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Joh. Stourton, mil.
Will. Becham, mil.
Joh. Beynton, mil.
Will. Westbery, Justiciarii.
Joh. Seymour.
Will. Darell.
Rich. Milbourn.
Edm. Dantesey.
Joh. Westbery, sen.
David. Cerington.
Randul. Thorp.
Lau. Gowayn.
Rog. Peryton.
Will. Gore, senior.
Rob. Ernly.
Rob. Blake.
Tho. Drewe.
Will. Daungers.
Rob. Paniffote.
Joh. Westbery, junior.
Will. Rouse.
Tho. Boneham.
Johan. Rous.
Will. Besyle.
Rob. Baynard.
Rog. Trewbody.
Will. Caynelt.
Will. Botreauxe..
Will. Widecombe.
Joh. Atte Berwe.
Joh. Northfolk.
Joh. Sturmy.
Tho. Cryklade.
Rob. Bodenham.
Johan. Bride.
Rob. Beast.
Rob. Colyngborn.
Hen. Chancy.
Joh. Combe.
Joh. West.
Rob. Onewyn.
Tho. Ierderd.
Joh. Whitehorn.
Joh. Gergrave.
Nich. Wotton.
Tho. Hall.
Joh. Hall.
Rich. Hall.
Will. Gore, junior.

Rob. Crikkelade,
Joh. Lambard.
Tho. Beweshyn.
Rich. Mayn.
Joh. Mayn.
Joh. Benger.
Rob. Mayhow.
Hen. Bardley.
Rob. Confold.
Joh. Mumfort.
Tho. Hancock.
Joh. Osburn.
Joh. Gillberd.
Joh. Attuene.
Joh. Escote.
Gul. Orum.
Rich. Sotwel.
Reg. Croke.
Ingel. Walrond.
Joh. Waldrine.
Rich. Warrin.
Will. Stanter.
Rob. Solman.
Tho. Temse.
Will. Temse.
Tho. Ryngwode.
Will. Watkins.
Rob. Backeham.
Walt. Backeham.
Will. Dantesey.
Rich. Caynell.
Rich. Hardone.
Joh. Tudworth.
Joh. Coventre.
Tho. Gore nuper de Lynshyll.
Rob. Wayte.
Will. Coventre.
Joh. Ingeham.
Joh. Martyn.
Walt. Evererd.
Will. Polelchirch.
Joh. Justice.
Walt. Stodeley.
Will. Wychamton.
Rob. Eyre.
Joh. Voxanger.
Sim. Eyre.
Joh. Ford.
Will. Russell.

Joh. Scot.

Will. Moun. Tho. Vellard.

Edm. Penston. Pet. Duke.

Rich. Lye. Joh. Quinton.

Joh. Bellingdon. Tho. Quinton.

Joh. Pope. Joh. Bourne.

Joh. Lye. Rich. Warneford.

Joh. Spender. Joh. Stere.

Walt. Clerk. Tho. Hasard.

Joh. Quarly. Rob. Lyvenden.

Will. Bacon. Will. Lyng.

Joh. Everard. Joh. Davy.

Nich. Spondell. Rob. Davy.

Will. Walrond. Rob. Floure.

Tho. Stake. Will. Leder.

Rich. Cordra. Joh. Edward.

Rich, be Bowys. Joh. Cutting.

Will. Renger. Tho. Blanchard.

Thom. Bower de Devise. R. is here Robert Nevil then bishop of Salisbury.

Walter HUNGERFORD was the Lord Hungerford, treasurer of England.

WILL. WESTBERY, Justiciarii.-Surely this justice must be more than an ordinary one of the Peace and Quorum, because preposed to John Seimour, a signal esquire, late high-sheriff of the shire. Yet was he none of the two chief justices of Westminster, as not mentioned in their catalogue. Probably he was one of the puisne judges in those courts; but, because no certainty thereof, we leave him as we found him.*

DAVID CERINGTON.-The self-same name with Sherington, for all the literal variation; and they, I assure you, were men of great ancestry and estate in this county. Sir Henry Sherington was the last heir male of this family dwelling at Lacock in this county, a right goodly knight, and great friend to bishop Jewell, who died in his house at Lacock. He dissuaded the bishop from preaching that Lord's day, by reason of his great weakness, “affirming it better for a private congregation to want a sermon one day, than for the church of England to lose such a light for ever.”+ But he could not prevail, the bishop being resolved to expire in his calling. This Sir Henry left two daughters, which had issue; one married into the honourable family of Talbot ; the other unto Sir Anthony Mildmay; who enriched their husbands with great estates.

* In 1426, William Westbery, one of the judges of the court of King's Bench, had 1001. a-year out of the Exchequer, for his more decent state, and two robes. See Chronica Juridicialia, p. 121.-ED.

+ See the Life of Bishop Jewell, prefixed to his Apology.





HEN. 11.

11 Will. Briewere, et

Rob. filius. 12 Idem. 13 Nich. Briewere de Veteri

ponte, et Will. de Chanto. 14 Idem. 15 Idem. 16 Will. Comes Saresb. et

Hen. filius Alchi. 17 Idem.

1 Will. qui fuit Vic. 2 Com. Patricius. 3 Idem. 4 5 Idem. 6 7 Rich. Clericus. 8 Idem. 9 Mil. de Dantesaia. 10 Rich. de Wilton. 11 Rich. de Wilteser. 12 Rich. de Wilton, for fifteen

years. 27 Mích. Belet, Rob. Malde. 28 Mich. Belet.

Rober. Malde.

Rog. filius Reuf. 29 Rob. Malduit. 30 Idem. 21 Idem. 32 Rob. Malduit. 33 Idem.


2 Will. Comes Saresb. et

Rob. de Crevequeor, for

RICHARD I. 1 Hug. Bardulfe. 2 Wili. Comes Saresb. 3 Rob. de Tresgoze. 4 Will. Comes Saresb. 5 Will. Comes Saresb. et Tho. filius Will. for four

years. 9 Steph. de Turnham, et

Alex. de Ros. 10 Idem.

JOHAN. REG. 1 Steph. de Turnham, et

Wand, filius Corcelles. 2 Comes Will. de Saresb, et

Hen. de Bermere. 3 Idem. 4 Idem. 5 Comes Will. de Saresb. et Johan.

Bonet, for six years.

six years.

8 Will. Comes Saresb.

Adam de Alta Ripa. 9 Idem. 10 Idem. 11 Sim. de Halei. 12 Eliz. Comit. Saresb. et

Joh. Dacus. 13 Johan. de Monemue, et

Walt. de Bumesey. 14 Joh. de Monemue. 15 Idem. 16 Eliz. Com. Saresb. et

Joh. Dacus, for four years. 20 Eliz. Comit. Sarum, et

Rob. de Hugen. 21 Eliz. Comit. Sarum. 22 Rob. de Hogesham. 23 Idem. 24 Idem. 25 Nich. de Haversham, for

six years.

31 Nich. de Lusceshall. 32 Idem. 33 Idem. 34 Will. de Tynehiden, for

four years.

38 Will. de Tenhide. Jo. de Tenhide, filius et


39 Idem.
40 Joh. de Verund.
41 Idem.
42 Idem.
43 Joh. de Verund, et

Galf. de Scudemor.
44 Idem.
45 Joh. de Verund.
46 Rad. Cussell.
47 Idem.
48 Idem.
49 Rad. de Aungers,

Joh. de Aungers. 50 Rad. de Aungers. 51 Will. de Duy, et Steph. de Edwarth, for five

years. 56 Steph. de Edwarth, et

Walt. de Strichesley.

4 Will. de Hardene.
5 Adam. Walrand.
6 Adam. Walrand, et

Johan. Kingston.
7 Idem.
8 Johan. de Holt, et

Phus. de la Beach.
9 Phus, de la Beach.
10 Idem.
11 Walt. de Risum.
12 Idem.
13 Idem.
14 Joh. de Tichbourn, et

Adam. Walrand. 15 Idem. 16 17 Adam. Walrand. 18 Idem. 19 Idem.

EDWARD I. 1 Walt. de Strichesle. 2 Idem. 3 Idem. 4 Hildebrandus de London,

for six years.

10 Joh. de Wotton, for eight

years. 18 Rich. de Combe. 19 Idem. 20 Tho. de Sto Omero, for five

25 Walt. de Pevely.
26 Idem.
27 Idem.
28 Joh. de Novo Burgo.
29 Idem.
30 Joh. de Hertinger.
31 Idem.
32 Idem.
33 Hen. de Cobham.
34 Joh. de Gerberge.
35 Idem.

1 Adam. Walrand.
2 Phus. la Beach.
3 Joh. Manduit.
4 Idem.
5 Idem.
7 Joh. Mauduit, et

Will. Randolph.
8 Johan. Tichbourn, et

Johan. Manduit. 9 Gilb. de Berewice, et

Reg. de Pauley 10 Idem. 11 Petr. Doygnel, et

Gil. de Berewice. 12 Johan. Manduit. 13 Idem. 14 Idem. 15 Tho. de Sto Mauro, et

Rob. Lokes. 16 Johan. Manduit. 17 Idem. 18 Idem. 19 Johan. Roches. 20 Idem. 21 Joh. de Roches, et

Tho. Semor.

EDWARD II. 1 Andreas de Grimsted. 2 Alex. Cheverell, et

Joh. de Sto Laudo. 3 Idem.


35 Hen. Sturmy, for six years. 41 Walt. de Haywood, for

five years.

22 Rob. Russel.
23 Idem.
24 Idem.
25 (Nullus titulus in hoc

26 Tho. de la River.
27 Idem.
28 Idem.
29 Joh. Everard.
30 Tho. de Hungerford, for

46 Will. de Worston.
47 Hen. Sturmy.
48 Joh. Dauntesey, mil.
49 Joh. de la Mere, mil.
50 Hugo Cheyne.
51 Idem.

five years.


35. Henry STURMY.—They were lords of Woolf-hall in this county ; and, from the time of king Henry the Second, were, by right of inheritance, the bailiffs and guardians of the forest of Savernake, lying hard by, which is of great note for plenty of good game, and for a kind of fern there that yieldeth a most pleasant savour; in remembrance whereof, their hunter's horn, of a mighty bigness, and tipt with silver, is kept by the Seymours, dukes of Somerset, unto this day, as a monument of their descent from such noble ancestors.


RICH. II. Anno Name and Arms.

Place. 1 Pet. de Cushaunce, mil. et

Will. de Worston. 2 Rad. de Norton.

Vert, a lion rampant O. alibi Arg. 3 Idem. 4 Lau. de Sco. Martino, et

Hugo Cheyne. 5 Nich. Woodhull. 6 Bern. Brokers, mil. 7 Joh. Lancaster. 8 Idem. 9 Joh. Salesbury. 10 Idem. 11 Hug. Cheyne. 12 Idem. 13 Rich. Mawardin. 14 Joh. Roches. 15 Rob. Dyneley. 16 Joh. Goweyn. 17 Rich. Mawardin. 18 Joh. Moigne. 19 Tho. Bonham.

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