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REPRESENTS the fifth Congressional District of the State of Georgia. He was born on the 13th of June, 1812, in Oglethorpe county in that state. His forefathers emigrated from England before the war of the Revolution, and originally settled in the State of Virginia, where many of the family connections remain to this day. His grandfather, John Lumpkin, Senior, removed to Georgia, and settled in Oglethorpe county when that section of the country was a wilderness. He was a member of the Convention that framed the present Constitution of the state at an early period of her history. He married at an early age, in the State of Virginia, Lucy Hopson, and was the father of eleven children, nine of whom were raised, and settled in the State of Georgia with their families. His second son, William Lumpkin, has always occupied a popular position in that state; and, from the time he was eligible to a seat in the Legislature to the present period, no man has pos. sessed a more liberal share of the public confidence. He was elected in the first instance to a seat in the Legislature of Georgia, and subsequently to a seat in the national House of Representatives. He was then twice elected Governor of Geor• gia, and afterward was elected to the Senate of the United States. In all these positions he sustained himself with much ability, constantly adding to his own strength and popularity in ev ery public station which he occupied. He was a plain farm. er, and had not been favored with early advantages, or opportunities for education of an academical or collegiate character; but, by his application and great industry in qualifying himself to discharge the duties of the distinguished stations he has occupied, and which he filled with credit to himself and entire satisfaction to those whom he represented, he now bears the reputation of one of the best-informed and most use. ful citizens of the state. For forty years no man has been

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