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637; at battle of Buena Vista, 704; before Sebastian, Colonel, Vol., IV., the Spanish Monterey, advances against Taylor, army governor recommends that

pension be of, 723; message to Taylor,last attack in bat granted, 552; Power and go to New Madrid, tle of Buena Vista, 724; retreat, 725; Gen 555; Innes, Murray. Nicholas and, 558; eral Pierce quarters on the estate of, 771; charged with being a pensioner of Spain, sends flag of truce, 774; Buchanan's bargain resigns his office, 575-6. with, 795; Vol. III., General Winfield Scott Secession, Vol. I., the first, slaveholders with. drives him from position, 345; beguiles draw from the house, 564-5; Vol. II,, adreTexas colonists with promises, besieges the cated by Tyler, 692; ordinance of. passed Alamo, atrocities, 710; captured at San in South Carolina, 811, 814, 881; six olber Jacinto, 711.

states pass ordinances of, 811, 820, 881: Saratoga, Vol. I., news of surrender of Burgoyne

Buchanan denies right of, 812: Barn o ell at, 138; British under Burgoyne retire to,

Rhett on, Inglis on, Keit on, 813; causes of surrender at, 151-2; Vol. III., 226; 233.

813-14; effect of in south, 815; effect of in

north, General Cass on, 816; threatened by Sault Ste. Marie, Vol. II., and other canals, bill for the establishment of rules respecting,

Virginia, 822; threatened by South Caro

lina, 880; in Virginia put to popular vote, 1218.

declared in Virginia, 889; proposed for New Savannah, Vol. I., Benjamin Lincoln and D'Esta York city, 893; Andrew Johnson on, 933;

ing attempt to recapture, defeat, 187; the 934; 947; Hayes on, 1042; Garfield on, British reinforced from, 189; 190 ; 191; 1115, 1124, 1125; Vol. II., nullification Washington visits, 246; Vol. III., taken by and fruits of the 'doctrine of state soverthe British, Lincoln's assault upon, 226; W. eignty, 161; Madison on, Webster on nullifica. T. Sherman at, 398.

tion and, 335; 351; Stephen A. Douglas on, Say, Lord, Vol. IV., 796.

374; Thomas J. Jackson and, 480; Jefferson Scarborough, The, Vol. III., 248,

Davis and, 482.
Schurz, Carl, Vol. 1ll., 65; favors resumption, Secessionists, Vol. II., resolve to overthrow the

but thinks Sherman's bill insufficient, 122; Union, 807; means to accomplish, 807, sos,
on Henry Clay, 324-5, 326; biography, 809; nominate Breckenridge for President.

809; their bearing in congress, 814; treacbSchuyler, Fort, Vol. I., 183.

ery of in cabinet, 815; 817; confident of Schuyler, Philip, Vol. I., Canadian campaign, success, frightened by occupation of Fort

78; 83; secures ca tulation of Sir John Sumter, 817; appoint commissioners to
Johnson at Johnstown, 84; dissensions with Washington, their demands, 818; declare
Gates, in command at Albany, 95, 142-4; themselves in Washington, 819; alarmed by
at Ticonderuga, Washington sends for Buchanan, denounce government, 820; an-
troops, 117; dispatches Gates to rein nounce their intentions, 820-1; cease inter-
orce Washington, 120 ; Lee intercepts course with President Buchanan, 821; check
regiments sent by: 122 ; troops sent to given to by secretary Dix, 821-2; de-
reinforce, 130; strengthens garrisons and mand National slavery, 823; form a Con-
defenses at the north, 144; Long and federacy, 824; attack Massachusetts regi.
St. Clair join at Fort Edward, re-organizes ment in Baltimore, 886; opposition
army after loss at Ticonderoga, 146; Gates Andrew Jonnson, 934, 935,
foments dissatisfaction with, Washington's Second Term, A, Vol. II., Cleveland on, 1189.
letter to, 147; summoned to appear before Sedgwick, John, Vol. III., 436-7.
court of inquiry concerning loss of Ticon. Seminole war, Vol. II., 652; Zachary Taylor in,
deroga, endeavoring to re-organize army, re-

lieve Fort Stanwix and cripple Burgoyne. Seminoles, The, Vol. II., receive Negroes and
does not obey summons, 148-9; Vol. ill., fugitives of the Creek war, 602: War of
biography, 221-5; 256; 278: Vol.

1817 begins, 603-4; Jackson moves to town negative vote, 705.

of the, 605; wrongs of the Creeks and, 609; Schuylkill, The, Vol. I., Washington places de Vol. III., Winfield Scott takes part in War

tachments along. 132; Howe forces the of 1835, 343.
fords of, 133; Washington erects works on Senecas, The, Vol. I., Sullivan penetrates the
Mud island, near junction of the Delaware country of, 183.
and, 135; Howe erects works at the mouth Scrapis, The, Vol. III., combat with the Richard,
of, 137; Washington takes position west of 248-9.
the, 141; flows between Lata vette and main Seven Pines, Battle of, Vol. II., 900.
body of the army, Washington sees escape Sevier, Governor John, Vol. II., Jackson's
of Lafayette's force from hill on banks of the, quarrel with, 586; Vol. IV., 550.

Sewall, David, Vol. I., 266; friendship for John
Scotland, The, Vol. I., 362.

Adams, Adams' letter to, 278-9. Scott, Fort, Vol. II., 604.

Sewall, Jonathan, Vol. 1 friendship for John Scott, John Morin, Vol. III., 179.

Adams, interview with, 292; Daniel LeonScott, Mr., Vol. 'IV., motion concerning the ard and supposed authors of “MassachusNational capital, 604.

ettensis," 315. Scott, Winfield, Vol. I., General Ripley and Seward, W. H., Vol. II., on the “irrepressible

capture Fort Erie, Brown, Ripley and at conflict," 805; leader of the Republican Lund y's Lane, 487; Vol. II., Andrew Jack party, 805; 874; endorses Hinton Helper's son's quarrel with, 601, 642; at Fort book, secretary of state under Lincoln, S83; Recovery, 659; named for President, 672, value to Lincoln, 890; diplomacy of, 895; 705; in Mexican war,

enters Mexico, Lincoln's confidence in, 903; Seward's coun704 ; cnters Mexico, 721: ordered

sel on Emancipation Proclamation, 905; Gulf of Mexico, takes part of Taylor's attends peace convention, 919; goes to troops, 723; and Pierce in Mexican war, Richmond, 921; stabbed, 922; Vol. III., 773-4 ;

President Buchanan of 54; ballot for, 56, 60; biography, 377-80; danger from the south, 814; called into Salınon P. Chase and, defendant's counsel in cabinet councils, 819; resigns command, the case of Van Zandt, 383: Vol. IV., seeks 896; rank of lieutenant-general made for, leadership of Republican party, 525. 916, 968; Grant in campaigns of, 953; on Seymour, Horatio, Vol. II., and Draft act, 914; Rebellion, 1134; Vol. II., ballots for, 38, nominated for President, 918; 984; Vol. 45, 50; biography, 340-6; 409; Vol. IV., III., ballot for, 64; biography, 364-6; 447. 522.

Seymour, Thomas H., Vol. III., 63.
Seal, Lord, Vol. IV., 796.

Shadwell, Vol. I., home of Thomas Jefferson at
Scal and Arms of the United States, The, Vol. destroyed by fire, 420.
IV., 698.

Shannon, The, Vol. I., 487; Vol. III., captures
Seat-of-government bill, Vol. IV., 607, 608, 612. the Chesapeake, 306-7.




Shannon, Wilson, Vol. II., governor of Kansas, the dollar amended, vetoed by Hayes, be. 799.

comes a law in 1878, amount of small coins, Shay's Rebellion, Vol. III., 227.

continues to depreciate, coinage of the trade Shea, John D. G., Vol. IV., on French discoverers, dollar suspended, 125, 128-9, 322. 596-7.

Siver bill, The, Vol. III., 70. Shelburne, Lord, Vol, I., in the colonial office, Silver bill, The Bland, Vol. II., 1082-4; Hayes

333; becomes prime minister of England, on, 1084-6, passage of, 1086. 334; liberal and pacific policy, 340.

Silver certificates, Vol. II., Arthur on, 1169. Shelby, Isaac, Vol. il., medal for bravery in bat- Silver coinage, Vol. II., Cleveland recommends

tle of Thames, appointed to treat with In suspension of, 1199;1203. dians, 671-2.

"Silver Gray" Whigs, The, Vol. III., 48. Shellabarger, Samuel, Vol. II., 1066.

Silver Question, The, Vol. II., Hayes on, 1081, Shenandoah, Vol. III., Sheridan appointed to 1100. command of Army of the, 403.

Sioux Indians, Vol III., General Custer and Sheridan, Phillip H., Vol. I., occupies Charlottes regiment slain by, 445.

ville, 417; Vol. li., defeats Stuart, 970; vic- Sioux Reservation, The, Vol. II., measure for the tories in Shenandoah valley, Grant praises, division of becomes law, 1218. 971; reaches City Point, Grant gives instruc- Skene, Vol. I., the Tory, informs Burgoyne of tions to, 973; takes Five Forks, 974; aids in stores in Bennington, 147. capture of Sutherland Station, 975; pursues Skenesborough, Vol. 1., the wounded, non-comLee, 976; replaced by Hancock, made lieu batants, etc., from Ticonderoga dispatched tenant-general, 986; making general of the to, overtaken by British gunboats, everyarmy, 1218; Vol. III., biography, 401-4; thing combustible in set fire to, 145-6; 147. Grant's opinion of, 403.

Skippack road, The, Vol. I., Sullivan moves Sherman, John, Vol. II., sent to Kansas, 800; op down, moves from, attacks the British pick

poses the Electoral Commission bill, 1068 ; ets, returns to, 136, 137. becomes secretary of treasury, 1073; candi. Slade, William, Vol. I., presents resolutions of date for Presidency, 1144, 1145 ; Vol. 111., a Vermont against slavery, 564; rallies to J. Whig, 54; ballots for, 71, 73, 489; introduces Q. Adams' support, 567. Specie bill, 121, 122; secretary of treasury, Slave, The, Vol. II., status of, problem of the fu124; execution of Resumption aet, 124, 125, gitive, Butler's theory of, 897. 126, 127, 128; biography, 486-8.

Slavery, Vol. I., first importation of slaves, 370; Sherman, Roger, Vol. I., on committee to pre Jefferson for emancipation, 373; Louisiana

pare Declaration of Independence, 366, 367; admitted with slaves, 408; Jefferson's views Vol. III., biography, 279-81 ; Jefferson's op on, 422; his slaves sold by estate, 424; inion of, 280; Vol. IV.,617;signs Declaration excused from censure, 433; act relating to of Independence, 622; signs Constitution, importation of slaves, 519; slaves restored 639.

by treaty, 521; Clay's compromise resoluSherman, William T., Vol. II., given command in tion, 522; 523; the first great struggle over,

west, 916;marches to the sea, 919; comes to 515; southern sectionalism, 551; domination the council of war, 921; sent to the Yazoo, of slave-power, 558; north arraying against against Johnston at Lookout mountain, 965; 559; Adams' hostile measures, 560-4; Athrepulsed at Haines' Bluff, sent to Haines' erton of New Hampshire presents the slavery Blutf, 966 ; left in command oi Western army, caucus platform, Adams presents anti-slavery 969; occupies Atlanta, march to the sea, 971; petitions, 565; Ruaz and Montez case, 566; receives Johnston's surrender, 980; sent to slavery leaders in congress meet, also antithe southwest, 981;madelieu teuant-general, slavery, 567; coalition of slave-holders and 982; made general of United States army, Democrats, 568; defeat of, 569; growing 986; Vo III., biography, 395-401; letter to opposition in the north, war advocated to governor of Louisiana, 396, 397; Grant's destroy, 571; Vol. II., becomes a perplexity, opinion of, 399; farewell to his troops, 400, 6+4 : Democrats opposed to extension of 401; notice of" Memoirs,” 401;Loganjoins, 653; Van Buren on right of congress to abol460.

ish, 654-6; Tyler opposes restriction of, Shields, James, Vol II., 857; 858; 866; Vol. III., 679; Clay vacillating on, 699; Wilmot probiography, 442-3.

viso on, 702; growth of opposition to, 706 ; Shiloh, Battle of. See Pittsburg Landing.

meeting for extension of, opposition to, Short, William, Vol. II., negotiates loan, 79.

in District of Columbia, in California, in New Shorthand, Vol. I., Preston's trial taken down Mexico, 707; address to the south on, 708; in, 296.

pushing its claims, 730; keeps California out Sibley, Solomon, Vol. IV., 529; 533.

of the Union, 731; Zachary. Taylor's attiSidereal Messenger, The, Vol. III., published by tude toward, 733, 734, 735; in Twenty-fifth O. M. Mitchel, 434.

congress, 744; Fillmore on, 745, 751, 760; Sigel, General Franz, Vol. II., defeat of, 970; Vol. in forefront, resolutions of 1847 on, Benton

111., succeeded by Hunter in command of De on carrying into the territories, 748; Calpartment of West Virginia, 466 ; 451.

houn tries to push into territories, Omnibus Signers of Declaration of Independence, The Vol. bill and, vehement debates on, 749; Fillmore IV., 672-3.

and, 751 ; feeling toward in the north, 752; Silver, Vol. III., 36; administration of Washing: importance of, in campaign of 1856, 752;

ton, weight of in shilling sterling, in Spanish Pierce on, 768, 776, 777, 781, 782; in campillar dollar, money unit of the United States, paign of, 775,852; increasing importance of, Hamilton on, coins to be struck, 82-4; ad agitation over, in Kansas, 779, 799; in ministration of Jefferson, dollars coined in 1820, 789; growing opposition to, petitions 1805, order in 1806, all coins to be small de for abolition of, 792; publications against, nominations, 89; 93; 94; Andrew Jackson, condemned by Buchanan, abolition of opeffect of over-valuation in act of 1792, acts posed by Buchanan, 793, 824; scheme for of 1834 and 1837 fix standard of gold and, founding an empire on, 796; struggle in undervalued, goes, 102; Taylor and Fillmore, Kansas over, 799-803; purpose to national. lack of small coins, act of 1853 treats as a ize, Seward on, 805; Hinton Helper on abo. subsidiary metal, gold and circulate, 108, lition of, 806; Douglas doctrine of, 808; in Lincoln, gold and exported, lack ot small Democratic National convention of 1860, coins, 111, 114; U. S. Grant, none of the dol 807-9; position of four parties in 1860 on, lars minted for circulation since 186, act 810 ; in territories, Buchanan on, 812 : of 1873, the trade dollar, fall of, Germany A. H. Stevens on, 813; Senator Crittenden's throws seven millions of pure on the market, resolutions to nationalize, 814 ; demands nearly all Europe using for circulation, from the south tonationalize, 823; Lincoln's coinage of checked, 122-3; R. B, Hayes, de first acquaintance with, 81 ; Lincoln dissents preciation, bill restoring unlimited coinage of from Illinois legislature on subject of, 851; der

clares himself in congress on, 861; in the “for- | Society for the Establishment of Useful Manu. ties and fifties," 862; first open struggle for, factures, Vol. III., 134. 864; Lincoln's opposition to, 904; abolition Society for the Promotion of l'seful Arts, Vol. of, 906; Andrew Johnson on, 930, 931, 932, III., 138. 936-50; Hayes opposes, 1041; Hayes on, 1042; “Solid South, The," Vol. II., first instance of, Garfield on, 1115; Arthur's early interest in, 708; in canıpaign of 1876, 1059. 1061; Vol. III., first law relating to slave- Somerset, Battle of. Vol. III., 453. trade passed (note), 16; Hartford conven- Sons of Liberty, The, Vol. III., 179; Vol. IV., tion on, 22 : the Missouri Compromise, 26 704-5. 7; session of 1836, debate in congress, reso- Sorel, The, Vol. I., projected movement of the olution 33; in platform of Democrats, 1840, British through, Carleton surprised at the 37; rise of the Abolition party, platform of, mouth of, British fleet blockaded at mouth 38-9; the Calhoun doctrine, General Zachary of, 78 Taylor, 4+: the Frie-soil party. 45-6; policy South America, Vol. I., schemes against Spanish of the Whigs, of Fillmore, 47-8; in Demo possessions in 403, 410; independence of cratic platform, 1852, 48; in Whig platform provinces in recognized, 525. 1852, 49; the Free-Soilers, 50: seeds of dis- South American republics, The, Vol. III., 327. ruption of 1860, the Kansas Nebraska ques- South Atlantic blockading squadron, The, Vol. tion rouses fear in the north, repeal of the III., 421. Missouri Compromise, Squatter Sovereignty, South Carolina, Vol. I., 17; 64; casts negative the Dred Scott decision, 51-3; the Republi vote for a Declaration of Independence, 89, can party, platform, 51-6; question of over 368; changes to affirmative, 90, 368; Greene shadows all else, American party short-lived, sets out upon march to, 216; believed to 56; differences between the two great parties faror Adams and Pinckney, electoral votes rest on, 57-8 : Democratic platforms of of given for Jefferson and Burr, 351; not ripe 1860 and, 58-9; Republican platform, 1860, for Deciaration of Independence, 366, 367; 60; Constitutional Union party and, 60-1; delegates from Connecticut and present them. Lincoln and, 61-2; extension of in the terri. selves, definitive treaty of peace with Great tories, 108; Clay's compromise measures, Britain signed. 379; 404; ratities Constitu. 330.1; 351; Joshua R. Giddings and, 356-7: tion, 456; 517; 559; Vol. II., 598; 599; William Lloyd Garrison and, 357-60; Gerrit Lewis goes to, 612; prepares to sieze Fort Smith and, 360; Charles Sumner and, 361; Sumter, 815; demands made of President, John Brown and, 366-9; Wendell Phillips 818; committed first act of war, 819; and, 369-70; Thaddeus Stevens and, 370-1, threatens secession, 880; adopts ordinance position of Stephen A. Douglas on, 373 ; of secession, 881; electoral disputes in, William H. Seward on, 378-9; Salmon P. 1046; Hayes on electoral disputes in, 1088; Chase on, 383-4; Horace Greeley and, 389; Vol. 'II., obtains high duties on cotton and B. F. Wade on, 391-2; John A. Dix and, 39+; iron. 92; 97; calls convention, declares Henry Wilson and, 413-14: Henry Ward Tariff acts unconstitutional, 100; 101: deBeecher and, 462; Charles Francis Adams nounces high tariff on wool, 155; 159; and, 473 ; Jefferson Davis on Emancipation States Rights and Free Trade convention Proclamation. 482; John Sherman and, 486; held at Charleston, 160; nullification measVol. IV., Mason and Dixon's line, 788-9.

ures of condemned, first attempt at rebellion Slave-trade, The, Vol. 1.. prohibition of recom by, 161; 316; Hayne governor of, 319;

mended, 422; Vol. II., Democrats favor abo. debate between Hayne of and Webster, 319, lition of in District of Columbia; 633; at 33+; Webster and Calhoun on nullification tempt to re-open, 804.

in convention at, 335; David Hunter placed Slidell, John, Vol. II., plan to dissolve Union, in command of army at Port Royal, 446;

804; taken by Captain Wilkes, 907, 908; Quincy A. Gilmore set to preparation of exVol. III., capture of Mason and, 473.

pedition against coast defenses of, 453; Small, Dr. William, Vol. I., intluence on Thomas given command of, 454; Vol. IV., 545; 551; Jefferson, 358.

695. Smallwood, General, Vol. 1., re-inforces Washing. South Carolina company, The, Vol. IV., formed,

ton, 97; at Long Island, 100, 101 ; Wayne 551-2.
and in rear of British force near Philadelphia, South Church, The Old, Vol. III., 236.
133, 134.

South Mountain, Battle of, Vol. II., 903, 1043,
Smith, Caleb, Vol. II., secretary of interior, 883. Vol. III., 415.
Smith, Captain John, Introduction, visits Mas. Southern question, The, Vol. II., Hayes on,

sachusetts, 17; appointed member of gov 1069, 1070), 1071. erning council, not allowed to take his place, Southern Rights Association, Vol. II., 813. arrested upon false charges, proves inno- Spain, Introduction, 5; 9; 10; 11; Vol. I., 58; cence, given place in council, 18; makes voy Jay returns from, 334; France, England and, age up Chickahominy, fight with Indians, settle upon terms of peace, 337; has reason Pochahontas' interposition to save lite of, to fear growing power of American colonies, 19; accepts presidency of Jamestown col 366; 380; 389; 395; l'nited States receives ony, returns to England, 20; Vol. I., 435; intimation of proposed transference of right Vol. III., 131.

of possession in Louisiana to France br. Smith, General C. F., Vol. 11., proposes to take 407; right of United States to unimpeded

Fort Henry, 939: takes possession of Clarks. navigation of Mississippi to New Orleans ville, receives credit for capture of Fort Don refused by, 407, 447; claimed that no evi. elson, 960, Halleck praises, 963.

dence existed of treaty of cession from, to Sinith, Gerrit, Vol. III, identifies himself with France, 408; congress appropriates two

American Anti-Slavery society, 39; biogia million dollars to purchase Florida from, ply, 360-1; 367.

Miranda captured and carried to, 410; Jeffer. Smith, Henry, Vol. IV., 710.

son to governor of Louisiana on patriots of, Smith, John Cotton, Vol IV., on the National 414; co-operation of desired by United States, capital, 611.

'drive' British men-of-war frum coast, Smith, William, Vol. III., 180.

becomes party to conflict, no aid to United Smith, William J., Vol. I., Ogden and try to aid States, engages with France in attempt to Miranda, 410.

conquer portions of England's possessions Smithsonian institute, The, Vol. I., J. Q. Adams in Mediterranean, becomes fearful of gen

contributes to establishment of, 574; Volll., eral European war, profers services as established, 702.

mediators, 417; relations with discussed Society for Promoting Agriculture, Vol. III., by congress, 491; difficulty with regarding 138.

occupation of the Mississippi produces critiSociety for the Encouragement of Domestic cal state of affairs between United States Manufactures, Vol. III., 138, 152.

and, Madison on contest with, 498; 500;



Jay secretary of legation at court of, 499; / Stanwix, Fort, Vol. I., Burgoyne's plan to capJav instructed to enter into treaty negotia ture, 145, 147; Schuyler's effort to relieve, intions with minister of, committee appointed vested by regulars, Tories and Indians, Herto instruct Jay on points relative to pro kimar wounded at, Arnold sets out for, flight posed treaty with, Jay's plan of treaty with, of the enemy, 149; Vol. III., 251; Vol. IV., 500; Monroe called upon to give in detail the American flag at, 692. efforts made in congress to conclude treaty Stark, General John, Vol. I., at Bunker's Hill, 70; with, 502; withdraws privilege of


Warner and at Bennington, 148; Vol. III., posit at New Orleans, 509; Federalists determine to incite war against France and,

biography, 252-4. 510; Monroc called to, 512; invasion of Staten Island, Vol. I., conference with Lord Floridas by General Jackson causes diffi

Howe at, 105 ; British force on, 106; British culties with, treaty negotiation in progress

encamp on, 129; 178. with, treaty entered into with, ceding East States— Vol. IV., Florida, 798 ; Texas, 799;New and West Florida, 520; treaty ratified by York, 801; Maryland, 805 ; Carolinas, 806; king of, 520, 525; war with imminent, 544; North Carolina, 807; South Carolina, 810; other difhculties with, 545; 558;

Virginia, 812; Rhode Island, 815; Delaware, 593; 602; at war with revolted American 817; Georgia, 819; Vermont, 819; Kencolonies, 603; 604; 605; 608; 609; Adams tucky; 820; Tennessee, 821 ; Ohio, 821; consults Jackson as to matter of boundaries Louisiana, 822; Indiana, 823; Mississippi, to be demanded in negotiation with, 610; 823; Illinois, 824; Alabama, 824; Maine, Arthur's treaty with, 1171 ; Vol. III., secret 824; Missouri, 825: Arkansas, 826; Michitreaty between France and, 16; Vol. IV., gan, 826; Texas, 827; lowa, 828; Wiscon543; danger of war between United States sin, 828; California, 828; Minnesota, 829; and, 17; treaty of peace between Great Oregon, 829; Kansas, 830; West Virginia, Britain and dispute between l'nited States 830; Nevada, 831 ; Nebraska, 832; Colorado, and, makes treaty with Indians at Pensa 833; Dakota, 833 ; Maryland, 834; Washingcola, 544; difficulties between United States ton, 83+; Montana, 835; Idaho, 836; Wyomand concerning navigation of Mississippi, ing, 836; Arizona Territory, 837; Utah Ter545, 546,548; plan for colonizing Louisiana ritory, 837; New Mexico, 838. from the United States, 547; Wilkinson's States rights, Vol. II., Tyler on, 678, 692; Polk schemes for colonization in Spanish territory, on, 696 ; Zachary Taylor on, 734, 735; projects in the west regarding, 548, 549; Pierce supports, 768, 778; Vol. III., 32; conWilkinson to Miro on, causes operating in vention at Charleston, 160; John Randolph Kentucky in favor of, 550 ; inhabitants of spokesman of the party of Virginia, 314. Frankland and, South Carolina company St. Augustine, Vol. II., 590; Andrew Jackson and, 551-2; machinations of for severance instructs Gaines to seize,order countermanded of the west, reduction of the tariff on ship by the President, 607, 608. ments down the Mississippi, 552; intrigue St. Christopher, Vol. II., Alexander Hamilton's to free Louisiana from and set up a republic, account of hurricane, 201. 553 ; symptoms of war between Great St. Clair, General Arthur, Vol. I., evacuates TiBritain and, the boundary line, endeavors conderoga, 145-6; Vol. II., loses half his to bribe leading men of Kentucky, treaty troops, 658; governor of Northwest terrisigned in Madrid, diplomatic finesse, desire tory, 661; Vol. III., 224, 234; biography, to secure the United States as a neutral 310, 311. power, desire to be absolved from the treaty, Stephens, A. H., Vol. II., on slavery, 813; vice534-6; statements of Carondolet, 557-8; president Confederacy, 824; consultation Spaniards evacuate forts at Natchez, alliance with Lincoln, 919. of 1778, loss of transatlantic domain, 559- Stephens, General, Vol. I., force under Greene and 60: treaty of 1795, non-pacific attitude in at White Clay Creek, 130; division of Sul1799, 560; cedes Louisiana France, livan, Stirling and move up the Brandytreaty of 1800, 561; difference between wine to meet Cornwallis, 131; at GermanFrance and, 562; 564; protests against town, his division separates from remainder sale of Louisiana, 565; Sebastian and others of the wing, court-martialed and dismissed, charged with intriguing with, 575; Sebas 137; reinforces Gates at Clermont, 192 tian a pensioner of, Burr's project agreeable Sterling, Lieutenant-Colonel, Vol. I., 114, 115. to, 576; Burr charged with setting on foot Steuben, Baron, Vol. I., commissioned inspectoran expedition against, 582, 583.

general of army, 166; on Andre's trial, 208; Spandau, Vol. III., Carl Schurz effects escape of co-operates with Lafayette, 217; draws up Kinkel from the fortress of, 451.

constitution for Society of the Cincinnati,

234; Vol. IV., 547. Speakers of the House of Representatives, The, Stevens, Thaddeus, Vol. II., on Reconstruction, Vol. IV., 674.

938; member of committee on impeachment Speed, James F., Vol. II., Lincoln's friend, 857. of President Johnson, 943, 944; Vol. III., Spottsylvania Court-House, Vol. II!., John Sedg. suggestion after passage of Fugitive Slave wick killed at, 436.

law, 47; 54; bill introduced by, 112; biogSpringer, W. M., Vol. II., on electoralcommittee, raphy, 370-1. 1061.

Stewart, A. T., Vol. II., 986. Springfield, Vol. III., Greene withstands attack St. Ildefonso, Vol. IV., 561. of Knyphausen at, 231.

Stillwater, Vol. I., 150. Squatter Sovereignty, Vol. III., 52.

Stirling, General Lord, Vol. I., at Battle of Long Stambaugh, Colonel, Vol. II., Lewis suggests Island, 99; taken prisoner, 100; at battle of Jackson's candidacy to, 623.

Brandy wine, 129, 131 ; Germantown, 136; Stamp act, Vol. I., passed, news reaches colonies, friendship for Washington, 160; correspond

281 ; feeling of people of Boston toward, 283 cnce with Washington, 164-5; at battle of 4; goes into force, 286; Adamson, 286, 287, Monmouth, 175; attacks British on Staten 289; repeal of, 290; Vol. III., influence

Island, 200; Vol. IV.,546. Whigs. 9; Patrick Henry on, 211; Franklin St. John, John P., Vol. II., Prohibition candidate on, 215; Lee on, 239; Vol. IV., the Sons of Lib for President, 1190; Vol. III., nominated for erty oppose, 705.

President, 75. Standish, Captain Miles, Introduction, quells St. Johns, Vol. 1., movement against, falls into conspiracy to murder the whites, 25-6.

hands of Montgomery, 78; Burgoyne sets Stanton, Edwin M., Vol. II., secretary of war out from, 144-5.

under Lincoln, 890; made secretary of war, St. Lawrence, The, Vol. I., French discover and fitness of for place, 903; President Johnson claim, 17; Schuyler's expedition against attempts to remove, 941; 943; on recon. posts on. Arnold emerges on banks of, 78; struction, 982; Vol. III., biography, 380-2. Vol. IV., La Salle on, 593.



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St. Leger, Colonel, Vol. I., Burgoyne dispatches competitors for the seat of government, 605 with troops from St. Johns, 145, 149.

6. St. Louis, Vol. IV., persons in asked to join Suwanee river, The, Vol. II., 605, 606. Burr's conspiracy, 579.

"Swamp Angel," battery, Vol. III., 454. St. Marks, Vol. !I., Andrew Jackson captures, Swartwout, Vol. IV., of New Jersey, Burr intr

occupies, affair of Arbuthnot and Ambrister, duces to Wilkinson, 577; Wilkinson's stats 604-6; Jackson leaves garrisonin, 607; Pen ments concerning, 578, 579. sacola and restored to Spain, 608.

Swartwout, Captain Abraham, Vol. IV., 692 Stockton, Commodore, Vol. III., 353-4.

Swarwout, Samuel, lollV., of New York, ag Stone River, Battle of Murfreesboro or, Vol. III., adherent of Burr, 570. 433.

Sweden, Vol. I., commercial treaty with, 339; “Stonewall" (T. J.) Jackson, Vol. III., Fremont 380; 411.

and, engagement at Cross Keys, 355; at Sweden's Ford, Vol. 1., 171. Kernstown and Port Royal, 443; biography, Switzerland, Vol. III., 123; Carl Schurz escapes 480-1.

to, 450; Geneva tribunal meets in, 456. Stono, Battle of, Vol. III., 226.

Synchronistic history of the United States, Vol. Stony Point, Vol. I., 178; Sir Henry Clinton IV., 771-84.

captures, 184-5; Wayne re-captures, 185-6; Washington dismantles, 187; Vol. III., Wayne and, 274.

TALLEYRAND, Vol. I., scheme to extort money Story, Joseph, Vol. II., 638; Vol. III., 189; 193; from the United States, writes that Franc

publishes Marshall's writings on the Consti would receive a representative, 260, 261; tution, 286; on Gallatin, 289; biography, overtures regarding Louisiana, 510; Vol 308-10.

III., American commissioners and, 86; Vol. Stoughton, E. W., Vol. II., 1066.

IV., 563. St. Petersburgh, Vol. I., Dana at, 331; J. Q. Tallmadge, Major, Vol. I., induces Jameson to Adams at, 542; Vol. IV., 609.

recall Andre, 207. Strachey, Henry, Vol. I., re-inforces Richard Os- Talon, Mons., Vol. IV., De Courcelles and send

wald as British commissioner in negotiation out parties of discovery in New France, 588; of the peace, 335-6.

593. Street, Alfred B., Vol. IV., on the American flag, Tammany hall, Vol. II., Tammany Democrats quoted, 689.

and Equal Rights men meet in. 639; origin Strong Government Whigs, The, Vol. III., 10.

of, 648; in campaign of 1884, 1190; POL Strong, William, Vol. II., on Electoral Commis III., 36. sion, 1065.

Taney, Roger B., Vol. II., attorney-general under St. Simon, Marquis, Vol. I., joins Lafayette, 222. Jackson, 626; on Andrew Jackson, 640–1; Stuart, Brigadier-General George H., Vol. III., administers oath of office to President HarriJohnson and captured by Hancock, 427.

son,674; appointed secretary oftreasury.681: Stuart, Charles E., Vol. IV., 510.

administers oath ofoffice to Polk,699; to Tar Stuart, Colonel, Vol, I., succeeds Lord Rawdon lor, 732; to Buchanan, 797; renders Dred

in command of British army in the South, Scott decision, 801; issues habeas corpus writ 222.

against Cadwalader, 887; position nega. Stuart, General J. E, B., Vol. II., Sheridan de tived by supreme court, 888; Vol. III., issues feats, 970.

order for withdrawal of deposits from the Sub-treasury system, The, Vol. III., established United States bank, 99; 193; biography,

July 4, 1840, 36; Van Buren urges passage 346-9; 385.
of, 104; act repealed under Tyler. 105; again Tappan, Vol. I., scene of Andre's trial and death,
established, 1846, 107; successful working 208, 210.
of, 108; 115.

Tariff, The, Vol. I., discussed by commission at
Suffrage, Negro, Vol. III., 64.

Mt. Vernon, 451; Madison proposes system Suffrage, Woman, Vol. II., 1219.

of, 1783 as basis of, opposition, propositions Sugar Hill, Vol. 1., 145.

finally passed, 465-6; Madison's resolutions, Sullivan, John, Vol. I., at Long Island, 97-100; 475; revision of, 490; duties on cotton and

taken prisoner, 100; released, 105; stationed woolen goods, 520; effect of increase of on at Bronx river, 111; joins Washington, 120; foreign productions, 522; J. Q. Adamsadopts at the Brandywine, 129-31; Germantown, protective, 552; J. Q. Adams examines, 559; 136-7; Newport, 179-80; Newton, retires Vol. II., Clay a protectionist, 612; England from army, 183; Vol. III., expedition for re lays a differential duty in favor of North covery of Newport, 207, 231; biography, American colonies, 626, in the Jackson ad270-2.

ministration, injustice of, nullification arises Sullivan's island, Vol. III., Moultric defends, 242. from, 629; Tyler on, 679, 690; Polk on, 701; Sulpitians, The, Vol. IV., La Salle and, 589,590, protection repealed, revenue passed, 705; 593.

Zachary Taylor on, 729; Fillmore favor Sumatra, Vol. III., Andrew H. Foote takes part Protective, 744; new system of, of'42 a new ih attack on pirates of, 419.

creation. Fillmore author of, 746; on tariil, Sumner, Charles, Vol. II., denounces Andrew 754, 766; American system of adrocated by

Johnson, 940; opposes annexation of San Clay, 789; Buchanan on, 789-90; Andrew Domingo, 991; Grant on, 1020; Vol. I!I., Johnson on, 928, 929, 930 ; Grant on, 995; 54; ballot for, 56, 65; biography, 361-2; Garfield on, 1127, 1131, 1132, 1133, 1147; 432: Vol. IV., the foremost statesman dur Arthur on, 1165, 1169; Cleveland on, 1195, ing the war and reconstruction, 525.

1206-8, 1215-16, 1220, 1223; Vol. III., bill Sumter, Fort, Vol. III., 53; 61: congress con to revise protective, 27; protective endorsed,

vened after the firing on, 110; 375; 397; 30; Whigs secure in 1842 a protective, 40; 447.

Whig platform of 1844, revenue and protecSumter, General Thomas, Vol. I., Gates re-in tion, 42; Whig platform of 1852,49; Repub

forces, orders to intercept supplies for the lican platform of 1860 demands protective, British, succeeds, makes forced march with 60; Democratic of 1868, 64; Republican of captured train, Tarleton descends on, re 1872, 66; Democratic of 1876, 69; Republicaptures train, 192, 193; Tarleton attacks can of 1880, 70; Democratic of 1880,71; a and is repulsed with heavy loss, 197; Vol. strong protective against for revenue only; III., 232.

72; Republican of 1884, 72-3; Democratic of Surplus in treasury, The, Vol. II., Cleveland on, 1884, 73-4; first under the Constitution, 1203, 1206.

Madison on, revenue the object, protection “Surrender of Burgoyne," Vol. IV., Trumbull's the incident, 76-7; second general act. 92; painting of, 690.

revision, third act, 95; fourth general, the Susquehanna, The, Vol, IV., the Potomac and highest previous to 1861, 96, 97; fifth gen.

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