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39. What President waited and drew his salary all at one time, $100,000? 40. What President was twice vice-president and twice President?

41. During what President's administration and what three of his cabinet ministers were unfaithful to their trust and were engaged in a conspiracy for the overthrow of the Republic while in office and sworn to protect it from harm?

42. What President was the first to veto a bill? 43. What is meant by the President's veto?

44. What President had the proposition once made him to make this country a monarchy, to accept the headship of such a government with the title of a king, and assured him that the army would support him?

45. During what President's administration were two of his cabinet killed by accident, and who were they? 46. What five Presidents were born within a radius of thirty miles ? 47. What President learned to read after he was married ? 48. What President fought a duel ? 49. What President came near being assassinated like Lincoln and Garfield ? 50. What Presidents were school-teachers in early life?


1. When were the stars and stripes adopted ?

2. What are the proper dimensions of the American flag? How long and how wide should it be?

3. Why is the star of the United States a five-pointed star?
4. When is a state entitled to a star on the flag?
5. When, where and by whom was the first flag made?
6. What do the colors red, white and blue represent?
7. What is the blue part of the flag called ?
8. On what star or constellation is the American flag based ?
9. When and where can that constellation be found?
10. Who wrote the "Star Spangled Banner?
11. Who wrote the song, “The Bonnie Red, White and Blue?”
12. Who wrote the song, “The American Flag ?”
13. Who wrote the song, "Hail Columbia ?”
14. When and who unfurled the first American flag?

15. In what year did the American flag have fifteen stripes and when was it reduced to the original number, thirteen?

16. What is the difference between the National ensign and the revenue ensign as seen on all revenue vessels, custom-houses and over the buildings appertaining to the treasury department?

17. Describe the yacht ensign.
18. Describe the navy pennant.
19. Describe the revenue pennant.
20. What are the three different jacks or unions ? Describe each.
21. What state was the first to add a star to the flag and when was it?
22. What does the constellation of Lyra signify?

23. In what year were the first regulations issued prescribing a flag denot. ing the presence of the President?

24. What flag indicates that all intercourse is forbidden?
25. To what flag does the National ensign show submission?

POLITICAL. 1. What is known as the scrub race for the Presidency? 2. How many electors composed the first Electoral college?

3. Who was the originator of the political proverb, "Milliom for Defense and not One Cent for Tribute?'

4. When aud to what part of the Republican party was the name Democrat first applied ?

5. When and where did the first congressional caucus meet to nominate candidates for President and vice-president.

6. When did the first National convention meet for the purpose of placing a Presidential ticket in nomination.

7. In what year did the Abolition party make its entry into politics?

8. What Presidential campaign was called the campaign of Noise, Numbers and Nonsense?

9. When was the first National convention of the Whig party?

10. When and where did the first National convention of the party now known as the Republican party meet, and who was placed in nomination for President?

11. Why were the members of the American party called the Know-Nothings? 12. What is meant by the phrase, Waving of the Bloody Shirt ? 13. What is meant by the Ohio Idea ? 14. What is msant by the Rag Baby and who was its author? 15. What is the origin of the term Loco Foco ? 16. Does naturalization confer the right of suffrage? 17: In what Presidential campaign were there thirteen candidates for President?

18. In what Presidential compaign was there a woman candidate for President? Who was it and how many votes did she receive?

19. When and where has the Electoral college met, and when does it now met, to vote for President and vice-president?

20. What of congress led to the formation of the Republican party?
21. When and who was the first cabinet officer to be impeached ?
22. What are the powers of the National government?

23. I case the President and vice-president should both die, resign, be impeached, removed, or be unable to perform the duties of the office of President, who would succeed to the otfice of President?

24. Enumerate the six chief remote causes of the Revolution. 25. What was the direct cause of the Revolution?


i. When was the first money coined by the government.
2. When were the first treasury notes issued by the government?
3. In what year did the government dishonor its own paper ?
4. When was the act creating the first treasury department approved ?

5. When was the bill approved establishing the first National Bank and where was it?

6. In what year did the public debt reach its highest point previous to the War of the Rebellion, and what was the amount?

7. In what year did the inflation of our paper currency raise prices and greatly increase the consumption of foreign commodities?

8. In what year did the l'nited States import into this country from Europe $7,000,000 of specie, at an expense of $800,000, to force state banks to a specie basis?

9. Under what President's administration did our bonds sell for less than par, 89.03 for 100 ?

10. When did congress legalize the issue of postage stamps for change?
11. When did the government suspend coin payment?
12. In what year was the l'nited States mint established ?

14. In what year was the first discussion of specie payment and by whom?

15. In what year did the public debt reach its highest point and what was the debt?

16. In what year did the government stop the coinage of the dollar known as the Daddies' Dollar?

17. In what year did the government commence the coinage of the trade dollar?

18. What was the Specie Circular?
19. What was the direct cause of the financial panic of 1857?

20. What was the amount of the loan that was not authorized by law yet the government paid it?

21. What was the cost of the Revolutionary war and how many troops did the colonies furnish from 1775 to 1783 ?

22. What was the cost of the War of 1812 and how many troops were engaged?

23. What was the cost of the Mexican war and how many troops were engaged?

24. What was the cost of the war between the states and what was the number of troops engaged?

25. Who was the founder of our system of National coinage?
26. When did the government suspend specie payment, in what years?
27. What is meant by refunding the National debt?
28. Why was silver demonetized in 1873 ?

29. When did foreign silver coins cease to be a legal tender in the United States.

30. When was the United States entirely out of debt?

TARIFF. 1. What is tariff for revenue? 2. What was the American system? 3. When was the first protective tariff bill passed? 4. When was the first tax imposed on goods imported into this country?

5. When was the first money received by the government from the collections of revenue and what was the amount?

6. What tariff act is known as the Warehouse act? 7. What was the basis of our first note circulation ?

8. Who received the first money paid out by the government that was received from revenue?

9. What one article has paid the highest duty, as high as 833 per cent?

10. What tariff act is regarded as the first protective measure for American manufactures and when was said bill passed?

11. What tariff act was openly declared protective, otherwise no one would have known it?

12. What tariff act is the basis of our present tariff system? 13. How many times was the ninth tariff act increased from 1861 to 1868 ?

14. What was the average duty of the tariff of 1868 and how many articles were taxed ?

15. When was the first internal revenue tax imposed ?


1. What vice-president took the oath of office in a foreign land (by a special act of congress) and never lived long enough to occupy the chair?

2. What vice-president was tried for treason ?

3. What vice-president was indicted for murder by a grand jury in the state of New Jersey ?

4. What vice-president was the grandson of an eminent divine ?
5. How many vice-presidents, by election, has this country had ?
6. In what election was a vice-president, but no President, elected?
7. What two vice-presidents have been called the Christian statesmen?

8. What two vice-presidents refused to vacate the chair long enough to allow a president pro tem. to be elected ?

9. What vice-president took the oath of office as President in the city of New York?

10. Why is the vice-president inaugurated first? 11. How many vice-presidents have died in office ? 12. How many vice-presidents have resigned ? 13. How many vice-presidents have become Presidents by virtue of their office?

14. What three vice-presidents were signers of the Declaration of Independence ?

15. What is the present salary of the vice-president? 16. Are all citizens of the United States eligible to the office of vice-president? 17. How may the vice-president be removed ? 18. How old must a citizen be to be eligible to the office of vice-president?

19. How many vice-presidents and acting vice-presidents has this country had ?

20. Who takes the place of the vice-president in case he is absent from the senate chamber during the session of congress?



1. How does this country compare in wealth with other countries? 2. Who invented the cotton-gin? 3. Who received the first patent for an American locomotive-engine? 4. In what year were laborers first imported ? 5. When, where and what was the first manufactory started in this country? 6. In what year was the first petition presented to congress for protection? 7. In what year was the first patent issued by the United States? 8. In what year and where was the first sewing thread ever made?

9. In what year and where was the first successful attempt to manufacture sugar from cane?

10. In what year did English manufacturers crowd our ports with foreign goods to break down our manufactories?

11. In what year did the United States import wheat from Russia ?

12. In what year did congress institute a committee on commerce and manufactures, and how many years did it remain before being divided into different branches?

13. In what year did our government determine for the first time to make an accurate report, if possible, of the productiveindustry of the country, including all establishments that produced over $500 a yeer

14. What was the value of the products of that year? 15. What were the causes of the panics of 1837, 1857 and 1873? 16. When and where was the first agricultural fair held in the United States? 17. When and where did the first strike take place in this country? 18. What country is the principal market for our exported productions?

19. What two influences growing out of the Civil war exerted a peculiarly stimulating effect on production and so increased our trade immediately?

20. In what year was the Embargo act passed prohibiting for ninety days the exportation of any specie, goods, wares or merchandise under penalty of forfeiture and fine?


1. What is the basis of our common law ?
2. In what year was our National judiciary established ?

3. In which articles and sections of the Constitution is the judiciary power to be found?

4. Are the territorial courts a part of the judiciary?
5. What are Consular courts?
6. When did the first judiciary act become a law?
7. What did the first Supreme court consist of?
8 What are the judicial districts ?

9. In what year did the Supreme court decide against the constitutionality of the action of congress in 1862 in giving a legal tender character to the paper currency?

10. In what year was the decision reversed and congress sustained ?.
11. How many chief-justices have there been?
12. For how long is the chief-justice appointed ?

13. In what year was the number of associate justices increased to six, then to eight, then to nine, then decreased to eight, then to seven, and then increased to eight?

14. How many district judges are there now?
15. What is the salary of the chief-justice?
16. What is the salary of the associate justices?
17. What chief-justice held his office for thirty-five years ?
18. The judicial power of the United States is vested in how many courts ?

19. Is the judicial department of the National government separate from the legislative and executive?

20. When and how often does the supreme court meet?



1. Who was the first martyr to American liberty ?
2. Name the cities which have been the capitals of the United States.
3. Name the rebellions which have occurred in our history.
4. Name the seven most important United States laws pertaining to slavery?
5. What foreigner has visited this country as the Nation's guest ?
6. Have women ever been allowed to vote for President of the United States ?
7. Who was the first proposer of secession in the United States congress?
8. Who was the originator of the phrase, “ Mason and Dixon's line?"
9. What is meant by Mason and Dixon's line?
10. What invention has foolishly been said to have caused the Rebellion ?
11. What was the turning-point of the War of the Rebellion ?

12. What American general of the Civil war is said never to have lost a battle?

13. What hall has been called the “Cradle of Liberty." 14. Where was the birthplace of liberty?

15. What places in the United States government have no representative government ?

16. What is particularly remarkable about the code laws adopted by Rhode Island as a colony?

17. During what campaign in our Civil war were wooden mortars used?

18. The grave of what Revolutionary general could not be found when congress attempted to place a monument over it?

19. What single senator from a Southern state did not go with his state when it withdrew from the Union ?

20. What was the Dred Scott decision and by whom was it rendered ? 21. Who was Dred Scott ?

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