Young Heroes of the Bible: A Book for Family Sharing

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Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 1999 - 133 էջ
What makes a young person a hero? Is it standing up to a gigantic bully? Is it offering a thirsty stranger a drink of water? Or is it learning humility from your older brothers?

In five stories from the Bible and the Midrash, legendary actor and acclaimed author Kirk Douglas examines how the greatest biblical characters performed deeds of heroism even at young ages. You'll learn how little Abraham put his father's idol shop out of business; how Miriam saved her brother Moses from the pharaoh's death sentence; how Joseph overcame a bad case of self-importance to become a great leader; and how little David, the shepherd, slew the mighty giant Goliath.

In telling these timeless stories, Kirk Douglas remembers his own childhood in Amsterdam, New York, where he first heard these in Sunday school, and how they affected him throughout his childhood and his long career in Hollywood. The warmth and humor of his recollections will touch you as the stories of young heroes will inspire.

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Kirk Douglas has been a Hollywood legend for over four decades. In a career encompassing more than eighty films, he has earned an Academy Award for a lifetime of achievement and three Academy Award nominations -- for Champion, The Bad and the Beautiful, and Lust for Life. As an independent producer, he has brought to the screen classics like Paths of Glory, The Vikings, Spartacus, Lonely Are the Brave, and Seven Days in May. His autobiographies, Climbing the Mountain: My Search for Meaning and The Ragman's Son, and his three novels, Dance with the Devil, The Gift, and Last Tango in Brooklyn, won praise from critics and became international best-sellers. His first book written for children was The Broken Mirror.

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