A New Classical Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography, Mythology and Geography: Partly Based Upon the Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology ...

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Էջ 401 - His last moments were spent in conversation with a philosopher on the immortality of the soul — he expressed his expectation of being united with heaven, and with the stars,* which was one of his astrological vagaries, and he breathed his last without indicating the least sorrow for his fate, or...
Էջ 76 - Apollo had more influence upon the Greeks than any other god. It may safely be asserted, that the Greeks would never have become what they were, without the worship of Apollo : in him the brightest side of the Grecian mind is reflected.
Էջ 246 - Sabines, which he cultivated with his own hands. Once the Samnites sent an embassy to him with costly presents ; they found him sitting at the hearth and roasting turnips. He rejected their presents, telling them that he preferred ruling over those who possessed gold, to possessing it himself. He was censor in 272, and in that year executed public works of great importance.
Էջ 274 - His gods, like every thing else, consisted of atoms, and our notions of them are based upon the ttSot\a which are reflected from them and pass into our minds. They were and always had been in the enjoyment of perfect happiness, which had not been disturbed by the laborious business of creating the world ; and as the government of the world would interfere with their happiness, he conceived them as exercising no influence whatever upon the world or man.
Էջ 225 - B. c. 362 the earth in the forum gave way, and a great chasm appeared, which the soothsayers declared could only be filled up by throwing into it Rome's greatest treasure ; that thereupon M.
Էջ 246 - Themis, how the race of man might be restored. The goddess bade them cover their heads and throw the bones of their mother behind them.
Էջ 190 - THE CENTAURS These monsters were represented as men from the head to the loins, while the remainder of the body was that of a horse. The ancients...
Էջ 12 - Admetus was a suitor, with others, for the hand of Alcestis, the daughter of Pelias, who promised her to him who should come for her in a chariot drawn by lions and boars. This task Admetus performed by the assistance of his divine herdsman, and was made happy in the possession of Alcestis. But Admetus fell ill, and being near to death, Apollo prevailed on the Fates to spare him on condition that some one would consent to die in his stead.
Էջ 270 - As he slept on Latmus, his surprising beauty warmed the cold heart of Selene (the moon), who came down to him, kissed him, and lay by his side. His eternal sleep on Latmus is assigned to different causes...

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