The Spectator

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Putnam, 1856
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Success of the Spectators with various Classes of Read ers represented by the Club 96
False Wit and HumourGenealogy of Humour 100
Catalogue of a Ladys LibraryCharacter of Leonora 104
Tragedy and TragiComedy 114
English TragedyMethods to aggrandize the Persons
Stage Tricks to excite PityDramatic Murders
Ill Consequences of the PeaceFrench FashionsChild ish Impertinence
The Spectators Paper of Hints droppedGospelgossip Ogling
Theory of the Passion of Laughter
Remarks on the English by the Indian Kings
Effects of Avarice and Luxury on Employments
Vision of Marraton
Mischiefs of PartyRage in the Female Sex
Essay on WitHistory of False Wit
The same subject continued
Wit of the Monkish Agesin Modern Times
The Subject continued
Allegory of several Schemes of Wit
THE SPECTATOR Continued 69 Visit to the Royal ExchangeBenefit of Extensive Commerce
Critique on the Ballad of ChevyChase
Account of the Everlasting Club
Passion for Fame and PraiseCharacter of the Idols
Continuation of the Critique on ChevyChase
Female PartySpirit discovered by Patches
Fate of WritingsBallad of the Children in the Wood
On Physiognomy
LoversDemurrageFolly of Demurrage
Punishment of a voluptuous Man after DeathAdven ture of M Pontigna
Subject continuedPursuit of Knowledge
Ladies Headdresses
The Chief Point of Honour in Men and WomenDuel ling
Uncertainty of FameSpecimen of a History of the Reign of Anne I
Exercise of the Fan
Will Honeycombs Knowledge of the Worldvarious Kinds of Pedants
Spectators visit to Sir R de Coverleys Country Seat the Knights domestic Establishment

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Էջ 82 - When I see kings lying by those who deposed them, when I consider rival wits placed side by side, or the holy men that divided the world with their contests and disputes, I reflect with sorrow and astonishment on the little competitions, factions, and debates of mankind.
Էջ 12 - It is said he keeps himself a bachelor by reason he was crossed in love by a perverse beautiful widow of the next county to him.
Էջ 222 - The noble earl was slain. He had a bow bent in his hand, Made of a trusty tree ; An arrow of a cloth-yard long Up to the head drew he...
Էջ 290 - I was walking with him last night, he asked me how I liked the good man whom I have just now mentioned ? and without staying for my answer told me. that he was afraid of being insulted with Latin and Greek at his own table ; for which reason he desired a particular friend of his at the university to find him out a clergyman rather of plain sense than much learning, of a good aspect, a clear voice, a sociable temper, and, if possible, a man that understood a little of back-gammon.
Էջ 289 - My chief companion, when Sir Roger is diverting himself in the woods or the fields, is a very venerable man, who is ever with Sir Roger, and has lived at his house in the nature of a chaplain above thirty years. This gentleman is a person of good sense and some learning, of a very regular life and obliging conversation : he heartily loves Sir Roger, and knows that he is very much in the old knight's esteem ; so that he lives in the family rather as a relation than a dependant.
Էջ 6 - Cocoa-tree, and in the theatres both of Drury-lane and the Haymarket. I have been taken for a merchant upon the Exchange for above these ten years, and sometimes pass for a Jew in the assembly of stockjobbers at Jonathan's.
Էջ 435 - If I did despise the cause of my man-servant or of my maid-servant when they contended with me ; what then shall I do when God riseth up ? and when he visiteth, what shall I answer him...
Էջ 291 - Calamy, with several living authors, who have published discourses of practical divinity. I no sooner saw this venerable man in the pulpit, but I very much approved of my friend's insisting upon the qualifications of a good aspect and a clear voice ; for I was so charmed with the gracefulness of his figure and delivery, as well as with the discourses he pronounced, that I think I never passed any time more to my satisfaction. A sermon repeated after this manner, is like the composition of a poet...
Էջ 288 - You see the goodness of the master even in the old house-dog, and in a gray pad that is kept in the stable with great care and tenderness out of regard to his past services, though he has been useless for several years.
Էջ 7 - Thus I live in the world rather as a spectator of mankind than as one of the species...

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