ULSI Process Integration III: Proceedings of the International Symposium

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Cor L. Claeys
The Electrochemical Society, 2003 - 598 էջ

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Էջ 503 - SON process [14], the silicon film and buried insulator, both of nanometric scale, are defined by epitaxy on a bulk substrate. Therefore, the SON process opens access to extremely thin films (the Silicon channel as well as the BOX) at the same time offering the thickness control as fine as the resolution of the epi process (less than Inm).
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Էջ 39 - With the advent of the transistor and the work in semiconductors generally, it seems now possible to envisage electronic equipment in a solid block with no connecting wires. The block may consist of layers of insulating, conducting, rectifying and amplifying materials, the electrical functions being connected directly by cutting out areas of the various layers.
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Էջ 17 - I reasoned that polycrystalline germanium, with its variations in resistivity and its randomly occurring grain boundaries, twins and crystal defects that acted as uncontrolled resistances, electron or hole emitters and traps would affect transistor operation in uncontrolled ways.

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