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Vermont Colonization Society. We have already given an account of the Annual Meeting of this Society. The Eighth Annual Report is now published, from which it appears that there was on the 1st of November, 1826, cash in the Treasury to the amount of $761.36, and that the receipts since that time have amounted to $840.41--of which about $300 was obtained by collections taken upon or near the Fourth of July.--[Ver. Chron.

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This Schooner took her departure from Georgetown, South Carolina, since the publication of our last number, with twentysix slaves, manumitted by a single benevolent individual, (Mr. M•Dearmid,) near Cheraw, that they might share in the benefits of the African Colony. They are represented as sober, industrious, and several of them pious. Nine of them are natives of Africa, the remainder their descendants. The gentleman who has thus distinguished himself, by conferring freedom upon these Africans, has been long esteemed for his integrity and charity, and only adds, by this bright and memorable deed, the crown to a long life of virtuous actions.

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By our last intelligence, the Nautilus was lying in Hampton Roads, waiting only for a fair wind to waft her on her voyage to Liberia. One hundred and sixty-four persons take passage in her for the African Colony, most of them from the counties of Wayne, N. Hampton, Pasquotank, and Perquimans, in North Carolina, who have enjoyed the special kindness and protection of the Society of Friends, and are now liberally assisted by them to remove to the land of their progenitors. These individuals have been induced to emigrate, in consequence of the intelligence received by them from their brethren, and the very flat. tering success which they are assured has attended their predecessors. They were accompanied to Norfolk, by two highly respected members of the Society of Friends, Nathan Mendenhall and Phineas Albertson, who amply provided them with articles necessary for their health and comfort during the voyage. “I think,” says a correspondent, “that no better cargo of emigrants has ever gone to Liberia. They are all remarkably well clothed, and our Friends have been uncommonly attentive in supplying all their wants. They have examined all their baggage, and supplied them with all necessary clothing, and defrayed all the expenses of their journey to this place. I do not know a discontented person among all who are about to embark.” Twelve of these emigrants were from Baltimore, and of a very worthy charaeter. Two others were from the Eastern Shore of Virginia, and five from Richmond. They go out under circumstances the most favourable, and we humbly hope that over them will be spread the wings of Almighty protection.

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Such an offer as that which we now record, comes with a cheering influ. ence upon us, in the midst of our labours; nor can we doubt that many will be found to participate in the glorious spirit in which it originates, and which is so full of interest and promise to the African race. We can hardly think it possible, that the noble design proposed by our esteemed cor. respondent, should fail to be accomplished. The proposal must commend itself to all, and surely one hundred, and more than one hundred individuals will be found throughout the Union, able and willing to share in its execution.

PETERBORO, Dec. 26, 1827. Rev. R. R. GURLEY.

Dear Sir: Above is my draft for $100, which, I trust, you will be able to realise without much delay or trouble.

I am fully persuaded, that the only present channel for our labours in behalf of Africa, and her unhappy children, on our shores, is that which the American Colonization Society opens up to our patriotic and christian liberality.

Can there not be one hundred persons found, who will subscribe 81000 each, to the funds of your Society ? $100 to be paid in hand, and the residue in 9 equal annual payments.

If there can be, you are then at liberty to consider me as one of

the hundred persons, and the enclosed draft as the first payment of my $1000.

Your Friend,



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To the American Colonization Society, from 21st Nov. to 31st

Dec. 1827. Collections by Rev. R. Johnston, of Pittsburg, per W. Lowrie, Esq. $6 50 Do. in Fairville Congregation, Erie co. Pennsylvania, per M.

B. Lowe, Esq. Treasurer Auxy. Society, Pittsburg, 6 Do. by Rev. Joseph Patterson, per do.

13 50 Do. in Methodist Episcopal Church, Stafford county, Va. per Rev. Robt. Caddon,

6 75 Do. in Rev. A. M. Cowan's Presbyterian Society at Scaneal. des, N. Y.

5 Do. in Rev. David Higgins's Presby'n. Congregation, Bath, Steuben county, N. Y.

3 J. M. Garnet, Esq. of Essex county, Va.

30 Jos. Avery, Esq. Conway, Mass.

10 Major Wm. H. Craven, Monroe co. Miss. per Rev. Cyrus Kingsbury, 10 Auxiliary Society, Fall creek, Highland county, Ohio, ....... 20

Do. Jackson county, Ga. per W. Pentecost, Esq. 15
Do. Zanesville and Putnam, Ohio, a part of their year.
ly contribution,

20 From Rev. Thos. Clinton as follows, viz: Sundries in Green county, Alabama,

$3 Wm. Jones, in do.


Seabourn Mines, in Perry co. do.

Matth. Gage,
do. do.


8 Col. David Bullock, of Louisa co. Va. towards paying the expense

of his 23 emancipated people to Norfolk, per B. Brand, Esq.
By H. W. Ripley as follows, viz:
Collections at Montgomery, N. Y. per Rev. J. P. Haven, $5 58

Do. 1st Cong'l. Church, Riga, N. Y. per E. Peck, 10
Do. in Rev. Dr. Porter's Church, Catskill, N. Y.
per N. Elliot,

16 06
Contributed by a few individuals in Canaan, N. Y. 4
Avails of a Jersey city note,

25 A friend,




$289 75

Amount brought forward, $289 75 Collections by Rev. Robt. Rerny in Pennsylvania,

40 Member of the bar at Clarksburg, Va.

5 Collection in Church of Rev. T. Baird, Lebanon, near Pittsburg, 7 Col. Hugh Mercer, Fredericksburg, Va.

15 Collection in Presbyterian Ch. High Bridge, Va. per M. Houston, 8 57

Do. by a Society in Talmadge, 0. per Hon. Mr. Whittlesey, 11 Donation from N. Hampshire Aux'y. Society, per Hon. Sam. Bell, 127

Do. . from Gerrit Smith, Esq. Peterborough, New York, 100 Repository,

77 Right Rev. John Croes,

3 Monies received by Frs. T. Seawell, Treasurer of the Georgetown

(D. C) Auxiliary Colonization Society, from the following per.

sons, viz:

H. A. Skinner,
C.C. Lee,
Miss Searle,
Frs. T Seawell,
Danl. Kurtz,
D. English,
D. English, Jr.
J. I. Stull, ...
James Thomas,
John S. Haw,
O. M. Linthicum,
Wm. G. Ridgely,
N. N. Gray,
Brook Mackall,
J. Cruttenden,
Hy. Addison,
Saml McKenney,
J. D. King,
Wm. Jewell



$706 32

In our October number, $20 were acknowledged as received from D. Lindsay. It should have read thus: “Collection by Rev. W. D. Paisley, at Greensboro, N. C. per David Lindsay, $20.

Some delay has been occasioned in the publication of this No. by the severe indisposition of the Editor.

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The Eleventh Annual Meeting of the American Society for Colonizing the Free People of Colour on the coast of Africa, was held on Saturday evening, the 19th inst. in the Hall of the House of Representacives. The assemblage, including a large proportion of Ladies, was uncommonly numerous, and not only filled all the seats and standing room on the floor of the House, but comprised a large number of individuals, who were seated in the Gallery--at once bearing testimony to the interest felt in the objects of the Society, and the expectations entertained of the evening's proceedings.

At seven o'clock, the Chair was taken by the Hon. HENRY Clay, one of the Vice Presidents of the Society, and, after a Prayer by the Rev. Dr. Laurie, the following list of Delegates from Auxiliary Societies, was read by the Secretary.

From the State Society of New Hampshire.

From the State Society of Maine.
The Hon. Albion K. PABRIS.

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