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FRIDAY, , I nost, s Repetition of Wednesday's Virgil 50 3 past lines-English Essay looked over.

Demosthenes, alternating with Philos- Latin Verses, Hex- Wednesd. 11-12 ** Lophia Graca.

ameter, or Hex- Ist School. 3- 4 Greek Play, 50 lines.

ameter and Penta(Horace, Epistles or Satires-Exami- meter. 5- 63 nation in Greek History as on Weddnesday Evening.

SATURDAY. (Part of a Gospel or Acts of Apostles past 7 --Beausobre on New Testainent

< General Scripture History.

s Thucydides alternating with Historia 11-12

12 Romana.

Common-place Books. Every boy in the sixth form has a set of common-place books, arranged according to subjects, in which he enters at the moment any notes connected with the lesson of the hour that may be dictated by the head master. The nature of these notes may be seen by referring to the sixth form examination papers, some of which accompany these details. If these notes are finished before the hour is concluded, there is always some more connected subject in hand, bearing more or less upon the lesson, which is pursued during the remainder of the time, and upon which the boys likewise enter notes in their common place books.

Eraminations of the Sixth Form. The body of notes thus collected is to be referred to in preparation for the sixth form half yearly examination, which takes place before the summer holidays, and again in the end of November. Besides a general review of the subjects studied in school during the last half year, this examination always embraces a portion of Juvenal, which the boys prepare privately with their tutors. The nature of the examination will be seen from the papers above referred to. At the conclusion of each examination those boys who have acquitted themselves satisfactorily are arranged alphabetically in two classes. Those in the first class receive a prize book from the head master ; those who are twice placed in the second class also receive a book; those boys who have not shown sufficient diligence are excluded from the printed list. This classing does not alter the places of the sixth form boys in the school. The order of places is changed in every other form.

oks have by have bee they are cores Ro

Fifth Form Examinations. This system of common-place books and half yearly examinations is also pursued in the fifth form.

Text Books. Several new text books have been introduced at Harrow within the last two years; they have been compiled and printed expressly for the use of the school, they are :

Historia Romana-substituted for the Eton Scriptores Romani. It contains the whole of

. Cicero pro Milone.

Sallust. Bell. Catil.
Livy, Books v., xxi., xxii., xxiii., xxxi., xxxii.

Tacitus' Annals, Books i., ii., iii., Musa Græca—substituted for Poetæ Græci-contains long extracts, whole odes, and entire scenes, from the works of the following authors : Hesiod, Pindar, Aristophanes, Theocritus, Apollonius Rhodius, Callimachus ; also Fragments of Comic Writers. Philosophia Græca — contains extracts from Plato-Euthyphro, Hippias Major, Menexenus, Apologia Socratis, Phædo. Xenophon Memorab.-Lib I. Capp. 1, 4, 6. II. 3, 4, 6, 7, 8. ill. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6. IV. 3, 7. Aristotle-EthicsA selection of chapters, keeping up the continuity of argument, and omitting what is unimportant in that point point of view. Rhetoric-A selection of whole chapters. Poetics — The whole treatise. Plutarch --De audiendis Poetis. Longinus - De Sublimitate. Poesis Græca-Selections from the Minor Poets, for the use of the fourth form, substituted for “ Farnaby's Epigrams.”

Maps and Tables of Chronology and Genealogy, from the overthrow of the western empire to the peace of Paris, 1815. These have been selected and translated from Mons. Koch's Tableau des Revolutions de l'Europe, and have been published for the use of Harrow school. They serve to illustrate the Lecture on Modern History, given on Thursdays.

These are the whole of the works which have been put forth within the last two years for the use of the school.

The maps used by the sixth and fifth forms are those contained in the Eton Atlas. The lower forms use Vincent's maps, maps to Butler's Geography, and Guthrie's maps. The editions of the classics used, are

Thucydides Bekker.

Homer Heyne.
Demosthenes Mounteney.
Horace Zeunii.
Juvenal Ruperti.

Virgil Oxford, with parallel passages. The text-book of Modern History is the English translation of Mons. Koch's Tableau des Revolutions de l'Europe. For Greek History, Malkin's History of Greece, published by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful knowledge.

Scholarships. Before we proceed to the detail of business in the lower forms, we think it better to enter upon the subject of the scholarships attached to the school, and the examinations connected with them. Almost every boy in the sixth form, and many of the fifth form offer themselves as candidates for them; the course of study, therefore, preparatory to this examination may be considered as a necessary part of the education of every boy of average abilities who rises into the fifth form.

Four Governors' Scholarships. Four scholarships of fifty guineas a year each, to be held for four years, have been recently founded by the governors of the school. The boy who gains one of them inust go either to Oxford or Cambridge ; but he may enter at any college of either university.

Two Sayer's Scholarships. Two scholarships have also been recently founded by the late John Sayer, Esq., of Park Crescent, Portland Place. They are of fifty guineas a year each, to be held for four years; but the Sayer scholar must enter at Caius College, Cambridge.

Examinations for them. The examination for these scholarships takes place in the month of March, every year; two examiners, one from Ox-. ford and one from Cambridge, being appointed by the head master for the purpose of holding it. The subjects for the following year are proposed after each examination ; those for last year were,

First Book of Herodotus.

o scholarships bal., of Park Cresc to be held fe

Phænissæ of Euripides.
Fifth Book of Livy.
Fifth Book of Virgil's Æneid.
St. Luke's Gospel.

First two Books of Euclid.. All the boys in the school, indiscriminately, whether foundation boys or foreigners, are equally eligible to these scholarships.

Business of Forms below the Sixth.

SUNDAY, Fifth Form.

Exercises set. Shown up. (Acts of Apostles. 8 A. M. Paley's Evidences. (Well's Scripture Geography,

UPPER SHELL. St. John's Gospel-Waits's Scripture 8 A, M. 3 History- Doddridge's Sermons on ( Evidences of Christianity.

St. Luke's Gospel-- Watts and Dodd-
8 A. M
ridge as above.

( St. Matthew's and St. Mark's Gospel

- Wake's Catechism with Scripture

Third FORM. Reads the Scriptures with the Under 8 A. . }

Master at 10.

8 A. N.

Business of the Fifth Form.

MONDAY. past 7 Repetition of Friday's Horace.

(Horace's Odes, about 65 lines-Con11 A. M.} strue, explain, enter comments in

( Common-place Book.
Homeri Hias, 50 lines - Common-

place Book as before.
5 - Historia Romanu, one page.

WEDNESDAY. I posle 5 Grecian History and Chronology, and Latin Verse,Hexa- Ist School.

Geography, Ancient and Modern. meter or Elegiac, having 11. Virgil's Aneid, 50 lines.

30 the compulsory been set on [ Virgil's Georgics, in the form of a lec- number, most of Saturday

ture, not above 20 lines done in the the boys do many Morning. hour, every expression and parallel more.

passage explained. Musa Græca.


THURSDAY. d past 7 Repetition of Horace's Odes. 11 Thurydides, Bekker, one page.

(Lecture on Literature, chiefly English Latin Theme. past 12 from the Decline of the Roman Em

( pire to the present time.

1st School. set on Monday Evening.



Exercises set. Shown up.

FRIDAY. past 7 Repetition of Virgil's Georgics, 35 lines. Greck Verse, aver: Ist School. US Deniosthenes and Philosophia Græca, age 14 lambics or set on alternately.

any other metre, Wednesd. Greek Play, Lectures on the Metres sometimes Greek Evening. and Greek Theatre.

Theme or Greek 5 Horace, Satires or Epistles.

Translation in

prose or verse.

SATURDAY. 1 past 7 Repetition of Greek Play.

Latin Lyrics. 1st School. 11 Thucydides f. Hist. Rom., alternately.

set on Thursd. Sunday-See p. 8.

past 7


Business of the Shell Form.

Repetition of Greek or Latin Verse.
Horace's Odes.
Homer's Iliad.

Latin Theme.
Historia Romana.

Ist School.

WEDNESDAY. past 7 Repetition Ditto- Verses looked over. 11. Virgil's Æneid.

English Translation ist School, 3 Musas Graca.

from Latin.

Friday. 5 Cornelius Nepos.

THURSDAY past 7 Repetition Ditto-Theme looked over. Latin Lyrics Ist School. 11 Zenophon's Anabasis.

Saturday. FRIDAY. „ S Repetition and Translation and looked past 7 3?

11 Geography.

Geography or Re-translation of Ana- Latin Verses, Hex- Ist School, { basis into Greek.

ameters or Elegiacs. Wednesd. 5 Horace, Epistles or Satires.

SATURDAY. 3 past 7 Repetition and Lyrics looked over. 11 Greek Testament.

SUNDAY, see p 103.

past 7


Business of Fourth Form.

Repetition of Ovid's Epistles.
Greek Testament.

Tursellini Hist.

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