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gentlie Emilius Probus [com. Nepos) in Latin, and Plutarch in Greek; which two had no cause either to flatter or lie upon any of those which I have recited.

* And besides nobilitie in warre, for excellent and matchless masters in all manner of learning, in that one citie, in memorie of one age, were more learned men, and that in a manner altogether, than all time doth remember, than all place doth afford, than all other tongues do contain. And I do not mean of those authors, which, by injurie of time, by negligence of men, by crueltie of fire and sworde, be lost; but even of those, which by God's grace, are left yet with us; of which, I thank God, even my poore studie Jacketh not one. As in philosophy, Plato, Aristotle, Xenophon, Euclide, and Theophrast; in eloquence and civil law, Demosthenes, Æschines, Lycurgus, Dinarchus, Demades, Socrates, Isæus, Lysias, Antisthenes, Andocides ; in history, Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophon, and which we lacke, to our great losse, Theopompus and Ephorus; in poetry, Eschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes, and somewhat of Menander, Demosthenes' sister's sonne.

“ New let Italian, and Latin itself, Spanish, French, Dutch and English, bring forth their learning, and recite their authors, Cicero only excepted, and one or two more in Latin, they be all patched cloutes and ragges, in comparison of fair woven broadcloth ; and trulie, if there be any good in them, it is either learned, borrowed, or stolen, from some of those worthie wits of Athens. The remembrance of such a commonwealth, using such discipline and order for youth, and thereby bringing forth to their praise, and leaving to us for our example, such captains for warre, such counsellors for peace, and matchless masters for all kind of learning, is pleasant for me to recite, and not irksome, I trust, for others to hear, except it be such as make neither counte of virtue nor learning."





1 Bowduin, 2) Waterville,* 3 Dartmouth, 4 University of Vermont, 5 Middlebury, 6 Norwich University, 7 Harvard University, 8 Williams, 9 Amherst, 10 Brown University, * 11 Yale, 12 Washington,t 13 Wesleyan University, 14 Columbia, t 15 Union, 16 Hamilton, 17 | Hamilion Lit. and Theol." 18 Geneva,t 19 | University of New York, 20 College of New Jersey, 21 Rutgers, 22 | University of Pennsylvania, 23 Dickinson, 24 Jefferson, 25 Washington, 26 Allegheny, 27 Western University, 28 Pennsylvania, 29 Lafayette, 30 Marshall, 31 | Newark, 32 St John's, 33 St Mary's, s 34 Mount St Mary's, § 35 Mount Hope, 36 Georgetown,

Columbian,* 38 William and Mary,t


Washington, 41 | University of Virginia, 42 Randolph-Macon, 43 | University of N. Carolina, 44 Davidson,

College of S. Carolina,

University of Georgia, 47 Oglethorpe, 48 | University of Alabama, 49 Lagrange, 50 Spring Hill, 51 Jefferson, 52 Oakland, 53 Mississippi,

Willianı Allen, D, D.

1794 Robert E Pattison,

1820 Nathan Lord, D, D.

1770 John Wheeler, D. D.

1791 Joshua Bates, D. D.

1800 Alden Patridge, A. M. 1834 Josiah Quincy, LL. D. 1638 Mark Hopkins, D. D. 1793 Heman Humphrey, D. D. 1821 Francis Wayland, D. D. 1764 Jeremiah Day, D. D.

1700 Silas Tollen, A. M.


1831 William A. Duer, LL. D. 1754 Eliphalet Nott, D. D.

1795 Rev. Simeon North,

1812 Nach'l Kenrick, D. D. 1819 Benjamin Hale, D. D. 1823 1. Frelinghuysen,

1831 James Carnahan, D. D. 1746 Philip Milledoler, D. D. 1770 John Ludlow, D. D.

1755 John P. Durbin, A. M. 1833 Matthew Brown, D. D. 1802 David McConaughy, D. D. 1806 Geo. Homer, A. M.

1833 Gilbert Morgan, A. M. 1619 C. P. Krauth, A. M.

1832 George Junkin, D. D.

1832 F. A. Rauch, P. D.

1836 Richard S. Mason, D. D. 1833 | Hector Humphrey, D. D. 1784 John J. Chanche,

1799 | Thomas R. Butler,

1830 Frederick Hall, M. D. 1832 | Thomas F. Mulledy, D. D. 1789 Stephen Chapin, D. D.

1-21 Thomas R. Dow,

1693 Daniel Carroll, B. D.

1783 Henry Ruffner,

1812 G. Harrison, M.D. Chairman. 1819 Stephen Olin, D. D.

1832 David L. Swain,

1791 R. H. Morrison,

1837 Robert W. Barnwell, 1 1804 Alonzo Church, D. D. | 1785 C. P. Beman,

1838 Basil Manly, D. D.

1828 Robert Payne, A. M

1831 Jobn Bazin,

1830 C. L. Dubuisson, A. M. 1802 Jeremiah Chamberlin, D. D. 1831 F. N. Elliott, A. M.


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Brunswick, Me,
Waterville, do.
Hanover, N. A.
Burlington, Vi.
Middlebury, do.
Norwich, do.
Cambridge, Mass,
Williamstown, do.
Amherst, do.
Providence, R. I.
New Haven, Con.
Hartford, do.
Middletown, do.
New York, N. Y.
Schenectady, do.
Clinton, do
Hamilton, do.
Geneva, do.
New York, do.
Princeton, N. J.
New Brunswick, do,
Philadelphia, Penn.
Carlisle, do.
Canonsburg, do.
Washington, do.
Meadville, do.
Pittsburg, do.
Gettysburg, do.
Easton, do.
Mercersburg, do.
Newark, Del.
Annapolis, Md.
Baltimore, do.
Emmersburg, do.
Near Baltimore, do,
Georgetown, D. C.
Washington, do.
Williamsburg, Va.
Prince Ed. Co. do.
Lexington, do.
Charlottsville, do.
Boydion, do.
Chapel-Hill, N. C.
Mechlenberg Co. do.
Columbia. S. c.
Athens, Geo.
Midway, do.
Tuscaloosa, Alb.
Lagrange, do.
Spring Hill, do.
Washington, Mi.
Oakland do.
Clinton, do.






108 190

600 2,700 12,000 7,000





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40 111 60 40 2:30 103 145


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Foui. ded.


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54 | Louisiana,


58 University of Nashville,

East Tennesse, 60 Jackson 61 | Transylvania, 62 St Joseph's, 63 | Centre, 64 Augusta, 65 Cuinberland, 66 Bacon, 67 St Mary's, $ 68 University of Ohio, 69 Miami University, 70 Franklin, 71 Western Reserve,

Kenyon,t 73 Granville, 74 | Mariella,

Oberlin Inst., 76 Cincinnati, 77 Woodward, 78 Indiana, 79 South Hanover, 80 Wabash, 81 | Illinois, 82 Shurtleff,* 83 McKendrean, 84 McDonough,

University of St Louis, $ 86 Si Mary's, § 87 Marion,

Columbia, 89 St Charles, 90 Fayetle, 91 | Michigan University, 92 Marshall,

James Shannon,
Th. R. Ingalls,
Henry Hoss, Esq.
James Maclin,
Philip Lindsley, D. D.
Joseph Estabrook, A. M.
Benjamin Laberee, A. M.
George A. M. Elder,
John C. Young, A. M.
Geo. C. Tomilnson, A. M.
F. R. Cossit,
E. S. Burnet,
Peter Chazelle,
Robert G. Wilson, D. D.
R. H. Bishop, D. D.
Joseph Smith,
George E. Pierce, A. M.
C. P. Mcllvaine, D. D.
Jonethan Going, D. D.
Joel H. Linsley, A. M.
Asa Malian,
Wm. H. McGuffy,
B. P. W. Aydelotte, D. D.
Andrew Wylie, D. D.
D. McCauley,
Elihu W. Baldwin, A. M.
| Edward Beecher, A. M.
John A. Merrell, A. M.

1836 18:22 1891 1809 1825 1826 1826 18.32 1832



1827 1829 1833 1830 1835 1834 1837 1829 1830 1831 1835

P. J. Verhaegen,
John M. Odin,
Wm. 8. Potts,

W. Fielding,
Archibald Patterson,


John P. Cleavlanu.

REMARKS. The Colleges marked thus (*) are under the direction of the Baptists ; thus (t) Episcopalians; thus (1) Methodists; thus (8) Catholics.

With respect to the Colleges which are unmarked, the prevailing religious influence of those that are in the New England States, is Congre. gationalism ; of the most of the others, Presbyterianism. Norwich Üni. versity, Vt., is an institution recently ostablished by the Universalists.

By students in the above table, with respect to the New England Colleges and many of the others, is meant undergraduates. or members of the four collegiate classess; not including such as are pursuing professional education, or such as are members of a preparatory department; but the greater part of the students in the Catholic Colleges, and also in the many of the other Southern and Western Colleges, belong to the preparatory department, and in some of the new colleges in the Western Siates, all or nearly all the students enumerated, belong to the preparatory department.

UNITED STATES. (Continued.)


Instruct. Pre

No. of

| Vols. in Col. V ls. in Sun ledge Libra. Su len' dents.

ties Libraries




Jackson, La.

25 1,200 250 St James, do.

138 1,000 Greeneville, Tenn.

4,000 Washington Co. do. Nashville, do.

125 2,200 3,500 Knoxville, do.

90 3,000 200 Near Columbia, do.

100 1,250 Lexington, Kun.

2,400 2,000 Bardstown, do.

130 5,000 Danville, do.

66 1,600 Augusta, do.


500 Princeton, do.

500 Georgetown, do.

1,200 Marion, Co. do. Athens, Obio.

1,300 1,200 Oxford, do.

1,618 2,671 New Athens, do.

500 1,000 Hudson, do.

3,500 600 Gambier, do.

4,643 3,156 Granville, do.

3,000 Marietta, do.

3,000 500 Oberlin, do. Cincinnati, do. Cincinnati, do.

500 Bloomington, Ind.

400 South Hanover, do. Crawfordsville, do. Jacksonville, l1.

1,500 500 Up. Alton, do.

60 1,000 Lebanon, do.

70 Macomb, do. St Louis, Mo.

200 7,500 Barrens, do.

124 6,000 New Palmyra, do.

1,000 Columbia, do. St Charles, do.

70 Fayetle, do. Ann Arbor, Mich.

do. The whole number of students, on the Catalogue, including those of theology, law, and medicine, as well as undergraduates, in Harvard University in 1838, was 382 ; in Yale College, 564. In the University of Pennsylvania, in 1837, in the Collegiate Department, 100, in the Academical Department, 139; and in the Medical Department, 401;– total, 640.

The Hamilton Literary and Theological Institution, at Hamilton, N. Y., is a Baptist seminary, designed for educating young men for the ministy but does not confer degrees, though it has a collegiate department with four regular classes, and a course of college studies for four years. Number of students, according to the catalogue of 1837-8, theological department, 16; collegiate department, 65; academical department, 45; shorter course, 31, -total, 157.

Some of the Colleges above enumerated, are not in full operation; and scaicely deserve a place in tne Table. Several other Colleges have been incorporated, which are not yet fully organized.

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