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A Genuine HOME Treatment for Sore Teeth

Diseased Gums

Bad Breath, spongy, tender, shrinking, bleeding or discolored gums, loose or sensitive teeth, and all symptoms of Pyorrhea or Riggs Disease

By a simple home treatment which I have perfected I am enabled to offer you the refief and comfort you desire without pain or instruments and with the same assurance of success as if you called upon me personally at my office. My method is NEW and DIFFERENT-many years ahead of the old barbaric, painful methods of the dental chair. It is scientificaily and therapeutically correct, as it has stood this test with my thousands of patrous all over this country.

tells all about this MODERN PAINLESS DENTISTRY. I am so proud of my record that I want every sufferer from Pyorrhea or Riggs Disease or any of its symptoms to have a copy of this free book. If you suffer with your teeth in any way send for my book and learn how easy this method is-how painless and speedy-how it will quickly and permanently make your teeth sound and healthy again.

Don't wait. There is no pain connected with it. I have received scores of letters from people saying they would have given hundreds of dollars had they known of my home method in time.

Dr. F. W. WILLARD, 531 Powers Bldg., Chicago, Ill.


From All Causes, Head Noises and Other Ear Troubles Easily and Permanently Relieved!

Thousands who were formerly
deaf, now hear distinctly every
sound-whispers even do not
escape them. Their life of loneli-
ness has ended and all is now joy
and sunshine. The impaired or
lacking portions of their ear
drums have been reinforced by
simple little devices, scientifi-
cally constructed for that special

Wilson Common-Sense
Ear Drums

often called "Little Wireless Phones for the Ears" are restor-
ing perfect hearing in every condition of deafness or defective
hearing from causes such as Catarrhal Deafness, Relaxed or
Sunken Drums, Thickened Drums, Roaring and Hissing
Sounds, Perforated, Wholly or Partially Destroyed Drums,
Discharge from Ears, etc. No matter what the case or how
long standing it is, testimonials received
show marvelous results. Common Sense
Ear Drums strengthenthe nerves of the ears
and concentrate sound waves on one point
of the natural drums, thus successfully re-
storing perfect hearing where medical skill
even fails to help. They are made of a soft,
sensitized material, comfortable and safe
to wear. They are easily adjusted by the
wearer and out of sight when worn.

What has done so much for thousands of others will help you. Don't delay

Write today for our FREE 168 page Drum
BOOK on DEAFNESS-giving full in Position

particulars and plenty of testimonials.

WILSON EAR DRUM CO., Incorporated

492 Inter-Southern Bldg., Louisville, Ky.




Railway Employee

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Salesroom 820 Pine St.

Factory 20th & Mullanphy





Seals Stamps


B. of R. C.

Badges like illustration $6.00 Per Dozen


Entered at the Postoffice at Kansas City, Mo., as Second Class Matter. Subscription Price $1.00 Per Year

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In the first place, what is the purpose and the aim of the Brotherhood of Railway Clerks, and the fundamental principles desired to be accomplished in its inception? It is a bona fide labor organization of men and women working for the common good, to promote among its members a closer bond of unity and fellowship, to perpetuate the spirit of the founders of this Republic and those patriots who laid down their lives for the cause that "all men are created equal," and last but not least, to teach these principles to our posterity by living up to them ourselves.

It is ridiculous to assert that in union there is no strength. Benjamin Franklin said to his colleagues, "Gentlemen, if we do not hang together, they will hang us together." The Speaker of the House, Hon. Champ Clark, made the statement, "I think Abraham Lincoln owes his success in his political campaigns to one single quotation from the Bible. "A house divided against itself cannot stand." Speaker Clark said the continued use of the excerpt soon won Lincoln fame. This is exactly the feeling that the railroad and steamship clerks of this country should have. Stand firm and united, be true to yourselves and each other, as we all know eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Abate the vigilance and watch the liberty vanish as a pinch of gunpowder would in Vesuvius.

There is another reason why we should be staunch and true members of the B. R. C. It is the visible results of its existence. We should have no time for the so-called man who says the Brotherhood has done nothing for him. Ninety per cent of the benefits to the craft can be attributed to the activity of the B. R. C. and the argument of the non to the contrary is absurd. There is the obstinate non who often calls attention to some minor blunder of a member of the Brotherhood, and which he gives as his reasons for not affiliating with the organization of his craft. He does not stop to consider that all men are subject to err. He does not compare his own inconsistency with the small errors of his fellow workers. Stop and think about a hive of bees. There are the workers and there are the drones or the parasites who would partake of the fruits of those that work. But do the workers stand for this? No; they do not. If the non persists in such a view and his mental equilibrium is so much disturbed by some small error that he will point out, the axiom, "No card, no favors," is a good antidote.

If your friend is opposed to the B. R. C. he is not your best friend. If he is repugnant to and works in derogation of the B. R. C. he is not fit to be your friend. He that is wont to chide you for belonging to the B. R. C. should have his trouble for his pains. Remember there are two species of

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