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She came-Waltz came-and with her certain sets
Of true dispatches, and as true gazettes.
Then famed of Austerlitz the blest dispatcb,
Which Moniteur nor Morning Post can match;
And almost crushed beneath the glorious news,
Ten plays, and forty tales of Kotzebue's;
One envoy's letters, six composers' airs,
And loads from Frankfort and from Leipsic fairs;
Meiner's four volumes-upon womankind,
Like Lapland witches to ensure a wind;
Brunck's heaviest tome for ballast, and to back it,
Of Heyne, such as should not sink the packet.
Fraught with this cargo-and her fairest freight,
Delightful Waltz, on ciptoe for a mate,
The welcome vessel reached the genial strand,
And round ber flocked the daughters of the land.
Not decent David, when, before the ark,
His grand pas-seul excited some remark;
Not love-lorn Quixote, when his Sancho thought
The knight's fandango friskier than it ought;
Not soft Herodias, when with winning tread,
Her nimble feet danced off another's head;
Not Cleopatra on her galley's deck,
Displayed so much of leg, or more of neck,
Than thou, ambrosial Waltz, when first the moon
Beheld thee twirling to a Saxon tune!

To you-ye husbands of ten years! whose brows
Ache with the annual tributes of a spouse ;
To you, of nine years less—who only bear
The budding sprouts of those that you shall wear,

voted a quantity of best moulds (four to the pound) to the relief of the surviving Scythians : the scarcity will soon, by such exertions, and a proper attention to the quality rather than quantity of provision, be totally alleviated. It is said, in return, that the untouched ukraine bas subscribed 60,000 beeves for a day's meal to our suffering manufacturers.

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With added omaments around them rolled, in
Of native brass, or law-awarded gold;
To you-ye matrons, ever on the watch.

To mar a son's, or make a daughter's match;
To you-ye children of-whom chance accords, t.
Always the ladies', and sometimes their lords'; 1
To you—ye single gentlemen! who seek
Torments for life, or pleasures for a week;
As Love or Hymen your endeavours guide,
To gain your own, or snatch another's bride ;
To one and all the lovely stranger came,
And every ball-room echoes with her name.

Endearing Waltz--to thy more melting tune
Bow Irish jig, and ancient rigadoon;
Scotch reels avaunt! and country dance forego
Your future claims to each fantastic toe;
Waltz-Waltz alone both legs and arms demands, 1
Liberal of feet-and lavish of her hands;
Hands which may freely range in public sight,
Where ne'er before-but-pray put out the light.?
Methinks the glare of yonder chandelier
Shines much too far-or I am much too near;
And true, though strange-Waltz whispers this re-
My slippery steps are safest in the dark ! [mark,
But here the muse with due decorum halts,
And lends her longest petticoat to Waltz.

Observant travellers! of every time,
Ye quartos! published upon every clime;
O say, shall dull Romaika's heavy round,
Fandango's wriggle, or Bolero's bound;
Can Egypt's Almasi-tantalizing group
Columbia's caperers to the warlike whoop
Can aught from cold Kamschatka to Cape Horn,
With Waltz compare, or after Waltz be borne?

* Dancing girls, who do for hire what Waltz doth gratis.

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Ah, no! from Morier's pages down to Galt's,
Each tourist pens a paragraph for:: Waltz.'

Shades of those belles, whose reign began of yore,
With George the Third's—and ended long before;
Though in your daughters' daughters yet you thrive,
Burst from your lead, and be yourselves alive!
Back to tue ball-room speed your spectred host,
Fool's paradise is dull to that you lost;
No treacherous powder bids conjecture quake,
No stiff starched stays make meddling fingers ache;
Transferred to those ambiguous things that ape
Goats in their visage,* women in their shape);
No damsel faints when rather closely pressed,
But more caressing seems when most caressed;
Superfluous hartshorn, and reviving salts,
Both banished by the sovereign cordial • Waltz.'

Seductive Waltz !-though on thy native shore E'en Werter's self proclaimed thee half a we;

*It cannot be complained now, as in the Lady Baussiere's time, of the Sieur de la Croix,' that there be no whiskers;' but how far these are indications of valour in the field, or elsewhere, may still be questionable. Much may be and hath been avouched on both sides. In the oldeu time philosophers had whiskers, and soldiers none--Scipio himself was shaven-Hannibal thought his one eye bandsome enough without a beard; but Adrian, the emperor, wore a beard (having warts on his chin, which neither the Empress Sabina, nor even the courtiers, could abide)Turenne had whiskers, Marlborough none-Buonaparte is unwhiskered, the R-whiskered ; 'argal' greatness of mind and whiskers may or may not go together; but certainly the different occurrences, since the growth of the last-mentioned, go farther in be half of whiskers than the anathema of Anselm did against long hair in the reign of Henry I.

Formerly red was a favourite colour. See Lodowick Barrey's Comedy of Ram Alley, 1611, Act I, Scene 1.

Taffeta. Now for a wager-What coloured beard comes next by the window ?

Adriana. A black man's, I think. "Taffeta. I think not so: I think a red, for that is most in fashion.'

There is nothing new under the sun ;' but red, then a favourite, has now bubsided into a favouritele colour

Werterto decent vice though much inclined; Yet warm, not wanton; dazzled, but not blind; Though gentle Genlis, in her strife with Stael, Would e'en proscribe thee from a Paris ball; Thee fashion hails from countesses to queans, And maids and valets waltz behind the scenes; Wide and more wide thy witching circle spreads, And turns-if nothing else—at least our heads; With thee e'en clumsy cits attempt to bounce, And cockneys practice what they can't pro

nounce; Gods! how the glorious theme my strain exalts, And 'rhyme finds partner rhyme in praise of

• Waltz.' Blest was the time Waltz chose for her debút; The court, the Rt, like herself were new;" New face for friends, for foes some new re

wards, New ornaments for black and royal guards; New laws to hang the rogues that roared for

bread; New coins (most newt) to follow those that fled; New victories-nor can we prize them less, Though Jenkey wonders at his own success : New wars, because the old succeed so well, That most survivors envy those who fell; New mistresses-00-old-and yet 'tis true, Though they be old, the thing is something new;

* An anachronism-Waltz, and the battle of Austerlitz, are before said to have opened the ball together; the bard means (if he means any thing), Waltz was not so much in vogue till the Rt attained the acme of his popularity. Waltz, the comet, whiskers, and the new government, illuminated heaven and earth in all their glory, much about the same time: of these the comet only has disappeared; the other tliree continue to astonish us still.-Printer's Devil.

Amongst others, anew ninepence a creditable coin, now forthcoming, worth a pound, in paper, at the fairest calculation."

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Each new, quite new-(exceptsome ancient tricks
New white-sticks,gold-sticks, broom-sticks, all new
With vests or ribandsdecked alike in hue, [sticks!
New troopers strut, new turncoats blush in blue; I.
So saith the muse-my-t, what say you?
Such was the time when Waltz might best maintain
Her new preferments in this novel reign; 1!
Such was the time, nor ever yet was such,
Hoops are no more, and petticoats not much;
Morals and minuets, virtue and her stays,
And tell-tale powder--all have had their days. w..

The ball begins the bonours of the house 1
First duly done by daughter of by spouse,
Some potentate or royal or serene,
With K-t's gay grace, or sapient G-st-r's mien,
Leads forth the ready dame, whose rising finsb.
Might once have been mistaken for a blush. * 1
From where the garb just leaves the bosom free,
That spot where heartst were once supposed to be;

* Oh that right should thus overcome might! Who does not remember the delicate investigation in the Merry Wives of Windsor?'

· Ford. Pray you come near: if I suspect without cause, why then make sport at me; then let me be your jest; I deserve it. How now! whither bear you this !

Mrs. Ford. What have you to do whither they bear it :- foe were best meddle with buck-washing.'

+ The gentle, or ferocious reader, may ou up the blank as he pleases-there are several dissyllabic names at his service (being already in the R-t's): it would not be fair to back any peculiar initial against the alphabet, as every month will add to the list now entered for the sweepstakes-a distinguisbed consonant is said to be the favourite, much against the wishes of the linene ing ones.

1'We have changed all that," says the Mock Doctor; "ith all gone Asmodeus knows where, After all, it is of no great inaportance how women's hearts are disposed of; they have nature's privilege to distribute them as absurdly as possible. But there are also some men with hearts so thoroughly bad, as to remind us of those phenomena often mentioned in natural history: viz a mass of solid stone-only to be opened by force and when dlvided you discover a toad in the centre, lively, and with the re putation of being venomous.'

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