The History of Mexico: From the Spanish Conquest to the Present Era; Containing a Condensed and Connected General View of the Manners, Customs, Religion, Commerce, Soil, and Agriculture - Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral Productions - a Concise Political and Statistical Review of the Changes Effected in that Country, with is Present Form of Government, &c. &c. - Also, Observations, Speculative and Practical, as to the Best Means of Working the Mexican Mines, by a Combination of British Talent, Capital, and Machinery

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Sherwood, Jones and Company, 1824 - 300 էջ

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Էջ 1 - presented with gold-plate and jewels, of such " precious workmanship, that, unwilling to allow " them to be melted, I set apart more than a " hundred thousand ducats worth of them to be " presented to your Imperial Highness. These " objects were of the greatest beauty, and I doubt " if any other prince on earth ever possessed any
Էջ 2 - I doubt if any other prince of earth ever possessed any thing similar to them. That your highness may not imagine I am advancing fables, I add, that all which the earth and ocean produces, of which king Montezuma could have any knowledge, he had caused to be imitated in gold and silver, in precious stones, and feathers, and the whole in such great perfection, that one could not help believing he saw the very objects represented.
Էջ 77 - Its ores are extremely rich, but by no means abundant ; the mine of Chica had only been wrought to the depth of 164 feet in 1803, and it is found (and this geological fact is remarkable) not in loadstone or slate, but in true pitchstone porphyry ; divided into balls with concentric layers, of which the interior is lined with mammilated hyalite. The cinnabar, and a little native mercury, are sometimes observed in the middle of the porphyritic rock, at a very considerable distance from the vein. In...
Էջ 214 - In the middle there is a large stone fountain of very superior workmanship, supplied with water, brought by means of pipes from the mountains to the south-east, upwards of two leagues distant ; from the same source, twelve public reservoirs in different places and streets, besides many belonging to the convents and private houses, derive their supplies. This aqueduct is in some places carried over valleys...
Էջ 270 - To put in execution the general laws ; to name and displace secretaries of the cabinet ; guard the public funds; name officers of the government and interior ; to declare war when authorized by a decree of the general Congress} this not being in session, in such manner as the constitution shall designate ; dispose of the land and sea-forces, and the...
Էջ 155 - Oaxaca is one of the most delightful countries in this part of the globe. The beauty and salubrity of the climate, the fertility of the soil, and the richness and variety of its productions all minister to the prosperity of the inhabitants ; and this province has accordingly from the remotest periods been the centre of an advanced civilization.
Էջ xi - Spain bear a general resemblance to those who inhabit Canada, Florida, Peru, and Brasil. They have the same swarthy and copper colour, flat and smooth hair, small beard, squat body, long eye, with the corner directed upwards towards the temples, prominent cheek-bones, thick lips, and an expression of gentleness in the mouth, strongly contrasted with a gloomy and severe look.
Էջ 52 - Mexican vale, as well as all the other lakes of Mexico, are frequented by prodigious multitudes of wild ducks, wild geese, and other aquatic birds. The Mexicans leave some empty gourds to float upon the water, where those birds resort, that they may be accustomed to see and to approach them without fear. The birdcatcher goes into the water so deep as to hide his body, and covers his head with a gourd; the ducks, &c.
Էջ 145 - Those who witnessed this great catastrophe from the top of Aguasarco assert that flames were seen to issue forth for an extent of more than half a square league, that fragments of burning rocks were thrown...
Էջ xii - The natives know nothing of religion but the exterior forms of worship. Fond of whatever is connected with a prescribed order of ceremonies, they find in the Christian religion particular enjoyments. The festivals of the church, the fireworks with which they are accompanied, the processions mingled with dances and whimsical disguises are a most fertile source of amusement for the lower Indians.

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