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tion, of all the purest and most approved Ternis, ac. cording to the most eminent Lexicographers and Orators. Fourth Edition, much improved, and stereotyped ; 4s. bound.

“ In a very modest preface Mr. Enfield observes, ' that the Editor of such a work as this, has little to do, but to familiarize the mind to knowledge already extant, and to endeavour, by lucid arrangement of the materials of his predecessors, to smooth the path of science, Humble as such pretensions are, the task is one which requires the exercise both of considerable judgment and of great industry; and it is but common justice to say, that Mr. Enfield has displayed both, in the compilation and arrangement of the useful little volume before us.” Anti-Jacobin Review, Aug. 1817.

A DESCRIPTION OF MORE THAN THREE HUNDRED ANIMALS, embellished with upwards of Three Hundred fine Wood Engravings of Quadrupeds, Birds, Fishes, Serpents, and Insects, copied from Nature, and engraved with taste and accuracy. Demy 12mo. 55. 6d. boards; 6s. bound. A few co. pies in 8vo. on the finest wove paper, worked as proofs, 10s. Od. boards.

This work has been entirely recomposed and the objectionable articles expunged, by A.D. MʻQUIN, H. F. S. A. and now forms a valuable Compendium of Natural History, interspersed with amusing Anecdotes and Ohservations, from the best Authorities. To which is added, An Original Appendix, on Allegorical and Fabulous Animals; and an Index to the whole, with the English, Latin, and French Names.

AN ABSTRACT OF THE HISTORY OF THE BIBLE, for the Use of Children and Young Persons; with Questions for Examination, and a Sketch of Scripture Geography, illustrated with Maps. By the Rev. William Turner, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The Sixth Edition, 18mo ; Price 2s. 6d. half-bound.

CORTEZ; OR, THE CONQUEST OF MEXICO: As related by a Father to his Children, and de. signed for the Instruction of Youth. Translated from the German of J. H. Campe, by Elizabeth Helme, A New Edition, with a Map; Price, bound, 5s. 6d.

COLUMBUS; OR, THE DISCOVERY OF AMERICA. By the same Author. A New Edi. tion, 12mo. with a Map; Price, bound, 5s. 6d.

PIZARRO; OR, THE CONQUEST OF PERU. By the same Author. 12mo. with a Map; Price, bound, 5s. 6d.

THE POCKET CYCLOPÆDIA; OR, MIS. CELLANY OF USEFUL KNOWLÉDGE, from the latest and best Authorities ; designed for Senior Scholars in Schools, and for Young Persons in general; containing much useful Information on various Subjects necessary to be known by all Persons, and yet not to be found Books of General Use in Schools. Seventh Edition, on fine paper,

handsomely printed; with the addition of a copious List of Authorities, to which the Student is referred for more extended Information; Price 7s.6dboards, or 8s. neatly bound. By Mr. Guy, Late Professor of Geography, &c. Royal Military College, Great Marlow.

CATECHISM OF NATURE, improved and enlarged. The Tenth Edition. Price 1s. 6d. “ Read Nature, Nature is a Friend to Truth."

Young. SELECTIONS FOR READING AND RECITATION, designed for the Use of Schools, By James Hews BRANSBY, of Dudley. In a thick 'volume, 12mo.; Price, bound, 5s. 6d.

260 Published by Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy.

OSTELL'S NEW GENERAL ATLAS; containing distinct Maps of all the principal States and Kingdoms throughout the World, from the latest and best Authorities, including a Map of ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, and Canaan or Judæa : the whole correctly engraved upon 30 plates, royal 410. and beautifully coloured ,outlines, Price 18s. neatly half-bound; or, full coloured, Price One Guinea.

The Publishers offer the above Atlas to Schools, as the most correct, the most useful, and, at the same time, the cheapest, ever executed. They have no hesitation in saying, that it wants only to be seen to be universally adopted: it is already used in many of the most respectable Seminaries in the Empire.

N. B. A new set of Plates have been recently engraved, corrected to the present time.

THE POEMS OF ROBERT BLOOMFIELD; consisting of the Farmer's Boy; Good Tidings; Rural Tales; and Wild Flowers. A new Edition, stereotyped, in two small Volumes, Price 8s. boards.

ANECDOTES OF REMARKABLE INSECTS; selected from Natural History, and interspersed with Poetry. By Joseph Taylor. In a neat Pocket Volume, Price 3s. half-bound, and embellished with Engravings.

RATIONAL DAME; or, Hints towards supplying Prattle for Children, by a familiar acquaintance with the Animal Creation ; with nine Copper-plates, By Mrs. Teachwell; Price 3s.

RATIONAL SPORTS; in Dialogues passing among the Children of a Family ; intended to lead Children to a relish for Knowledge. By the same; Price 1s. 6d.


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