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ry name, and their noble and united exertions to render the recollections of the Anniversary of our National Independence subsidiary to our design; the increasing approbation of the State Legislatures; the receipt of funds much exceeding those of any former year:—these are some of the circumstances by which the Benign Author and Sustainer of every benevolent work, has been pleased recently to favour that which commands our humble labours.

When we reflect that eleven years only have elapsed since the origin of this Society, and consider the difficulties inseparable from the nature of the design, viewed in its relations both to this country and to Africa, we feel that to have expected more at the present time than has been accomplished, would have been unreasonable. We rejoice in our success. Nine State Societies have been formed to aid our Institution; nine, and we believe more than nine, State Legislatures have given to it their approbation. Let all our friends do their duty, and what may we not anticipate from their efforts the present year? Before its close, Auxiliary Associations might be organized in every County of the Union-the funds of the Society augmented tenfoldthe Nation become ready to apply its powers and resources to effect a scheme worthy of her greatness and her glory. To her the appeal is made:

“Oh to thy godlike destiny arise
Awake, and meet the purpose of the skies."

Eminent Liberality.

Such a letter as the following will kindle new zeal in the minds of all friendly to African Colonization. This letter was received after the list of donations was placed in the hands of the printer, and the one here mentioned will therefore be included in the list for next month.

CHARLESTON, FEB. 27, 1828. RICHARD Smith, Esq.

Treasurer of the Am. Colonization Society.


have S. & M. Allen & Co's. draft for one hundred dollars, to aid the funds of the A. C. Society; and you may consider me as one of the "one hundred persons” in the proposition of Mr. Gerrit Smith, of Peterboro', N. Y." and this amount as the first annual payment. May the Lord prosper your Society yet a thousand fold.

Yours very resp'y.


of Charleston, S. C.

Contributions To the American Colonization Society, from the 31st of January

to 29th Feb. 1828.

8 231

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Collections, &c. by Rev. Moses M. Henckle, as follows, viz:
At Cincinnati, Ohio,

$10 871


12 25
Clark county, »

19 63

5 64
Donation from Ohio State Col. Soc'y. 30

Do. from Cincinnati do. 100
Subscriptions to Repository,


$206 63 From D. Asberman, Chetango, N. York,

8 From inmates of Pen. Fem. Refuge, Boston, per Rev. D. Bolles, 1 62 Collection in Presbyterian Church, Succasunny, New Jersey, per Hon. Lewis Condict,

13 38 Do. in Sand creek Church, Decatur co. Indiana, per S. G. Lowry, Esq.

5 Repository,

104 Mrs. Cornelia K. Stribbling, of Norfolk, Va. per J. McPhail, Esq. 10 “A friend to the Society", at Fredericksburg, Va.

187 Collection in Presbyterian Church at Flemingsburg, Kentucky, per David Morrison, through Hon. Mr. Metcalf,

15 Rev. Wm. Meade, of Frederick co. Va. per a legacy by his sister, Lucy F. Meade,

420 Aux'y. Society, Troy, Miama co., Ohio, per Hon. Wm. McLean, 10 Do. York, Pa. per J. Schmidt, Esq. Treasurer,

6 Rev, S. €. Stratton, $now Hill, Maryland,


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Carried forward, $991 63

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Brought forward, $991 63 D. Hall, Esq. of New York, formerly of Boston, sundry collections, as follows: “Bradford East Parish, collected July 9,

............ $8 40 N. Yarmouth, Me.-partly by females of his Bible

class, and partly by other females of his parish,

to constitute Rev. Asa Cummings a life member, -30 Wilbraham, collected July 4,

8 91
Springfield, do. do.

4 59
Charleston (Mass.) Female Religious charitable Soci-
ety, by Miss S. G. Payson, Treasurer,

Monroe co. (Miss.) Maj. Wm. H. Craven, by H. Hill, 5
Easthampton, collected July 4,
Miss E. Strong's School,

Monthly Concert,


20 Westborough, Mellen, Esq. (per Mr. Niles)

1 Andover, Dea Mark Newman,

8 Cummington, female friend,

1 Andover Theological Seminary, collected July 4, 13


$119 90 Postages,

$1 Paid postage and freight of box to Portland, 38 Amt. recy’d. of Mellen, (retained by Mr.Niles) 1

2 38

$116 52



The State of Maryland, its annual subscription,
Rev. Robt. Logan of Botetourt county, Va. per Fr. Button,

121 52 1000

11 06

$2,124 21

We ought before this, to have acknowledged the kindness of Capt. Ferguson, of the steamboat running between Baltimore and Norfolk; who con. veyed a number of emigrants from the former to the latter place, at a very reduced price,--thus making a donation to the Society, of $25.

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