Biographical Catalog of the Principal Italian Painters: With a Table of the Contemporary Schools of Italy. Designed as a Hand-book to the Picture Gallery

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Էջ 196 - ... should be sorry to place the works of a better master, — I mean ceilings and staircases. The New Testament or the Roman History cost him nothing but ultramarine ; that and marble columns and marble steps he never spared.
Էջ 182 - The Crucifixion in the Scuola di San Rocco, engraved by Agostino Carracci; the Miracolo dello Schiavo, in the Academy; and the Marriage at Cana...
Էջ 104 - Sublimity of conception, grandeur of form, and breadth of manner are the elements of Michael Angelo's style. By these principles he selected or rejected the objects of imitation. As painter, as sculptor, as architect, he attempted, and, above any other man, succeeded, to unite magnificence of plan and endless variety of subordinate parts with the utmost simplicity and breadth.
Էջ xxii - Beschreibung Roms. Ein Auszug aus der Beschreibung der Stadt Rom, von Ernst Platner und Ludwig Urlichs.
Էջ xviii - Anecdotes of Painters who have resided or been born in England ; with Critical Remarks on their Productions : intended as a continuation to the Anecdotes of Painting by the late Horace, Earl of Oxford, pp.
Էջ 200 - ... with something like the awe of preternatural knowledge. In an age of so much dogmatism he first laid down the grand principle of Bacon, that experiment and observation must be the guides to just theory in the investigation of nature. If any doubt could be harboured, not as to the right of...
Էջ 197 - In times of peace I think I can as well as any other make designs of buildings for public or for private purposes ; I can also convey water from one place to another. " I will also undertake any work in sculpture, in marble, in bronze, or in terra-cotta : likewise in painting I can do what can be done, as well as any man, be he who he may.
Էջ 139 - Heliodorus with his fore feet; and he that sat upon him, seemed to have armour of gold. Moreover there appeared two other young men beautiful and strong, bright and glorious, and in comely apparel: who stood by him, on either side, and scourged him without ceasing with many stripes.
Էջ 139 - Baptism of Constantine ;" and the " Presentation of Rome to the Pope:" these works were executed after Raphael's death by Giulio Romano and Gianfrancesco Penni, in 1523.
Էջ 56 - Fathers of the church, St. Gregory, St. Ambrose, St. Augustine, and St. Jerome, meditating on the Miraculous Conception; the' Dream; Justice ; Peace ; Judith and Holophernes ; Diana and Endymion ; and one of the Hours, with the Horses of Apollo.

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