Elements of general history

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Common terms and phrases

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Էջ 348 - XI.) 4. The poetry of the Persians displays great fancy and luxuriance of imagery. The epic poet Firdousi is said to rival the various merits of Homer and...
Էջ 366 - In his time, the balance of power in Europe, was sustained by Spain, France, England and Germany, all, at this time, highly flourishing and respectable, either from the talents of their sovereigns, or their internal strength. Philip was an acute and able politician, though his policy partook somewhat of selfish cunning. He was sovereign of Spain, the two Sicilies, Milan, and the Netherlands. He had likewise, for a few years, the resources of England at command, by his marriage with Mary, the 'English...
Էջ 351 - The members of the first, deemed the most sacred, had it for their province to study the principles of religion ; to perform its functions : and to cultivate the sciences. They were the priests, the instructors, and philosophers of the nation.
Էջ 136 - He bequeathed, as a valuable legacy to his successors, the advice of confining the empire within those limits, which Nature seemed to have placed as its permanent bulwarks and boundaries; on the west the Atlantic ocean; the Rhine and Danube on the north; the Euphrates on the east; and towards the south, the sandy deserts of Arabia and Africa.
Էջ 148 - Roman arms was revived by that warlike and successful emperor,61 and he boasted, with a just pride, that, having received the empire oppressed with foreign and domestic wars, he left it established in profound, universal, and honourable peace.
Էջ 334 - Protestant, and the more zealous from an abhorrence of the character of her predecessor. In her reign the religion of England became stationary. The hierarchy was established in its present form, by archbishops, bishops, priests, and deacons, the king being by law the head of the church. The liturgy had been settled in the reign of Edward VI. The canons are agreeable chiefly to the Lutheran tenets. Of the Reformation in Scotland, we shall afterwards treat under a separate section.
Էջ 46 - Alexander now sent home his fleet, leaving to his army the sole alternative, that they must subdue Asia or perish. Prosecuting their course for some time without resistance, the Greeks were attacked by the Persians in a narrow valley of Cilicia, near the town of Issus...
Էջ 366 - Gravelines, the result of which was, that the French surrendered to Spain, no less than eighty-nine fortified towns, in the low countries, and in Italy. Philip was an intolerant bigot in religion, and it was owing to his cruel attempts to enforce a uniformity of religious opinion in the Netherlands, that the latter broke away from his authority, as will be detailed below.
Էջ 144 - Emperor by the senate, from respect to the virtues of his character ; but too old for the burden of government, and of a temper too placid for the restraint of rooted corruptions and enormities, his reign was weak, inefficient, and contemptible. His only act of real merit as a sovereign, was the adoption of the virtuous Trajan as his successor. Nerva died, after a reign of 16 months, AD 98.
Էջ 261 - The barons, under the command of Langton, the primate, assembled, and binding themselves by an oath, to a concert of measures, demanded from the king a ratification of a charter of privileges,. granted by Henry I. The king was highly exasperated, and refused the demand, till resort was had to the sword. Deserted by his people, he was obliged most reluctantly to yield a compliance. At Runnymede, where he met his barons...

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