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Siepmann's Elementary German Series.

New Volume.
Aus dem Leben eines Unglücklichen. Erzählung

aus dem chwarzwalde. Von H. HANSJAKOB. Edited by E. Dixon,
Girton College, Cambridge, formerly Lecturer at Westfield College,
University of London. pp. xx (inc. 4 blank), 150 (inc. 4 blank), 2 adv.
Globe 8vo.

[Published June 28. Word and Phrase Book to Same. By the General Editor of the Series. pp.

iv (inc. 1 blank), x, 2 adv. Globe 8vo. Sewed. 6d. Key to Appendices of Aus dem Leben eines Unglücklichen. pp. iv (inc.

i blank), 34 (inc. 2 blank), 2 adv. Globe 8vo. 25. 6d. net. A charming little story which affords glimpses into town and country life in the Black Forest. A biographical introduction and explanatory notes are supplied by Miss E. Dixon.

Some Press Notices. “A well-printed and well-edited edition of a fine product of modern German literature, The notes are very complete, and there is an interesting sketch of the author's career by way of introduction.”—Guardian.

Excellently edited.”-School World.
"An admirable school-book."-Athenaum.

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155. net.

Brain. A Journal of Neurology. Edited for the

Neurological Society of London by R. PERCY SMITH, M.D. Volume
XXVI. pp. iv (inc. i blank), 628, 47 page plates, 1 double page plate.

[Published June 21, The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine. Vol.

LXVII. November 1903 to April 1904. pp. viii, frontisp. in colours, 954 (inc. 5 page plates in colours and 5 blank), 19 page plates in colours.

5 Ios, 6d.

[Published June 7. The Empire Review. Edited by C. KINLOCH COOKE.

Volume VII. Pp. vi (inc. 1 blank), 588, 1 folded map, 2 page plates. 75. 6d. net.

[Published July 19. The Jewish Quarterly Review. Edited by I. ABRAHAMS and C. G. MONTEFIORE. Vol. XVI.

Vol. XVI. Pp. viii, 778, 4 folded plates, 4 page plates. 8vo. 155. net.

[Published Sept. 13. Nature. A Weekly Illustrated Journal of Science. Volume LXIX. November 1903 to April 1904. pp. lii, 624, cccxlvi.

[Published June 24. Temple Bar. A Monthly Magazine for Town and

Country Readers. The One Hundred and Twenty-Ninth Volume.

January to June 1904. pp. iv, 768. 7s.6d. [Published June 14. The Journal of Theological Studies. Vol. V. pp. xvi (inc. 1 blank), 640, 1 folded plate. Medium 8vo.

145. net, [Published Sept. 13.


155. net.

MESSRS. MACMILLAN AND CO: LIMITED, beg leave to invite the

attention of book-buyers to the Edition of The WORKS OF THACKERAY which they are publishing in their Three-and-Sixpenny Series, and which, when finished, will be the Completest Edition of the Author's Works which has been placed on the market.

The Publishers have been fortunate in securing the services of Mr. LEWIS MELVILLE, the well-known Thackeray Expert. With his assistance they have been able to include in this Edition a great number of scattered pieces from Thackeray's pen and illustrations from his pencil which have not hitherto been contained in any collected edition of the works. Mr. Melville is also reading all the sheets as they pass through the press and collating them carefully with the original editions. He is also providing Bibliographical Introductions and occasional Footnotes.

In every instance all the original illustrations, pictorial wrappers, and title pages have been reproduced in facsimile. Vol.

Vol. 1. Vanity Fair. With 190 Illus- 11. The Yellowplush Correspondence : trations.

Jeames's Diary: The Great Hoggarty

Diamond, etc. With 47 Illustrations. 2. The History of Pendennis. With 180 Illustrations.

12. Critical Papers in Literature.

With Illustrations. 3. The Newcomes. With 167 Illus

13. Critical Papers in Art: Stubbs's trations.

Calendar: Barber Cox. 4. The History of Henry Esmond.

Illustrations by the Author and George

Cruikshank, 5. The Virginians. With 148 Illus

14. Lovel the Widower, and other trations.

Stories. With 40 Illustrations by 6. Barry Lyndon, and Catherine.

the Author, George Cruikshank, and With 4 Illustrations.

Kenny Meadows. 7. The Paris and Irish Sketch Books.

15. The Fitz-Boodle Papers, and other

Sketches. With 8 Illustrations.
With 63 Illustrations.

16. The English Humourists of the 8. Christmas Books. Mrs. Perkins's

Eighteenth Century : The Four Ball ; Dr. Birch and his Young

Georges, etc. With 45 Illustrations
Friends ; Our Street; The Kickle-

by the Author and Kenny Meadows.
burys on the Rhine; The Rose and
the Ring. With 127 Illustrations.

17. Travels in London : Letters to a

Young Man about Town: and other 9. Burlesques : From Cornhill to

Contributions to Punch (1845-1850).
Grand Cairo: and Juvenilia. With

With 73 Illustrations by the Author,
84 Illustrations by the Author, George

Richard Doyle, etc.
Cruikshank, and Richard Doyle.

18. Ballads and Verses: and Miscel. This volume contains Thackeray's earliest writings,

laneous Contributions to Punch. being contributions to "The Snob," etc. There are

With 78 Illustrations. thirty-six Items (including seven sets of verses) with thirteen Klustrations, which are for the first time 19. The Adventures of Philip, and A contained in a Collected Edition.

Shabby Genteel Story. With Illus. 10. The Book of Snobs, and other

trations by the Author and Frederick Contributions to Punch.


(Shortly. Illustrations,

OTHER VOLUMES TO FOLLOW. *** Prospectus sent post free on application.

With 99

With 159

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The Globe Library.

Presentation Edition.
Bound in Green Leather Limp, Full Gilt Backs, and Gilt Edges.

Crown 8vo.

5s. net each.
Boswell's Life of Johnson. With an Introduction by

Burns's Complete Works. Edited from the best Printed

and MS. Authorities, with Memoir and Glossarial Index. By ALEXANDER SMITH. The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. Edited by ALFRED

W. POLLARD, H. FRANK HEATH, MARK H. LIDDELL, and W. S. McCORMICK. Cowper's Poetical Works. Edited, with Biographical Intro

duction and Notes, by W. BENHAM, B.D.
Robinson Crusoe. Edited after the Original Editions, with a

Biographical Introduction by Henry KINGSLEY, F.R.G.S.
Dryden's Poetical Works. Edited, with a Memoir, Revised

Texts, and Notes, by W. D. Christie, M.A.
Froissart's Chronicles. Translated by Lord BERNERS.

Edited by G. C. MACAULAY, M.A.
Goldsmith's Miscellaneous Works. With Biographical

Introduction by Professor Masson.
Horace. Rendered into English Prose, with Introductions,

Running Analysis, Notes, and Index. By J. LONSDALE, M.A., and S. LEE, M.A.
Malory's Morte D'Arthur. The Book of King Arthur, and

of his Noble Knights of the Round Table. The Original Edition of Caxton revised for

modern use. With Introduction, Notes, and Glossary. By Sir E. STRACHEY. Milton's Poetical Works. Edited, with Introductions, by

Professor MASSON.
Pope's Poetical Works. Edited, with Notes and Intro-

ductory Memoir, by Professor Ward, Principal of Owens College, Manchester.
Sir Walter Scott's Poetical Works. Edited, with Bio-

graphical and Critical Memoir, by Prof. F. T. Palgrave. With Introduction and

Shakespeare's Complete Works. Edited by W. G. CLARK,

M.A., and W. Aldis Wright, M.A. With Glossary.
Spenser's Complete Works. Edited from the Original

Editions and Manuscripts, with Glossary, by R. Morris, and a Memoir by J. W.

Hales, M. A.
Tennyson's Poetical Works. Also in Extra Cloth, Gilt

Edges. 45. 6d.
Virgil. Rendered into English Prose, with Introductions, Notes,

Analysis, and Index. By J. LONSDALE, M.A , and S. LEE, M.A.

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A Series of Reprints of Standard Works in Library form.




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3 vols.



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Demy 8vo. Cloth Elegant. Price 38. 6d. net per Volume.

Also in Roxburgh Binding. Specially suitable for Presentation. Green Morocco Backs, Cloth Sides, and Gilt Tops. Price 5s. net per Volume. Bacon's Essays; Colours of Good and Evil, and Advancement of Learning

I vol. Sheridan's Plays

I vol. Malory's Morte D'Arthur

2 vols, Sterne's Tristram Shandy and Sentimental Journey 2 vols. Boswell's Life of Johnson Carlyle's French Revolution

2 vols. Fielding's Tom Jones

2 vols. White's Natural History of Selborne

I vol. Travels of Sir John Mandeville, with Illustrative Narratives from Hakluyt

I vol. Lockhart's Life of Scott Don Quixote, translated by Shelton Walton's Lives and Complete Angler

I vol. De Quincey's Confessions of an English Opium-eater;

Murder as a Fine Art; The English Mail Coach, and
other Essays.

I vol. Carlyle's Sartor Resartus, and On Heroes, Hero-worship, and the Heroic in History

I vol. Goldsmith's Select Works

I vol. Characters of Shakespear's Plays and Lectures on the English Poets. By William Hazlitt

I vol. The Poems of John Milton


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5 vols. 3 vols.

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Now Complete in Nineteen Volumes.


The Works of Thomas Hardy.

With a Map of Wessex in each except the Poems.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 38. éd. each.

1. Tess of the D'Urbervilles. 2. Far from the Madding Crowd. 3. The Mayor of Casterbridge. 4. A Pair of Blue Eyes. 5. Two on a Tower. 6. The Return of the Native. 7. The Woodlanders. 8. Jude the Obscure. 9. The Trumpet-Major. 10. The Hand of Ethelberta. II. A Laodicean. 12. Desperate Remedies. 13. Wessex Tales. 14. Life's Little Ironies. 15. A Group of Noble Dames. 16. Under the Greenwood Tree. 17. The Well Beloved. 18. Wessex Poems, and other Verses.

Illustrations by the Author. 19. Poems of the Past and the Present.

With 30

“Les cuvres de Thomas HARDY ont eu une destinée rare et peut-être unique. Depuis trente ans qu'il écrit, elles ont été beaucoup et constamment lues, en Amérique comme en Angleterre, mais jusqu'en ces dernières années il ne s'était trouvé personne pour les apprécier dignement. Dans les conversations même, ceux qui les louaient le faisaient avec une réserve prudente, comme s'il n'eût pas été de bon goût de trop l'admirer. Cependant on commence à le mettre au nombre des premiers écrivains vivants d'Angleterre.”—La Revue de Paris,


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