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eral act, trouble with South Carolina, com 716; responsibility of position, marches to
promise measure, 100-1; Harrison vetoes Rio Grande, defends Point Isabel, conference
two bills, the sixth bill, 105 ; seventh act, low, with Mexicans, demands from Mexicans,
protective features decreased, 106; receipts


answer to, prepares defenses, first
under low of 1846, eighth act of 1857, low, collision between troops, Ampudia remon-
108-9; act of 1861, basis of present, 110; strates with, answers Ampudia, first battle,
amendments to act of 1861, 113; rates and 718; moves out of intrenchments, attack
receipts, 116-17; act reducing, 119; act of on Fort Brown, battle of Palo Alto, 719;
1883, 130; advance of rates gives new im battle of Resaca de la Palma, 720; Ameri-
pulse to industry, 134; Madison on, act of can confidence in, takes Matamoras, starts
1816 protective, 147-50; duties on imports, for Monterey, 721 ; defense of Monte-
151; a protective, Monroe, Clay, Buchanan rey, capture of, capitulation, 722; stays
for, Webster against, cotton states against, at Victoria, goes to Monterey, holds Monte-
Tod's bill with amendments passes, 152-3; rey against Santa Anna, goes to Buena
duties on woolen goods in act of 1824, Great Vista, 723; Santa Anna's message to,
Britain's action upon, 153-4; act of 1828 replies to Santa Anna, report of battle of
først thought really protective by American Buena Vista, 724; orders at close of, 725;
manufacturers, effect of on the south and remains at Monterey, returns to United
England, 154-5; Adams on, 156; Jackson States as a soldier, 726; 727; mentioned as
on. 157-8; conventions-anti-tariff and of candidate for President, a Whig, does not
Friends of Domestic Industry, resolution of wish the Presidency, 727; 728; on duties of
Henry Clay with amendment moved by the Presidency, 728 ; on the veto power, on
Hayne rejected, bill reported by Adams be tariff, currency, improvements, on Mexican
comes law July, 1832, 157-9; anti-tariff con war, name at Whig National convention,
ventions in Charleston and Columbia, Jack 729; opposition to accepts nomination,
son recommends a reduction of duties to a campaign, 730; election,' electoral vote,
revenue basis, 160-1; Compromise act, 162; departure for Washington, inaugurated,
Henry C. Carey on effect of act of 1842,166 ; 731; inaugural address, character of,
act of 1846-revenue act of 1857-reducing,



Democratic party
166-7; highest protective character restored, supports, on slavery, first message to con-
168; heavy on imports, 176; Choate sup gress, 733

asked for official information
ports protective, 316; Calhoun, Hayne, nul on admission of California, 734, on slav-
lification, 318-19; Clay and, 329; Vol. IV., ery, 735; attends anniversary of Wash-
552; tariff acts, 681.

ington National Monument association,
Tariff acts, United States, Vol. IV., 681-6.

illness, incidents, 736; death, sorrow for
Tarleton, Colonel Bannastre, Vol. I., defeats eulogies on, funeral, 737; estimate of,

American cavalry, 190; attacks and massa 738; his letter on his candidacy for Presi-
cres Buford's force, 191-2 ; pursues Gates' dent, availability as candidate, 748; Vol.
militia, re-captures train of supplies from III., qualifications for Whig candidate, 44;
Sumter, 193; ruse against Marion, defeat ballots for, 45; administration, died, 47;
by Sumter, 197; defeat by Morgan at Co finance during administration, 107-9; nomi-
pens, 215 ; designs on Charlottesville frus nated, 330, 339; Free-soilers opposed to
trated, 377.

election of, 384; Greeley's support of, 388;
Taxation (British on colonies), Introduction, Corwin's support of, 393; Lyon joins, 421;

without representation leads to discontent, Vol IV., grave of, 766.
Massachusetts disputes, 34-5; Vol. I., direct Tecumseh, Vol. I., killed, 487; Vol. II., 591;
resisted, 58; acts of parliament, stamp

spreads discontent among Indians, character
duties, opposition, Patrick Henry on, 59; of, influence of his brother, the Prophet, 662,
bill of rights on, 63; under advice of Grafton 663; council with Governor Harrison, 663;
all duties save that on tea removed right to

demands return of lands, anger of, 664 ;
tax colonists asserted, 6+; Boston determines appears at Vincennes, attempts to arouse
not to receive taxable goods, 65; arms taken

other tribes, 665; and battle of Tippecanoe,
up to resist, 75; Otis resolutions, 282-3; 666; becomes an adherent of British, attacks
Samuel Adams asserts that representation frontier in War of 1812, 667; made briga-
and are correlative, 286; resolution of John dier-general, 669; killed in battle of Thames,
Adams, and quotations from, 313-14; Vol. 670.
III., Samuel Adams and, 198-9. See also Telegraph wires and railroad bars, Vol. IV.,
Stamp act.

Robertson on, 585.
Taxation, Vol. I., schemes of Hamilton, imposts Teller's Point, Vol. I., 205.

and excise to pay indebtedness, opposition, Tennessee, Vol. 1., Jackson nominated by legis-
244-5; revolt western Pennsylvania lature of, 551; Vol. II., 614; condition of
against excise, 251-2; stamp duties, 3+5; society in, 582, 583; admitted to the Union,
trouble in Pennsylvania caused by direct, Jackson senator for. 585; indemnification
350; internal on stills, spirits, etc., 407; of, Jackson Judge of supreme court of, 586;
465 ; Madison prefers direct, but votes for against Indians, dismissal of militia of, 592;
excise, 471; 490; duties repealed, 519 ; supports Jackson, 614; Vol. III., rebel
522 ; 559; Vol. II., 629; Vol. III., stamp stronghold in, 43, 355 ; campaign in, 397;
tax and duty on salt for revenue, 85; 90; Vol. IV., settlers of, 544; North Carolina
revenue from increased internal, direct, 91 ; cedes, 550; conspiracy of Blount of, 557;
receipts from give relief, from direct, from Burr's influence in, 570, 571, 583.
internal, 113; 115; some internal removed, Tenure-of-office act, Vol. il., passage of, 941;

116; reduced, receipts from internal,119-20. Grant on, 996; Vol. III., Edwin M, Stanton
Taylor, Zachary, Vol. 1., in Mexico, 571; Vol. and, 381.

II., ancestry, birth, influence of frontier life Ternay, Chevalier De, Vol. I., 201; 203.
on, 713; receives commission in army, | Terrorism in south, Vol. II., 811.
marries, goes to New Orleans, sent to assist | Texas, Vol. I., annexation of, 560; Vol. II., 610,
Harrison against Indians, sent to Fort Har 637; Taylor sent to, 571; condition of in
rison, bravery in attack, 714; made major, 1819, 609; offers to buy, Mexican govern-
made lieutenant-colonel in Black Hawk war, ment forbids American settlements in, in-
capture of Black Hawk, incident of during dependence of, 637; annexation of, Van
Black Hawk war, 715; battle of Bad-Axe, Buren opposed to, 653; bill for, 691, 794;
sent to Florida, career in Seminole war, Polk on, 699, 700; Tyler and, 700; Texas
made brigadier-general and given command forms state constitution, asks for forces to
of state, assigned to command of South protect her, Zachary Taylor goes to, 701;
western army, sent to Louisiana, influenced Fillmore on, 745; Clay's bill for settling
by Texan question, goes to Corpus Christi, boundaries of, 749; 750; Pierce supports


annexation of, 770; sympathy of Buchanan Tryon, 185 ; rejoicing at victories in the
with, 793; 794; causes Mexican war, 860; south, 194; Vol. III., 9.
Andrew Johnson favors, 928, 929; election Toucey, Isaac, Vol. II., secretary of nary, 798.
troubles in, 1005; Vol. II., Clay on annex - Tracy, Benjamin F., Vol. IV., secretary of the
ation of, 43; admission of, 106, indemnifi navy under Harrison, 918.
cation of, 107; Houston in, 350.

Trade, Introduction, only British vessels allowed
Thames, Battle of the, Vol. I., 487; Vol. II., to, free between the colonies restricted, 30;

34; Vol. I., the French establish trading
Third term, A, Vol. I., Jefferson on New York posts, 17; French and English traders, 18;
against, 383; Vol. II., Grant and, 1010.

the Ohio company imports goods, looks for
Thomas, General George H., Vol. II., President points for trading-posis, 19; French restric-

Johnson appoints as secretary of war, 943; tions, 21; England's navigation law's re-
given command of Army of Cumberland, strict, 58; non-importation, Washington on
967; defeats Hood at Nashville, 971; Vol. differing interests of New England and Vir-
III., biography, 404-6.

ginia, 60.1; non-importation, 62, 63; Wash-
Thomas, General John, Vol. I., takes troops to ington's views, inland communication and,

Dorchester Heights, 85; succeeds Mont 237; England claims exclusive of the colo-
gomery in command in Canada, 88.

nies, smuggling, Otis on, 280; effect of non-
Thomas, General L., Vol. II., Grant tenders his importation, 315; interference of England,
services to, 956.

343; of France, 345; with England and the
Thompson, Charles, Vol. I., 464.

West Indies, Jefferson on free and reciprocity,
Thompson, Jacob, Vol. II., secretary of interior, 390, effect of embargo, 426; measures of

798; assists in theft of Indian trust funds, Madison, limitation of foreign, 450; Ameri.
815; flees to Mississippi, 818.

can vessels excluded from with West Indies,
Thompson, R. W., Vol. II., secretary of navy, Madison on, resolutions, 453-4; measures of

Madison, England and the carrying, 465;
Thornton, Dr. William, Vol. IV., design for 475 ; embargo, 476; 520; depression, 521;
“Congress Hall," 717.

England enforces restrictions, Non-importa-
Thornton of New Hampshire, Vol. I., 369.

tion act aimed at, England passes, England
Throg's neck, Vol. I., 109; 110; 113.

forbids by neutrals with her enemies, Napo.
Thurman, A.G., Vol. 11., nominated for senator, leon replies with the Milan decree, 539; Vol.

1046; elected senator, 1049; on electoral II., negotiation of 1818, acts of restriction
committee, 1061; on Electoral Commission, repealed, 626; Vol. III., 10:18; legislation to
1065; nominated for vice-president, 1213; encourage, 76; leadin the carrying, increase in
Vol. III., ballots for, 71, 74 ; leader of importations, 87; between colonies hampered

Democratic party, 450; biography, 475-7. by uncertain character of money in use, 93;
“Thurman Act,', The, Vol. III., 476.

overtrading, 102;market forcorn and wheat,
Ticonderoga, Fort, Vol. I., captured, 69; Arnold 107; over-trading. 109; Vol. IV., with Indians,

in command at, 77 ; Schuyler arrives at, sets 497; over-tradingin Michigan,503; 539; na-
out from, 78; British plan to reduce Crown tural channel of for the west, 554; commercial
Point and, 82; Knox takes artillery to states of the north remove restrictions from,
Boston from, 85; Schuyler at, 117; Wash disadvantage of the south, Wilkinson'senter
ington thinks Burgoyne will try to capture, prise, 546-7. See also Industries and com.
127; New York and New England troops at merce.
Peekskill and, 128; Burgoyne threatening, Travis Station, Vol. IV., 805.
129; 139; Fort George and the northern Treasury, The, Vol. III., board of instituted by
outposts, 142; Gates remains at, 1+3; St. Continental congress, Washington calls on
Clair takes command at, 144; Burgoyne for statement of accounts, act creating the de-
invests, St. Clair evacuates, 1+3; occupied partment approved September 2, 1789, plans
by British, 146; Schuyler to court of inquiry of Alexander Hamilton, secretary, 77; 86;
as to loss of, 148 ; Vol. III., Schuyler goes to, measures of Gallatin, secretary of, 89, 90, 91,
222; hears of surrender, 22+; Ethan Allen 92; the state banks and, 93, 94; sub-treas
seizes, 254-6; St. Clair tried by court-martial ury act, 104, 105; issue of notes, 106; offi-
for the loss of, acquitted, 311.

cers of, 107; surplus in, 108-9; 110; public
Tidal Wave," The, Vol. 111., 67.

debt less the cash in, 113; 115;119; gold
Tiffin, Governor, Vol. IV., energy in crippling sales of Wall street with effect, 120; gold in,
designs of Burr, 580.

“retired" notes paid out, 121; the secretary
Tilden, Samuel J., Vol. II., Grant on election of, authorized to use surplus to carry out pro-

1022; nominated for President, 1058; course visions of Sherman's bill, 122;123; measures
of in Presidential campaign, supposed elec of Secretary Sherman, 124, 125, 126, 127,
tion of, 1059; Vol. III., commission to decide 128; a surplus in, 129-30.
election between Hayes and. 69-70; 71; Treasury System, The Independent, Vol. II.,
428; biography, 437-8; 410;458.

Buchanan on, bill for passed, 793.
Tilton, Theodore, Vol. III., 463

Treaties, Vol. I., of Versailles, 231;

with Algiers,
Tippecanoe, Vol. III., 40,

255; of commerce with Great Britain, 256;
Tippecanoe, Battle of. Vol. II., 666, 667.

with France, alliance, 324; with Holland,
Tobacco, Vol. II., bill to repeal tax on, 1219; loan, 332; of peace with Great Britain,

Vol. III., effect of decree regarding debts France and Spain, 337; 379 ; 448; commer-
due in, suits brought by the clergy, Patrick cial with Prussia and Sweden, 339; of peace
Henry wins case for the planters, 209-10.

with France, 3+7; various of commerce, 380;
Tohopeka, Battle of, Vol. II. 592.

complaints of violation of between Great
Toledo war, The, Vol. IV., 500-1.

Britain and the United States, 393; ques.
Tompkins, Daniel D., Vol. I., vice-president, 491, tions as to validity of French of 1798; 394;

515, 517; re-elected, 524; Vol. 111., votes for, Louisiana ceded by,408; with Napoleon I.,
2+, 26.

482 ; of Ghent, 489, 490; 543; with Algiers,
Tom's Brook, Battle of, Vol. II., 971.

490: Jay's with England, jealousy of France,
Toombs, Robert, Vol. III., his faction with 505-7; of 1795, 509; for Louisiana, 510-11,
draws from the Whig party, 47.

528; with England as to rights of neutrals
Tories, The, Vol. I., 82; 83; Tryon county a 1806,512 ; with Spain for Florida 1819, 520,

nest of, 84; horror at Declaration of Inde 545; 1818, treaty convention with Great
pendence, 90; 92; Washington informed of Britain-the fisheries, northwest boundary,
a plot ripening among, 93; Burgoyne's plans ex sion of treaty of 1815, etc., 521; 542;
for junction with, 145, 149; effect of murder 547; in the matter of French spoliation,559;
of Miss McCrea, 150; of the north well-nigh Vol. II., 627, 636; with Indians, 627; at
silenced, 153; the French alliance alarms, Greenville with the Indians, 660 ; the Fort
169; Indians and at the Wyoming massacre, Wayne, 662; of Ghent provides for the pacifi.
182; Indians and forced to submission, 183; cation of Indian tribes, 671; of annexation

between the Uuited States and Texas rejected of the Whig party, electoral vote, again by the senate, 692; 700; of Guadalupe Hi elected to state legislature, opposes Van Burdalgo, 704; with Japan,779; of Washington, en there; delegate to Whig National convenGrant on, 997; reciprocity of 1883, 1024; tion, supports Henry Clay for President, Hayes on the Burlingame with China, 1090; nominated for vice-president, notified of measures for modification ofthe Burlingame, death of President Harrison, starts for 1091-3; Hayes on fishery articles of Wash Washington, takes Presidential oath, 684; ington, 1101; Arthur on the Clayton-Bul inaugural address, Whig feeling toward, rewer, 1169; commercial with Mexico, Spain, tains Harrison's cabinet, calls for report of San Domingo, 1171 ; Arthur on the Burlin: secretary of treasury, his bill on corporation game, 1172; Cleveland on the fisheries, 1212, of United State bank, 685; difference with 1214-16; the fisheries rejected, infraction by congress on Bank bill, 686; vetoes Ewing's

Germany of the neutrality of 1878, 1223. bill, approves a second bill, 687; and letter Trent affair, The, Vol. II., 907, 908 ; Vol. III., of John M. Botts, 688; effect of letter on Ty. 379.

ler, vetoes second bill, cabinet resigns. Whigs Trent, Captain, Vol. I., 22;30; 31.

censure, 689; forms new cabinet, character Trenton, Vol. 1., Washington arrives at, 117; of Twenty-Seventh congress, vetoes two

118; battle of, 122-3; Cornwallis tries to re tariff bills, signs protective tariff bill, 690; gain, 124; Vol. IV., 599; sessions of congress changes in cabinet, bill for annexation of at Annapolis and, 602, 603;competitor for Texas, renominated for President, withdraws. seat of National capital, 604.

supports Pulk, character of administration, Tripoli, Vol. I., 380; war vessel of captured, 691-8 ; retires, twice married, death ot' first

406; close of war with Algiers and, 410; Vol. wife, advocates secession, member of ConIII., declares war against the United States, federate congress, death, speech on nullifica297; Decatur destroys the Philadelphia in tion and States Rights, 692; Vol. III., nomithe harbor of, 298-9; bombarded by Preble. nated for vice-president, defeated, 34, 35 ;

299; success of Decatur at Tunis and, 300; again nominated, elected, accession to the Vol. IV., Eaton returns from operations against Presidency, 38, 40; opposed by Clay, vetoes the pirates of, 570.

re-charter of the bank, the Whig's charge Troup, Lieutenant-Colonel, Vol. I., 161.

with breaking faith, Whig address on, driven Trowbridge, Judge, Vol. I., 307.

from Whig ranks, the Democrats refuse adTrumbull, Governor Jonathan, Vol. I., consents mission, 40-2; finance during administration,

that regiment at New Haven be re-enlisted, 104-6; 329; 336; 455; Vol. IV., grave of, 83; Washington writes to, 127; Vol. III., 765.

biography, 243-4. Trumbull, John, Vol. IV., painting of the “Sur. render of Burgoyne," 690.

Uncle Sam," “ Brother Jonathan" and, Vol. Trumbull, Lyman, vol. II., 1065.

IV., 786-7. Truxton, Commodore, Vol. IV., informs the “Unconditional Surrender," Vol. II., Grant asks President of designs of Burr, 576-7.

for, 961. Tryon, Governor, Vol. I.. 83; organizes con Union, The, Vol. I., a gag in the mouth of every

spiracy to assassinate, 92; Washington and person in, 349; agreement of Franklin with other officers, 93; confers with General Howe, the French at variance with spirit of laws of 94 ; circulates copies of North's bill, sends several states in, 385 ; men ofthe south think one to Washington, Washington's answer, the time has come to cut loose from, Jefferson 168-9; captures New Haven, sacks and burns sees in the element of strength, 401; symFairfield and Norwalk, 185.

pathy for Jefferson aroused throughout, 429; Tunis, Vol. I., 380, Vol., 300.

North Carolina and Rhode Island having Turgot, Mons., Vol. I., assails the American ex held themselves from ratify the Constitution,

periment, John Adams publishes reply, 341. 466, 467; Louisiana admitted to, 483; 501; Turtle bay, Vol. 1., Sir Henry Clintonlands near, 502; Mississippi admitted to, 519; statescannonaded from vessels in, 107.

men in the east object to enlargement of in Tyler, John, Vol. 1., message asking that Texas the southwest, 520; Benton on legislation

be annexed, 570; Vol. II., recommends re in three-fourths of the states of, 521; Alamitting of Jackson's fine, 597; candidate for bama and Maine admitted to, 522; Missouri vice-president, 652; nominated for vice-pres admitted to, 523; 568; Vol. II., 624; preident by Whig party, 672; elected vice-pres servation of, Zachary Taylor on, 734; threat. ident, 673; ancestry, grandfather marshal ened disruption of, 748 ; Abraham Lincoln of colony of Virginia, father called a rebel, determined to save, 751; Fillmore on presergovernor of Virginia, home, member of Vir vation of, 75+-5; Pierce on preservation of, ginia legislature, judge of court of admiralty, 777; Buchanan on preservation of, 795; 677; birth of, education, studies law, ad Slidell's plan to dissolve, 804; General Wool mitted to bar, declines nomination to state on preservation of, 815; cause of prospering, legislature, elected to house of delegates, 915; Andrew Johnson on, 932, 935; re-estabelected five times successively, censures Sena lished, 980; Grant on, 1022; Vol. III., 11 ; tor Brent, member of house of representa Hartford convention denies desire to dissolve, tives, advocates States Rights, 678; 692; on 22; New England learns necessity of carrying United States banks, on Missouri Compro on struggles against the government within, mise, on tariff, over-work, resignation, takes 23; Missouri demands admission to, 26; up practice of law, again elected to state struggle on Missouri Compromise one of the legislature, espouses cause of internal im

most intense of, 27; Democratic resolution provements by the state, elected governor of of adherence to the under the Constitution, Virginia, settles sectional differences, eulogy 63; Ohio admitted to, 87; South Carolina on Thomas Jefferson, unanimously re-elected, explains its attitude towards, 155; Presiasked to be a candidate for United States dent Adams on the tariff and. 156; Jackson senate, 679; declines, is elected, accepts, Rich on the tariff and the preservation of the, 161; mond Enquirer on, public dinner in honor Hamilton has plan of his own for the gov. of, opposes administration of Adams, an ad ernment of, 202; 207; Vol. M., first attempt herent of William H. Crawford, supports to divide, 542; delay in receiving Kentucky Jackson, 680; votes to censure President as a statein, 546; Wilkinson states that the Jackson, 681; a strict constructionist, meas West is on the point of separating from, 548; ures opposed by, re-elected, on United States England and Spain pressing on western terbanks, 681-5; separates from Jackson Demo ritories to break loose from, 554; Spain excracy, clected president pro tem. of senate, pects several states to separate from, 556, opposes power of President, resigns, on ex 548; Spain loses hope of dismembering, 559; punging the Jackson censure, 683; nomi Burr declares that the west will sever from, nated for vice-president, receives vote of part 573; last attempt at separating the west

from, 585; the question of prominent in dis tion of, 755; synchronistic history of, 771-
cussion on seat-of-government, 606; 607; 85; the name " Uncle Sam" applied to, i,
624; circle of stars in flag symbolizes duration of each congress of, 788-9; first sta
the perpetuity of 689; devices suggested for tlements, infant settlements consolidatei,
in the flag, 690; the American flag and ad grant made by the Crown, 796; Original
mission of states to, 694-5; Professor S. B. limits of, 797.
Morse on the flags and, 696-7; seal of the United States bank. See Bank, United States
United States and, 699; admission of Texas United States, The frigate, Vol. III., 85; Stephra
to, 711, 712; Washington on, 730 2.

Decatur sails in, 297, commands, captures
Union League, The, Vol. II., aids President Lin the Macedonian, 299.
coln, 909; dis affection in, 917,918.

University of Virginia, The, Vol. I., appropriation
United Colonies, The Thirteen, Vol. I., 74.

for, Jefferson's interest in, attendance, #16-
United Colonies of New England, The, Intro. 17; on Jefferson's epitaph, 431 ; Madisoo
duction, 29.

rector of, 491; Monroe curator of, 529.
United States, Vol. I., resolution in Continental Upshur, Abel P., Vol. II., 690, 691.

congress with regard to, 89, 169; soldiers' Upson, Charles, Vol. IV., 514.
fidelity to, 169 ; Deane agent of, 320; en- Utah, Vol. II., territorial government of, 794;
voys bring discredit upon, 325 ; foreign di Vol. III., New Mexico, Arizona and the slar:
plomacy of, 326 ; France and, 327, 346, ery question, 51.
347, 394, 400, 505, 507; Holland and, 329, Utica, Vol. III., Anti-Masonic convention at, 29.
331, 332, 334; negotiations between Great
Britain and, 330, 331; Adams commissioned
by, 331 ; alliance of France, Holland and, VALLANDIG HAM, CLEMENT L., Vol. II., retires from
331, 332 ; fisheries, 334, 336, 521; Consti congress, 895; arrest in Ohio, 906; punch.
tution, 341; shipping, 343, 483 ; sedition ment, 907; 918; disobedience of, 1121.
law in, 348, 349; newspapers in, 349; court Valley Forge, Vol.' I., Washington in winter
of, 350, 351; commercial relations, 384, quarters at, 141; suffering at, 154; banquet
385, 389, 390; differences between Great given at on news of the French alliance, 169;
Britain and, war against, boundary, 393 ; 199; Vol. III., 267; Gouverneur Morris at,
citizens of, 405; population of, debt of, 407; 276; 278; 284.
Spain and, 447'; Algiers and, 490; proposi- Van Braam, Jacob, Vol. I,, instructs Washington
tion to cede Canada to, 546 ; congress of in fencing, 20; accompanies Washington to
South American republies in vite, 551 ; Vol. Venango as interpreter, 24-5.
II., purchase of Florida by, 609; secures Van Buren, John, Vol. II., stumps for his father,
territory by treaty of peace at Greenville, 654.
660 ; and Fort Wayne treaty, 662; annexa Van Buren, Martin, Vol. I., as political strate
tion of Texas to, 691, 700 ; and California, gist, 552; favors delivering up slaves as
706; mostinflammable part of, 902; Vol.Ill., criminals, sends armed vessel to receive ther,
Federalists declare that has no power to ac 566; writes letter against acquisition of
quire territory, 17; Hartford convention Texas, 570; Vol. II., at the head of Albar
resolves that naturalized foreigners be de Regency, 613, 614; secretary of state under
barred from civil offices under, 22; inhabit Jackson, 618, 619; 620; 621; 622; 624;
ants of Louisiana to be given rights of citi resigns from cabinet, gives reasons for, 635;
zens of, 26; badly pressed for money, 80; appointed minister to England, contest in
money unit of, 83; general distrust in busi senate over confirmation of, 626; elected
ness reaches, ill prepared to avenge wrongs President, 639; birth and early life, 644-5;
or assert rights, 85; war declared by against early political ideas, 645-6; acquaintance
Great Britain, treasury notes made receiv with William Van Ness, admitted to bar,
able in payment of all duties and taxes laid forms partnership with Honorable J. T. Van
by, 90, 94; 111 ; manufactures of, 140-2 ; Allen, 646; politics in Columbia county bar,
144 ; value of iron made in, 164 ; England made counselor-at-law, appointed surrogate
removes legal restraints on trade with, 172 ; of Columbia county, removes to Hudson,
migration to from Germany, 174 ; judiciary marries, 647; supports Jefferson, elected state
of, 179-96; Russia offers to mediate between secretary, attorney-general of New York, 648,
England and, 289; amendment to the Con and Albany Regency, opposes Clinton, ré.
stitution forever prohibiting slavery in, 360 : moved from attorney-generalship, elected to
Vol. IV., southern boundary of determined United States senate, helps revise constitu-
in treaty of peace between Great Britain tion of New York, on public questions, sup-
and, 543; boundary dispute between Spain ports Crawford, 649; supports Jackson, op-
and, 544; Spain and on navigation of the poses Adams, re-elected to senate, chosen
Mississippi, 545 et seq.; project to colonize governor of state, made secretary of state,
Louisiana from, has not ability to pay old foreign policy, resigns, minister to court of
soldiers, 517; 553; pressed by troubles with St. James, recalled, 650; made vice-president,
Great Britain, France and Spain, pushing made President, cabinet, money panic, 651;
Spain for settlement of boundary, 5-4; financial legislation, administration loses
boundary settled by treaty of Madrid, 555 favor, Maine boundary, Seminole war, të
6; Spain desires to secure as a neutral power, visits New York, organization of Whig party,
treaty of with Great Britain, 556; proofs of 652; renominated by Democratic party, sec.
plan to injure the, troops of occupy the Span. ond electoral vote for, administration à fail.
ish forts, 559; right of citizens to deposit ure, retires to Kinderhook, prospect of sto
produce in New Orleans, 560; Pontalba on nomination, position on Texas annexation,
the separation of the west from, cession of supports Polk, nominated for President br
Louisiana to France a blow to, 561; nego Free-Soil Democrats, 653; again retires, dies,
tiations of France and for Louisiana, 562-5; person, character, views on slavery, 656,
576; Burr charged with treason against, Vol. III., nominee for vice-president, elected,
582; the capital of, 598-616 ; Declaration of 31,335; nominated for President, 34; Whigs
Independence of, 617-22; confederation, 623; adopt resolutions concerning, ballot for, 35;
the Constitution, 625-45; the Electoral Col character of administration, 36;

lege, 646-71; Presidents of, 673; vice-presi. nated for President, 38 ; defeated, 40, 42, 45;
dents of, speakers of the house of representa again nominated for President, defeated, 46;
tives, 674; cabinets of, 675-80; tariff acts of, finance during administration of, 103-4;
681; history of flag of, 687-95; seal and 190; 319; 323; 384; 393; Francis P.
arms of, 698-700; seal of President of, of de Blair supports for Presidency, 446; 458;
partments of, 701-2; annexation of Texas to, Vol. IV., grave, 764.
709-12; Washington feels that government Vanderbilt, W. H., Vol. il.. Grant gtres his per
of is founded on people of the, 726; Articles sonal trophies to, 1025.
of Confederation, 746-55; census of popula. Varnum's Brigade, Vol. I., 139.

Venango. Vol. I., Indian village occupied by the Adams', adoption of the American policy or
French, Washington's expedition to, 24-6.

fensive to, 552; Vol. II., on United States
Vera Cruz, Vol. III., Winfield Scott invests, 343. bank, 682, on expunging the Jackson cen-
Vergennes. Count De, Vol. I., treating with sure from the journal, 683; castsits electoral

American envoys, 325;distrusts John Adams vote for William Smith, 68+; resolutions of
and the Lees, 327; menace of, intrigues, sum. 1798, 707 ; terror in over Brown's raid, 806;
mons Adams to Paris from The Hague, 328. recommends a pacitication convention, and
30; Adams' distrust of, 331; secretly OP Crittendon compromise threatens secession,
poses American interests, 334; 336; compli 821 ; delegates from, in peace convention,
ments commissioners, 337.

823; Vol. III., fear in congress that is acquir-
Vermont, Vol. I., 413; Vol. IV., admission of ing too much power, 19:effort to develop in-

Kentucky and to the Union, 693-4; declared dustrial arts in, 131; the legislature orders
independent, 820.

settlers to plant mulberry trees, 132, 182,
Verplanck's Point, Vol. I., Sir Henry Clinton 184; decree of house of burgesses regarding

lands troops near opens cannonade on Fort tobacco, 209; Vol. IV. conquers the north-
Lafayette on, 184-5.

west from Great Britain, 585.1 ; party sent
Verrazano, Introduction, sent on voyage

of from to find the Ohio, 597; Maryland and
discovery, 1524, 10-11.

tender territory for seat-of-government,
Versailles, Vol. I., peace of, 231.

Joan, 608; divided, 815.
Veto power, Vol. II., Zachary Taylor on, 729; Virginia Company, Vol. IV., 795.
733 ; Andrew Johnson on, 929.

* Virginia plan," "The, Vol. UL., 182.
Vice-presidents of the United States, The, Vol. Virginians, The, Vol. II., capture of, 1002; in-
IV., 674.

demnity for, 1007.
Vicksburg, Vol. II., fall of, 913, 966, 967; Grant Vote, Vol, II., suppression of in south, 810.

prepares to take, importance of, 965; siege Vulture. The, Vol. I., carries Colonel Beverly
of, 966.

Robinson to meet Andre, 205.
Victoria, Queen, Vol. II., entertains Grant, 1013.
Vigilant, The, Vol. I., cannonades Fort Mifflin,

WABASH, The, Vol. IV., on map of 1692, equiv.
Vilas, William F., Vol. II., 1196.

alent to the lower Ohio, 596.
Villemarie, Vol. IV., records of regarding La Wade, B. F., Vol.III., 356; biography, 390-2;
Salle, 593, 596.

Viriland, Introduction, 7.

Waite, Morrison R., Vol. III., 193; Cushing,
Viomenil, General, the Baron De, Vol. I., at York Evarts and counsel before the Geneva tribu-
town, 224.

nal, 452; biography: 465-8.
Virginia, Introduction, landing of Sir Walter | Waldeckers, Vol. 1.. Hessians and under knyp-

Raleigh's expedition, 14; King James' pat. hausen, 112, 114.
ent, 18; first Assembly, 21:growing rapidly, Walker, Colonel John, Vol. 1., 503.
27; Colonial assembly convened, 32; Vol. I., Walker, Robert J., Vol. II., secretary of treasury,
Cabot's discovery of, 16; grant for new ter 699.
ritory, 18; exploring, 19; raising troops, al. Walker, William, Vol. II., seizes Nicaragua, 798.
liance with Indians, 20; Washington's expe Walker Line, The. Vol. IV., 809.
dition, opposing claims of French, 21; troops Wall street, Vol. III., 103;115 ; Mr. Chase pours
sent against French, 30; defeat, 35; vote of into eleven millions of solid golit, 115, ex-
thanks to Washington, 37; appointed com citement in unprecedented, the treasury in
mander, 46; resignation,51; protest against with effect, another stringency in, 120.
Stamp act, 59; delegates to congress, 62; Walnut hills, Vol. IV. Wilkinson tells Carondo-
condemns English tyranny, 63; munitions of let that he will take possession of forts at
war seized, 68; patriots threatened, 81 ; Natchez and, 556; statement of Carondolet,
Clinton dares not land, 85; declares for in 558.
dependence, 88: author of Declaration of In- Wanamaker, John, Vol. IV., postmaster-general
dependence, Jefferson of, 89; troops of, 187; under Benjamin Harrison, 918.
troops attack Savannah, 190; to re-inforce War Department, Vol. I., organized, 466.
Gates, 192; reverses in, 193; hopeless pros. Ward, General Artemas, Vol. 1., offers services,
pect for, 194; Green sent to protect, 198 ; 68: at the head of the army, '69; at the siege
guerrilla warfare in, 21+; B. Arnold in, 217; of Boston, 72.
British marauding expedition up James river, Ward, Samuel, Vol. IV., 526.
218; Lafayettedefeated at Jamestown island, Warner, Colonel Seth, Vol. i., General Stark and
219; relieved, Yorktown occupied by British, reach Bennington, 148.
221; Rawdon receives news of the movement | Warren, General, Vol. II., in siege of Petersburgh,
into, 223; Yorktown besieged and captured, 970; moves towards Fire Forks, 973.
223-6; internal improvements in, 237-8; Warren, Joseph, Vol. I., 303; 317; Vol. III.,
sends delegation to frame the Constitution, biography, 240-1.
239; 313; framing government for, 319; first Warren tavern, The, Vol. I., forces of Washington
settlement at Jamestown, 326; prompt ac-

and Howe near, 133.
tion against British wrongs, 360; votes for Warwick, Vol. IV., 817.
Declaration of Independence, 367; original | Warwick furnace, Vol. I., Washington obtains
motion, from, 369; removabof capital to Wil ammunition and muskets at, 133.
liamsburg, and Richmond, 371; revision of Washburne, E. B., Vol. II., recommends Grant's
laws of assigned to Mr. Pendleton, 372; hos promotion, 957; 998; made secretary of
tilities in, 375-7; state of agrees to pay debt state, resigns, accepts French mission, 986;
for Jefferson, repudiates it, 396; 398; Burr Vol. III., 71.
declared not guilty as against, 411; birth. Washington, Augustine, Vol. I.,father of George,
place of Madison, 435-6; strongly condemns 6.
mother country's acts, troops conquer In- Washington, Bushrod, Vol. III., 193.
dians, 439; indignation against Lord Dun Washington city, Vol. I., Sixth congress meets
more, 440; raising of troops, 442; initiates in, 351; John Adams refuses to remain in
declaring of independence, 413, first general during Jefferson's inauguration, 352; seat of
assembly of, 445; elects delegates to Conti governinent removed to, Gouverneur Morris'
nental congress, 446; laws regarding dele description of, 402; state ceremoney dispeus-
gates, 448; protection of planters and trade ed with at, 406; British troops captnre, 428;
in, boundary Maryland anii, 450; appoints anniversary of Declaration of Independence
committeee on confederation, 454, divided celebrated at, Jefferson declines to be present,
about adopting Constitution. 456-9. 461-2; 430; burning and sacking of, 488 ; news of
sends senators to congress, 463; four early signing of treaty of Ghent received at, 490;
Presidents from, 491; 495; claims territory 538, Adams' return to, 544; Vol. II., Jack
on western bank of Ohio river, 500; J. Q.1 son called to, 598; Fromentin goes to, Jack-

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