such examinations are to be held. The members of said Examining Boards shall be reimbursed by the State for all expenses necessarily incurred in conducting such examinations, but shall receive no further compensation therefor.

Section 1311. All teachers who have been holding Who are eligible. professional certificates for two years or longer, and who have certificates of good moral character and success in teaching from their proper superintendents and boards of school directors, for two school terms, are eligible as candidates for permanent State certificates. Section 1312. The Examining Boards shall, under

Recommendation such regulations as made by the Superintendent of by Examining Public Instruction, hold one or more examinations each year in all the branches of study heretofore enumerated in this article, and shall recommend to the Superintendent of Public Instruction to grant permanent State certificates to all eligible candidates who have passed satisfactory examinations in all of said branches, and who have satisfied the Examining Boards, by written or oral tests, that they have read carefully and intelligently not less than four books on pedagogy approved by the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Eligible candidates for or holders of permanent State certificates, upon passing satisfactory examinations before said Examining Boards, in any additional branches which are required or taught in the public schools in this Commonwealth, shall have the same included in their certificates.


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Permanent State certificates.

Section 1313. The results of these examinations, together with the recommendation of the Examining Board in each case, shall be forwarded to the Superintendent of Public Instruction, who shall, if he approve of the same, grant to said applicants permanent State certificates, which shall entitle their holders to teach the branches of study set forth therein, without further examination. All the examination papers, and all the evidence of good moral character and success in teaching submitted at such examinations, shall be sent to the Department of Public Instruction and be kept on file for not less than one year.,

Normal School certificates.

STATE NORMAL SCHOOL CERTIFICATES. Section 1314. State Normal School certificates, issued by the State Normal Schools of this Commonwealth, shall entitle their holders to teach for two annual school terms.

Normal School diploma.

Section 1315. Diplomas issued by the State Normal
Schools of this Commonwealth shall entitle their hold.
ers to teach without further examination.

college certificates.

PROVISIONAL COLLEGE CERTIFICATES, Section 1316. The superintendent of Public Instruction may grant a provisional college certificate to every person who presents to him satisfactory evidence of good moral character, and of being a graduate of a college or university approved by the College and University Council of this Commonwealth, who has during his college or university course successfully completed not less than two hundred hours' work in pedagogical studies, such as psychology, ethics, logic, history of education, school management, and methods of teaching, which certificate shall entitle him to teach for three annual school terms.



Section 1317. The superintendent of Public Instruccollege certificate. tion shall issue a permanent college certificate to every

graduate of a college or university approved by the College and University Council of Pennsylvania, and of such departments therein as are approved by him, when such graduate furnishes satisfactory evidence of good moral character and successful experience of three years' teaching in the public schools of this Commonwealth, which certificate shall entitle its holder to teach without further examination.

Section 1318. The Superintendent of Public InstrucCertificates issued by other states tion may validate in this Commonwealth teachers' cer.

tificates issued by other States, or by the State Normal Schools or colleges of other States, whose requirements

may be validated.

or permanent

vocal"tificates, fortions, and remporar

be granted.

are equivalent to those of this Commonwealth: Provided, That he may revoke such validation of certificates at any time.

Section 1319. The Superintendent of Public In- Temporary struction shall provide for special examinations, and certificates. for temporary or permanent certificates, for teachers of kindergartens, drawing, vocal music, manual train. ing, physical training and other special branches.

The Superintendent of Public Instruction may issue Special subjects. temporary or permanent certificates for the teaching of such special subjects to graduates of approved special schools of such subjects, under such conditions as he may make.

Section 1320. No teachers' certificate shall be Who shall not granted to any person who has not submitted, upon certificates. a blank furnished by the Superintendent of Public Instruction, a certificate from a physician legally qualified to practice medicine in this Commonwealth, setting forth that said applicant is neither mentally nor physically disqualified, by reason of tuberculosis or any other chronic or acute defect, from successful performance of the duties of a teacher; nor to any person who has not a good moral character, or who is in the habit of using opium or other narcotic drugs in any form, or any intoxicating drink as a beverage.

Section 1321. All teachers' certificates, in force in Certificates this Commonwealth at the time this act goes into ef- to continue fect, shall continue in full force and effect, subject to all the terms and conditions under which they were issued, until they expire by virtue of their own limitations, unless they are sooner annulled for the reason and in the manner herein provided.

Section 1322. Certificates may be annulled for in- Certificates may competency, cruelty, negligence, immorality, or intemperance, after hearing, of which reasonable notice in writing must be given to the parties interested. Provisional or professional certificates shall be annulled by the superintendent who granted them, or under whose supervision their holders are teaching, and all State certificates or endorsements of the certificates of other States, by the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Section 1323. Every county and district superin. tendent shall keep, in a book provided for the purpose certificates to at the expense of the State, an accurate record of all provisional certificates issued, and professional certificates issued or endorsed, by him during his term of office. He shall also keep a record of all other valid certificates held by the teachers of the schools within his jurisdiction.

Section 1324. Before entering upon the work of To be teaching, every holder of a permanent, special or State certificate, of any kind, shall present it, for registration, to the proper superintendent, who shall record

Certificates may be annulled.

Record of

be kept.


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