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equal propriety? You possess a mansion that may be denominated the PALACE of the PEAK; and the munificence of that noble family, whose wealth and honours now centre in your Grace, has converted some of the wildest scenery of Derbyshire into a terrestrial paradise : the Banks of the DERWENT and the Wye have been adorned and enriched by their bounty.



live to accomplish the plans you have suggested for the still farther improvement of this very interesting district ; that you may long enjoy the esteem of good men, and the gratifying consciousness that the splendid honours of the HOUSE of CAVENDISH have been confirmed and enlarged by their present possessor, is the earnest wish of,

My Lord Duke,
Your Grace's most obliged and

Humble Servant,


SHEFFIELD, March 31, 1818.

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Section II. Observations on the River Wye. Blackwell

Mill. - Topley Pike. -Stage Coach. - Wye-Dale. - Ro-

mantic Dell and Cascade near Lover's Leap. — Arrival at


SECTION III. - Fairfield. - Lime Hills. — Poole's Hole.

Buxton Diamonds. Ax-Edge.

Stranger at Buxton.

Source of the Wye. — Evening


SECTION IV. - Staden-Low. - South Entrance into Buxton.

The Crescent. Mr. C. Sylvester's Hot-Baths. St.

Anne's Well. — Buxton Bath Charity.— Amusements.

Antiquity of the Warm-Baths. Demolition of the Shrine

and Image of St. Anne.......


Section V.Leave Buxton. · Water Swallows. Tun-

stead. - James Brindley. Wormhill Dale. - View from

Diamond Hill. — Miller's Dale. Raven Tor. Litton.-

Mill Dale. Cresbrook Dale. Wm. Newton. - Difficult

Passage from Litton Mill to Cressbrook. - Scenery there.. 107

SECTION VI. Cressbrook Dale. — Bright Pool.- Waterfall.

Monsal Dale. Summer Evening's Scene. Moonlight

View of Monsal Dale...........


SECTION VII. - Recollections of a former Excursion. - Edge

Stone House. - Unfortunate Female. Morning View

from Great Finn. · Hob's House. Cascade in Monsal

Dale. — Lass of Taddington Dale. Ashford. Black

Marble. Rotten Stone......


SECTION VIII. - Bakewell.– New Bath. - Bakewell Church.

yard. - Ancient Stone Cross. — Epitaphs. — Chantry at

Bakewell. - Antiquity of Bakewell. Castle Hill. - In-

terview with a poor Hindoo.......


Section IX. — Haddon Valley. Haddon Hall. - The Ver-

non Family. — Chapel at Haddon. - Roman Altar. -


cient Tapestry. - Gallery at Haddon. - Reflections on

Haddon. Lime Trees. - Farewell to the River Wye...... 140

SECTION X.- Edensor. Monument to the Earl of Devon-

shire in the Church. — Inscription to the Memory of John

Beton. Chatsworth Park and House. — Cascade in the

Garden. - Fountain in the Court. – Figure of Arion........ 149

Section XI. — Interior of Chatsworth. – Paintings. — Verrio

and Laguerre. - Gallery of Drawings. – Chapel. — Li-

brary. -- Tapestry. — Sculpture. - Portraits, Closter-

Sir James Thornhill. Carving in Wood. — Gib-

bons. Samuel Watson. - Cibber ...


Section XII. — Reflections on leaving Chatsworth. - Pro-

je cted improvement of Chatsworth House. — Mary Queen

of Scots imprisoned there. Marshal Tallard. Hobbes.

St. Evremond to Waller. - Recollections of a former

vis it to Chatsworth...........


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SECTION I. - Excursion commenced. - Banner Cross.

Curious Effect of Clouds.- Enter Derbyshire. — Burbage

Brook. View from Milstone Edge.- Winter of 1813.

Hathersage. - Little John's Grave. - Hathersage Church.

Camp Green


SECTION ÎI. — Hope Dale. Recollections of a former Ex-

cursion. - Approach to Castleton. — Fine Autumnal Even-

ing. - Castleton Church. — Peak's Hole ...


SECTION III. - Cave Dale. - View from the Hills above.

Juvenile Beggars at Castleton. Fluor Mines. — Odin

Mine. Mam Tor. Winnats. - Speedwell Mine. Fau-

jas de St. Fond. Mawe and Whitehurst


Section IV. - Mid-day View of Castleton Vale.-Ebbing

and Flowing Well. — Approach to Chapel-en-le-Frith.

Chinley. - The Apostle of the Peak. – Kinderscout.

Evening at Glossop. — Catholic Chapel at Glossop Hall.

Glossop Church.

Rush-Bearing Monument to the

Memory of Joseph Hague, Esq. — Brief Memoir of him... 198

SECTION V.- The river Etherow.. Broad Bottom Bridge.

Compstall Bridge. — View from Compstall House. --

Cotton Printing. - Junction of the Etherow and the Goyt.

- Marple Bridge.- Mellor Mill. — S. Oldknow, Esq. -

Scenery of the Goyt.......


SECTION VI. — Return from Glossop. Peak Forest. -El-

don Hole. Bagshaw Cavern. - Small Dale. - Lime-kiln

Fires. -- Night Scene. -- Morning in Hope Dale. — Hope

Brough. – The River Derwent............


Section VII. — High-low. – Leam. - Padley. - Approach

to Calver. - Calver Lime. - Morning Scene. - Hassop

Hall. - Longstone. — Godfrey Rowland — his imprison-

ment in the Castle of the Peak..


Section VIII. - Money-Ash. Marble Quarries. - Source

of the Lathkil. Scene near Conksbury Bridge, - Youl-

grave. Arbor-Low. - Bradford River. · Alport. — Tufa



SECTION IX. Stanton. - Visit there in the Month of No-

vember. Andle Stone. Plantations on Stanton Moor.

- View from the Hill near Cat Stone. Stanton Lees.

Stanton House : fine Work there by Gibbons............... 232

SECTION X.- Druidical Circle on Hartle Moor. Snake

Stones. Mock Beggar Hall. — Cratcliff Tor. - Winster.

Birchover. Rowter Rocks. View from the Road

near Birchover....



Approach to Matlock. Visit to Lums-Dale.

- Lime-Tree Lane. — Entrance into Matlock Dale.

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Section I. - Last Excursion into Derbyshire. Reflections

on the word, Last. — Meersbrook House. Samuel Shore,

Esq. Old House at Norton Lees. - Walk from Heeley

to Norton. - Norton Hall and Park. Norton House and

the Oakes. — Manor of Norton.......

... 267

SECTION II. - Memoir of Chantrey the Sculptor.

Section III. – Whittington Revolution House. - Centenary

Commemoration of the Revolution of 1688. The Pro-

cession Ball and Concert.-Walk from Whittington to Ches-

terfield.— Smelting Furnaces.- Local History of Chester-

field. — The Church Spire. Walk to Ashover.


from Stone Edge. — Approach to Ashover. - Ashover

Church. Eastwood Hall, &c.....

... 289

Section IV. Overton Hall. Sir Joseph Banks. South

Winfield. The Manor House. — Description of the Ruins.

- Reflections on their present Appearance. - Siege of

the Manor House. - Crich.. Friendly Societies. — Whit-

Monday in Derbyshire. - Walk from Crich to Cromford.

-- Lea Wood. - Dethick. Historical Notice of Dabing-

ton ........


Section V. - Morning at Matlock. – Via Gellia.- Hopton.

- Sir John Gell. — Carsington. - Rocks in the vicinity

of Brassington. - Derbyshire Trossacks. - Tissington. -

Ancient Custom of Dressing Wells with Flowers. — Night

Walk to Ashbourne......

SECTION VI. Ashbourne Church. Monument by Banks.

Walk to Dove Dale. - View of the Dale from the De.

scent near Thorpe Cloud. Character of the River Dove.

Dove Dale Church. Reynard's Cave. - Fatal Occur-

rence there. View from this part of the Dale. The

Narrow Pass. Retrospect of the Character of the whole

Dale.- Rocky Portals, and the Meadows beyond.-Rous-

seau, and his Visit to the Vicinity of Dove Dale.............. 39

SECTION VII. Visit to Ilam.- Vale of Ilam. Ilam Hall

-interesting Apartment there.- Village Church. - Chan.

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