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EVENTS. A. D. 1756 Fort Oswego taken by French. 1757 Fort William Henry taken by French. 1758 Repulse of Abercrombie at Tinonderne

Forts Frontenac and Du Quesne taken by colonial armies.

Final capture of Louisburgh, Cape Breton and Prince Edward islands 1759 Invasion of Canada by Englisin.

Quebec taken. Death of Wolfe.

Capture of Niagara, Crown Point, Ticonderoga 1760 Surrender of Montreal. 1763 End of war by Peace of Paris. 1765 “American Stamp Act” resisted in Massachusetts and Virginia

First Colonial congress at New York.

Declaration of Rights. 1768 Boston occupied by British troops. 1769 Daniel Boone explores Kentucky. 1772 Burning of Gaspée. 1773 Tax laid on tea.

Tea destroyed at Boston.

Boston Port bill passed by parliament.
1774 First Continental congress meets in Philadelphia.
1775 Battle of Lexington. Opening of Revolutionary war.

Second Continental congress.
Battle of Bunker Hill.
Washington made commander-in-chief of the Continental army.
Mecklenburgh Resolutions.

Montgomery takes St. John and Montreal and falls at Quebec. 1776 British troops evacuate Boston.

Moultrie defeats the English at Sullivan's island.
Declaration of Independence.
Battle of Long Island. American defeat.
New York in possession of British.
Battle of White Plains. American defeat.
Battle of Trenton. British defeat.

Washington at Morristown. 1777 Arrival of La Fayette.

Capture of Ticonderoga by Britisk
Battles of Bennington, Brandywine and Stillwater.
Philadelphia occupied by British.
Battle of Germantown.
Burgoyne surrenders to Gates at Saratoga.
Articles of Confederation adopted.

Washington winters at Valley Forge. 1778 Benjamin Franklin sent to France.

Alliance with France.
Battle of Monmouth. Philadelphia regained by Americans.
Arrival of French fleet under D'Estaing.
Massacre at Wyoming.
Colonel George Clark takes British posts “County of Illinois.”

Capture of Savannah (Georgia) by British. 1779 Wayne recaptures Stony Point.


EVENTS. A. D. 1779 Paul Jones' victory off Scotland.

Washington winters at Morristown. 1780 Fall of Charlestown.

Gates defeated at Carr.den.

Treason of Benedict Arnold. Capture of André. 1781 Battle of Cowpens.

Battles of Guildford Court-House and Eutaw Springs.
Siege of Yorktown.

Surrender of Cornwallis. End of War.
1782 Treaty with Holland by John Adams, John Jay and others.
1783 Peace of Versailles.

Disbanding of American armies.
Departure of British troops.

Independence of American troops acknowledged by Great Britain.
1785 John Adams first ambassador from United States to Great Britain.
1786 Shay's Insurrection.
1787 General convention at Philadelphia.

Ordinance of 1787 for government of Northwest Territory established.

Constitution of United States adopted. 1789 George Washington becomes first President of the United States. 1791 First United States bank established. 1792 Kentucky admitted to Union.

United States mint established. 1793 Washington reëlected.

Neutrality in regard to France.
War with the Indians in the Northwest Territory.

Eli Whitney invents the cotton-gin. 1794 Jay's treaty with England.

Whisky insurrection in Pennsylvania. 1795 Treaty with Spain settling boundaries between United States and Spanish Ameri

can territory. 1796 Washington resigns. 1797 John Adams elected second President of United States.

Congress passes the Alien and Sedition laws.

Difficulties with France over the Jay treaty. 1798 War measures adopted and Washington made commander-in-chief of army. 1799 Napoleon Bonaparte makes peace with the United States.

Washington dies.

Tennessee admitted to Union. 1800 Washington City settled upon as site of a National capital. 1801 Thomas Jefferson elected third President of United States.

War declared against United States by Tripoli. 1803 Ohio admitted to Union.

Purchase of Louisiana territory for fifteen millions.

United States frigate Philadelphia taken by Tripolitans. 1804 Decatur recaptures the Philadelphia.

Preble bombards Tripoli.

Death of Alexander Hamilton. 1805 Thomas Jefferson reëlected President. 1807 First steamboat ascends the Hudson, built by Robert Fulton.


A. D.
1807 The Leopard fires into the Chesapeake.

President Jefferson passes the Embargo act.
Slave trade in America forbidden.

Aaron Burr tried for treason.
1809 James Madison elected fourth President of United States.

Einbargo act repealed. Non-intercourse act passed. 1811 Engagement between the President and the Little Belt.

Indians on the Wabash defeated by General Harrison.
1812 War declared between the United States and Great Britain.

Invasion of Canada under General Hull, who surrenders Detroit to the British.
The Constitution captures the Guerriere.
The Wasp captures the Frolic.
The Constitution captures the Java.

Louisiana admitted into the Union. 1813 James Madison reëlected.

Harrison defeated by Proctor at Raisin river.
Harrison holds Fort Meigs and Fort Stephenson.
Brilliant naval victories by Americans.
Battle of Lake Erie.
Battle of Thames. Tecumseh's death.

Jackson wins victories over the Indians in Alabama. 1814 Burning of Washington by the British.

Battle of Lundy's Lane.
Battle of Plattsburgh.

Treaty of Ghent.
1815 Battle of New Orleans. General Jackson defeats the British.

War declared against Algiers. 1816 Indiana admitted to Union.

United States bank incorporated. 1817 James Monroe elected fifth President of United States.

Mississippi admitted to Union. 1818 Illinois admitted to Union.

War with Seminole Indians. 1819 First ocean steamer crossed the Atlantic from Savannah to Liverpool

Spain ceded Florida to United States for five miliions.

Alabama admitted to Union. 1820 Maine admitted to Union.

Struggle begins er admission of Missouri. 1821 Missouri Compromise adopted.

Monroe reëlected. 1823 Monroe doctrine formulated. 1824 La Fayette's visit to America.

Protective tariff extended and strengthened. 1825 Removal of Indians west of Mississippi river first recommended.

John Quincy Adams elected sixth President of United States.

Erie canal opened. 1828 Protective tariff increased. 1829 Andrew Jackson elected seventh President of United States. 1830 Mormons founded at Manchester, New York, by Joseph Smith.

Treaty between the United States and the Porte.


A. D.
1832 War with the Winnebagoes and other Indian tribes.

Cholera in New York.
Nullification in South Carolina.

President Jackson's celebrated proclamation-vetoes National Bank bill. 1833 Andrew Jackson reëlected.

Removal of the deposits from United States bank. 1834 President censured by senate for removing deposits. 1835 Great fire in New York. 1836 National debt paid off and surplus revenue divided among the states.

Arkansas admitted into Union.

Treaty with Morocco.
1837 Independence of Texas acknowledged.

Martin Van Buren elected eighth President of United States.
Michigan admitted into Union.

Financial panic throughout the country.
1838 The exploring expedition sails.
1839 Trouble over the boundary line between Maine and New Brunswick.

Antarctic continent discovered by the United States exploring expedition.

Sub-treasury law passed by congress.
1841 William Henry Harrison elected tenth President of United States.

Dies one month after inauguration.
Vice-President John Tyler becomes President.
Sub-treasury act repealed.

Bankrupt act passed.
1842 Protective tariff increased.

Webster-Ashburton treaty.

Dorr insurrection. 1844 Trouble with the Mormons.

Anti-rent riots in New York.

Electro-magnetic telegraph first put in use. 1845 Annexation of Texas.

James K. Polk elected eleventh President of United States. 1846 Treaty with Great Britain over Oregon boundary.

Iowa admitted into the Union.
War with Mexico.
Hostilities commence on the Rio Grande.
Battle of Palo Alto.
Battle of Resaca de la Palma.
Capture of Monterey.
Tampico occupied.
Commodore Sloat takes possession of California.
California declares her independence.
New tariff bill establishing ad valorem duties.

Wilmot Proviso introduced into congress. 1847 Battle of Buena Vista.

Battle of Sacramento.
Capture of Vera Cruz.
Battle of Cerro Gordo.
Battles of Contreras and Churubusco.
Battle of Molino del Rey.


Events, A. D. 1847 Battle of Chapultepec.

Mexico surrenders.
1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

Wisconsin admitted into the Union.
Discovery of gold in California.

Suspension bridge finished at Niagara Falls.
1849 Zachary Taylor elected twelfth President of United States.
1850 Congress passed the Omnibus bill.

President Taylor died.
Vice-President Fillmore became President.
California admitted to the Union.
The Texas boundary settled.
Slavery abolished in District of Columbia.
Fugitive Slave bill passed.

Conventions held to amend the Constitution of the United States. 1851 General Quitman of Mississippi arrested for violating the neutrality law by in

stigating an expedition against Cuba.
Boundary between United States and Mexico fixed on right bank of Rio Grande

del Norte, in 32° 22' north latitude. Monument erected recording the same.
President issued proclamation against filibustering expedition.
Erie railway opened from New York city to Dunkirk.
Great fires in California.
Nicaragua route opened between New York and San Francisco.

Kossuth arrives in America.
152 Disputes between America and England respecting North American fisheries.

Henry Clay died.
Daniel Webster died.
Difficulties with Peru.

Resistance to the Fugitive Slave law.
1853 Franklin Pierce elected fourteenth President of United States.

Gadsden Purchase made for twenty millions of dollars.
Commodore Perry goes to Japan to make a treaty between Japan and the United

First move made toward Pacific railway.
Crystal Palace opened in New York.

Yellow fever epidemic in south. 1854 Ostend Manifesto.

Treaty with Japan concluded.
The Kansas-Nebraska bill passed.
Indignation meetings throughout the country over the Kansas-Nebraska bill.

Cholera and yellow fever epidemics. 1855 Wisconsin district court pronounces the Fugitive Slave law unconstitutional.

President Pierce issues proclamation against filibustering.

Excitement in Kansas over Kansas-Nebraska bill. 1856 Great agitation and riots in Kansas.

Charles Sumner assaulted by Preston Brooks.
1857 James Buchanan elected fifteenth President of United States.

Minnesota admitted to the Union.
Dred Scott decision given by Chief-Justice Taney.
General financial panic.

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