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under the seal of the said corporation, shall be binding and obligatory upon the same in like manner and with the like force and effect as upon any person or persons, if issued by him, her or them in his or their private and individual capacity or capacities, and shall be assignable or -- how assign

able and nenegotiable in like manner as if hey were so is

gotiable. sued by such person or persons.

TwelfthThe total amount of notes thrown What amount into circulation by said corporation, shall not at of notes may

be thrown inany time exceed double the amouut of their capi

to circulation tal.

Thirteenth-In case of the violation of this Directors for charter, or any of its provisions, the director's violation of

charter liable under whose administration it shall happen shall

individually. be liable for the same in their individual capacities, and an action at law or in chancery in such cases may be brought against them, or any of them, their lieirs, executors or administrators, in any court of record having jurisdiction in such cases, by any creditor or creditors of said corporation, and may be prosecuted to judgment and execution, any condition, covenant or agreement to the contrary notwith standing : Provided how

Proviso. ever, that this shall not be so construed as to exempt the said corporation, or the lands, tenements, goods or chattels of the same being also liable. Sucht of the said directors as may have

Unless absent been absent, or who may have dissented from the

or dissenting resolution whereby any violation or infringement therefrom. of this charter was made, may respectively exonerate himself or themselves from being so liable, by immediately giving notice of the fact, and of their absence or dissent, to the stockholders, at a general meeting, which they shall have power to call for that purpose.

Fourteenth-Annual dividends shall be made of Annual divi; so much of the profits of the corporation as shall dends. appear to the director's advisable.

Fifteenth--The whole accounts, books and Books, &c. transactions of the said corporation shall be open to be open to inspection at all times to any person or persons from legislaappointed by a joint vote of the legislature,

Sixteenth-The president and directors shall cause to be made out a fair and full statement of President &

directors to


make an an- the situation and business of said corporation eve nual report to the legis

ry year during the continuance of its charter, lature.

and transmit a copy thereof to the speaker of each branch of the legislature.

Seventeenth-Any subscriber or subscribers Stockholders failing or omitting to pay their instalments as failing to pay they severally fall due, shall not be entitled to reinstalments

ceive any dividend of the profits, until such paypot to receive any dividend, ments are made.

Eeighteenth-Ind be it enacted, That the said Corporation corporation shall employ a teacher to instruct the shall employ children employed in the said factory, in reading, teachers.

writing and arithmetic ; the rent of the schoolhouse, fuel for the same, and wages of the teacher, to be fully defrayed by the said corporation.

Nineteenth-This act shall commence and be Continuance in force from and after the passage thercof, until of charter.

the last day of December in the year 1838.

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An act to amend the act entitled an act to estaba lish the Town of Newport.

APPROVED January 29, 1818. 91. DE it enacted by the General Assembly of Trustees to the Comintonwealth of Kentucky, That the trustees appoint a col- of the town of Newport, or a majority of them, lector.

shall have full power and authority to appoint a collector from time to time as the same may be necessary, to collect all such taxes as have beeni or may be assessed by the trustees of said town

on the inhabitants thereof or the property thereTo take bond

in; and to take from such collector bond with

sufficient security, payable to the said trustees Condition.

and their successors, conditioned for the faithful collection and payment of all such sums of money as may be collected by such collector by virtue of his appointment as aforesaid.

$ 2. Be it further enacted, That any collector Collector's appointed as aforesaid, shall collect all taxes asduty sessed as aforesaid, and may, in the event of non

payment, distrain therefor, and sell, in the same manner in which sheriffs are authorised to col

fect the revenue of this commonwealth, and shall receive as a full compensation six per cent. upon the amount collected.

V 3. Be it further enacted, That the house-keep- inhabitants ers, and also the owners of lots in the said town, annually to e.

lect trustees shall annually, on the first Monday in March, either personally or bý proxy, elect the trustees thereof; which election shall be held before the clerk of the trustees of said town; at the courtHouse in Campbell county; and the said trustees Power of trus shall be, and they are liereby invested, in addition tees. to the powers granted them by the act aforesaid, with all such privileges and authorities as are allowed to the trustees of towns by the act concerning the establishment of towns, passed in 1796, and the acts amendatory thereof, that are not incompatible with the act aforesaid establishing the town of Newport, or the provisions of this act. 04. Be it further enacted, That a tract of land,

Addition to the property of James Taylor, laid out by him as the town. an addition to the town aforesaid, into in-lots, streets and alleys, according to a plan and description thereof aiinexed to a copy of the general plan of the in-lots of said town, and which are recorded in the clerk's oflice of the county court of Campbell aforesaid, is hereby established as an addition to said town; and the said in-lots, now

Lots to be or hereafter sold by the said James, may be con- conveyed by veyed by him to the purchasers respectively, ac- proprietor. :* cording to the contract between tlie parties.

55. De at further enacted, That'a certain other Further additract of land, the property of the said James, ad- tion. joining the said town, and bounded as follows, to'wit: Beginning at tlie south corner of out-lot Boundary

thereof. No. 24; thence with the course of the out-lots of said town, south 50 degrees west to Licking river; thence down the same to a point opposite the south-east boundary or the alleys binding on the back of the in-lots, and which forms the extensioni of Madison street, as appears by the plan of the addition aforesaid to the said town; thence with the said boundary of the said alleys north 50 de grees east to the east corner of the alley cornering on Madison street and on Isabella street ; thence with the course thereof south 40 degrees


dast to the north corner of out-lot No.1; thence with the line of the same south 50 degrees west 26 poles to the west corner of the said lot; thence with another line of the same, and with the lines. of out-lots Nos. 2 and 3, south 40 degrees east to the south corner of said out-lot. No. 3, and north corner of out-lot No. 24; thence with a line of the lot last mentioned south 50 degrees west 26 poles to the west corner of the same; thence with another line of said lot, being the south-west boundary of the same, south 40 degrees east to the beginning; containing thirty-three acres, be the same more or less, excepting all rights of ferry, shall be, and is hereby also established as an ad-, dition to the town aforesaid, as the same shall be laid off by the said James, into in-lots, out-lots, streets and alleys, a plan whereof is to be recorded

in the clerk's office of the county aforesaid, by the Coveyances said James, who is authorised to make sale of the to be made by lots and conveyance thereof to the purchasers reproprietor.


6. Be it further enacted, That the provisions Proviso.

contained in the preceding sections shall not be construed to affect the claim or claims of any person or persons, bodies politic or corporate, to the parcels of land in the said sections mentioned.

An ACT authorising a Lottery in the Town of

Passed pursuant to the provisions of the constitution,

the Governor's objections: notwithstanding, Janu

ary 30, 1818.

$1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That Sum of mo- Joseph Allen, John P. Oldham, David R. Murney to be rais.

ray, Stephen Chenault and William Hardin, jr. ed by lottery.

or a majority of them, are hereby authorised to raise by lottery, in one or more classes, as tothem may seem expedient, any sum: not exceeding twelve thousand dollars, to be applied to the

purposes hereafter mentioned ; and the said JoPrizes to be seph Allen, John P. Oldham, David R. Murray, paid. Stephen Chenault and William Hardin, jr. or so

many of them as shall be concerned in carrying said lottery into effect, are hereby bound to pay to the fortunate persons the amount which each shall be entitled to receive by the event of said lottery, and in case of failure shall be liable to an action for the recovery of the same by the party aggrieved, in any court of competent jurisdiction. The drawing of said lottery shall be held in the town of Hardinsburg, in Breckenridge county, where to be

Drawing, and shall not commence or progress except in the held, and by presence of two justices of the peace of said coun- whom. ty, not managers of said lottery, whose duty it shall be to see that said drawing is fairly and properly conducted. And each of the drawers, examiners, clerks and all persons whatsoever who shall assist in said drawing, shall, previous to en- take oath.

Managers to tering on such duty, take an oath before some justice of the peace of said county, faithfully and impartially to perform the several offices which may be assigned to them. ♡ 2. Be it further enacted, That the time of

Limitation. five years after the passage of this act be allowed for the drawing of said lottery ; and if said drawing shall not take place within the said five years, then it shall be lawful for any person holding a ticket for which the price thereof has been paid to any one of the managers named in this act, to demand and receive the amount thereof from said

Managers manager, or any one of said managers who shall may be sued. have acted as such ; and in case of refusal, shall Hare his action against said manager or managers for the recovery thereof.

3. Be it further enacted, That the money to be raised by this act, shall be expended in build- how to be ap

Money raised ing a seminary in the town of Hardinsburg, in plied. Breckinridge county, and in paving the Main street in said town; and the aforesaid Joseph Allen, John P. Oldham, David R. Murray, Stephen Chenault and William Hardin, ji. or a majority of them, shall be commissioners to direct and superintend the application of said money to the purposes aforesaid, according to their discretion. And whenever the said money shall be ex- the expendi

An account of pended, or the objects aforesaid shall be accom- ture be plished, the said commissioners shall cause to be published.


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