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gone into operation, cease or refuse to redeem its
paper by the payment of specie, or notes on the
Bank of Kentucky or its branches, or notes on
the Bank of the United States or its branches,
therefor, to the holder or holders thereof, such
bank shall cease to exist, and its charter shall be
considered thereby to be repealed and annulled.

$-18. Be it further enacted, That no individual Individuals shall own or hold, in his own name, or in the name restricted, of another, more than one-eightli part of the cap

ital stock of any one bank created by this act ;
but in all cases the individual or individuals in
whose name the stock is held or purchased, shall
be invested with the absolute title and right to
said stock, whether it may be held as his own
proper stock, or intended to be held in trust for
another; and the said stock so held shall be lią.
ble to the payment of his debts, to all intents and
purposes, as bank stock is now by law.

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An ACT for the benefit of the heirs of Samuel Gal

ligher, deceased.

APPROVED January 26, 1818. WHEREAS it has been represented to the present general assembly, by the guardian of the infant beirs of Samuel Galligher, dec'd, that they hold two small tracts of land situate in the county of Fleming, by devise from their grand-father; and that a sale thereof would conduce to their ad. Vantage : Therefore,

01. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That John Hunt, the guardian of said infant heirs of Samuel Galligher, deceased, be, and he is hereby vested with full power and authority to sell the said two tracts of land which they hold by devise of their grandfather, John Galligher, deceased, situate in the said county of Fleming, one of which lies upon the waters of Locust creek, and the other upon the waters of Fleming creek ; and he is hereby authorised to give such credit as he may deem

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most expedient, taking bond with approved secu. rity for the payment thereof, and to convey ta the purchaser or purchasers said tracts of land by deed, with special warranty, vesting the title of the said infant heirs only.

9 2. Be it further enacted, That before the said John Hunt, guardian as aforesaid, shall be permitted to proceed to execute the provisions of this act, he shall, in the county court of Fleming county, enter into bond with approved security, in the penal sum of five hundred dollars, conditioned for the faithful discharge of the duties required by this act.

$ 3. Be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the said John Hunt to make a report of his proceedings under this act, to the Fleming county court, shewing the quantity of the land sold, the price, and the times of payment'; and the Fleming county court shall have power to direct the proceeds thereof to be either put out at interest, or vested in bank stock, as to them may seem most advisable for the interest of the said infants,


An ACT to vest certain powers in the County Court.

of Shelby.

APPROVED January 26, 1818. 1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That the county court of Shelby is hereby authorised to sell and convey by deed of special warranty, (a majority

all the justices concurring) the ground, witli its appurtenances, upon which the clerk's office of said court now stands,

$ 2 Be it further enacted, That the money arising from the sale of said ground may be appropriated by said court to any public object which the said court (a majority of all the justices con curring) may deem expedient,

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An ICT to repeal all acts or parts of acts declar.

ing Drake's creek, in Warren county, a navigable stream.

APPROVED January 28, 1818. BE it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That all and every act or parts of acts declaring Drake's creek, in Warren county, navigable, shall be, and the same is hereby repealed,

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An ACT to amend the act entitled an act author

ising the sale of part of the Public Square in the town of Harrodsburg," und "un act supplemental thereto.

Approvin January 28, 1818, WHEREAS it is represented to the present general assembly that the above recited acts are Recital. insufficient in their provisions to effect the purposes therein mentioned, and that no proceedings Juave been had under the provisions of said acts, touching the sale of the ground therein mentioned : For remedy whereof,

81. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the County court Commonwealth of Kentucky, That the county court authorised to of Mercer, (a majority of all the justices being

sell part of present) shall appoint three commissioners, who,

publicsquare. or any two of them, be, and they are hereby authorised to sell so much of the public square in the town of Harrodsburg as lics north of a due east and west line drawn through said square, passing and binding on the north end of the jail in said town; and they, or any two of them, are. directed after proper notice and reasonable publication of the time and place of said sale, to dispose of said ground at public auction for the best price that can be had, and on such credit as said county, court may direct; and said commissioners shall deliver the proceeds of such sale, whethdr money or bonds, to said county court, at the

Proceeds term next succeeding such sale; and said court how to be ap- is hereby authorised to apply two thousand dolplied.

lars of the proceeds of such sale towards building a court-house in said town, or to lessening the county levy, and pay over the balance to the trustees of the Harrodsburg seminary, to be applied by them to the use of said seminary. All bonds or notes taken by said commissioners, or any two of them, for the purchase money arising from such sale, shall be made payable to the jus: tices of the Mercer.county court and their successors in office, and shall be recoverable by law as other bonds or notes ; and if the ground aforesaid shall be sold upon a credit, it shall be the duty of the commissioners making such sale, to require of the purchaser or purchasers bond with

good and sufficient security for the purchase moCommission. ney; and said commissioners, or any two of them, ers to convey be, and they are hereby authorised to convey the ground. title of said ground to the purchaser or purchasers,

or their assignees, to be executed and recorded as other conveyances ; and the deed or deeds so executed, shall be sufficient to yest the indefeasible title in the grantees thereof, subject to the restrictions hereafter mentioned.

%. Be it further enacted, Thąt the ground diGround to be sold in par

rected to be sold by the first section of this act; cels, at the shall be sold in such lots or parcels as the county discretion of court of Mercer may direct.the court.

0 3. Be it further enacted, That the trustees of

the said town of Harrodsburg, be, and they are prevent the hereby invested with full power and authority to erection

of prevent the erection of any bļacksmiths' shops, ings on the or tallow chandlers’ shops on any part of the ground

ground which is authorised to be sold by the progold.

visions of this act.

Trustees to

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ANACT for the improvement of Internal Navigation

APPROVED January 28, 1818. 1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That the sum of forty thousand dollars of the state dividend of the Tho sam to stock of the Bank of Kentucky, be, and the same

be appropri

ated. is hereby annually appropriated for the purpose of improving the navigation of the Licking, Kentucky, Green and Salt rivers, and Cumberland river below the falls thereof, so far as it runs in the state of Kentucky, and the navigable branches of said streams, to be applied in such proportions and in such manner as shall bereafter be directed by law; having a due regard to the first claims of each of said rivers, arising from their commercial importance, and the difficulties of navigation; and that the aforesaid sum be distributed in the following manner, to wit: Four thousand dollars to Cumberland river; to the Kentucky and buted.

How distri: Green rivers, ten thousand dollars each; and to the Salt and Licking rivers, eight thousand dollars each.

9 2. Ad be it further enacted, That to super- Commission intend the improvement of the navigation of the ers to be apriver's mentioned in the first section of this act, pointed. and to direct the faithful application of the money appropriated for that purpose, there be annually appointed by a joint vote of the senate and house of representatives, three commissioners to each of said rivers and its navigable branches; and in case of vacancy in either of said board of commissioners during the recess of the general assembly, it shall be the duty of the governor to fill the same by the appointment of a suitable person or persons for that purpose,

$ 3. And be it further enacted, That the commis-'Oath. sioners to be appointed by virtue of this act, shall, before they enter upon the duties of their appointment, take and subscribe an oath, before some justice of the peace of this commonwealth, truly and faithfully to execute the duties enjoined on them by law to the best of their skill and judgment; a certificate of which shall be by them filed in the office of the secretary of state. . They To give bond shall furthermore, previous to entering on the duties of their appointment, enter into and acknowledge a bond with one or more good securities, to be approved of by the governor, in the penal sum of ten thousand dollars, conditioned for the Condition.

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