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CH A P. I.

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seven to twenty-eight Millions sterling.- Debates concerning the
Terms of the Loan.-Vote approving the Cond:oct of the Minister on
this Subject.— New Taxes.-Debates thereon.– Mes age from the King,
intimating his Disposition to enter into a Negotiation with the present
Government of France. An Address moved, expressing the Readiness
of the House to concur in such a Measure. - Amendment thereon, moved
by Mr. Sheridan.--This rejected, and the Address carried.- Motion
for Peace by Mir. Grey.-- Negatived

Free Negroes in the Island of Jumaica.- Hunted by Blood-Hounds.M10-

tion by Mr. Grey; in the House of Commons, for an inquiry into the
State of the Nation.-Negatived. Further Taxes.--- For paying the In-.
terest of an additional Loan.-Mortality among the Troops sent against
the French West-India Islands.- Neglect and Distresses of the Troops.
- Motion for Documents on these Subjects by Mr. Sheridan.-De-
bates thereon.--Mr. Sheridan's Morion agreed to.Motiori, in the
House of Peers, for the Production of Papers respecting a Vote of Par-
liament, in 1783, recognizing the Necessity of certain Public Reforms.
- Debates thereon.-The Motion negatived. Report of the Committee
of Supply on the fiesolution for granting a Subsidy to the King of Sar-
dima. Conversation on that Subject.-Charges laid against Mi-
nistry by wr. Grey, as Ground of Impeachment ; and a Motion or that
Subjeci.- Negatived.-Motions, in loth Houses of Parliament, against
the Continuation of the War.— Negatived.--Motion, by Mr. Wiliere
force, for the abolition of the Slave-Trade, on a certain Day.-Mega-
tived. --The Session of Parliament closed by a Speech from the



CH A P. V.
First Cares and Employment of the French Directory.- Determination to

keep alive the Martial Spirit of the French Nativl.- And to extend
their Victories as far as possille.-But, at the same Time to make a
Shew of Pacific Inclinations.- Preparations for War on the Part of the
Allies.-- Attempt towards Negotiation lietueen the French and the
Allies at Basle, in Switzerland.-Rupture threatened between the
French und Swiss Cantons.--Prevented. ---Plan of the Directory for Mi.
litary Operations.- Manifesto of Charette.- Revival of the lar in Le
Vendée.- New Complexion of this.Total Defeat of the Insurgents.-
Capture and Execution of Charette and Suflet.- Manifesto of the Di-
rectory for Restraining the Cruelties of their Soldiers.-Lenient Alea.
sures.-Good Ejects of these


C H A P. VI.
Address of the Directory to the French Armies.-Determination to carry

the War into Italy.- Difficulties to be encountered in carrying this Plan
into Execution.-Buonaparte.-The French Army, under his Command,


makes rapid Progress in Italy.- The Austrians, under General Beau-
lieu, constantly repulsed, yet not dispirited.- Various étions - Bus:
pension of Arms agreed on betu'een the French and Piedmontese Armies.

-General Beaulieu re-crosses the Po, for covering the Countries to the
North of that River.- dt Paris, Negotiation for Peace between the
King of Sardinia and the French Republic.- Treaty of Peace between
France and Sardinia ratified by the Legislative Bodies of France.
Exultation and Confidence of the French.-Improved by Bonaparte,
for the Purpose of leading on the Army to farther Exploits.-- Adélress
to the Army.-General Object and Tendency of Buonaparte's privale
Conversation.-Homage paid to the Nerit of Buonaparte and The
Army, by the Directory --Buonaparte puts his Army in Motion.-
Crosses the Po, and leaves General Beaulieu to break up his Camp.-
srmistice between the French Army and the Duke of Parma.- The
French advance toward the Capital of Lombardy.--Battle of Lodi.
The Austrions retreat to Mantua.-The French proceed to Milan,
where the French General allows his People some Days of Repose 85

Exultation of the French at the Successes of their Armies.--Their Army

in Italy animated ly the Praises of their Countrymen, and the Conver.
sation as well as the Proclamations of Buonaparte, lo a high Passion for
Glory.- Enter the Duchy of Modena.- poliation of Monuments of
Antiquity and Art.- dbhorrence of the Italian Nobility and Clergy to-
wards the French greater than that of the inferior Classes.-A general
Insurrection ready to break out, quashed ly the Vigilance and Prompti-
tude of Buonaparte.-The Austrians, under General Beaulieu, with
the Connivance of the Venetians, take Possession of Peschiera.--B:lona.
parte advances against Beaulieu, who retreats to the Tyrolese. --The
Venetians tremble lejore the French.--Dismiss from their Territories
the Brother of the late King and Claimant of the Crown of France.--
Buonaparte takes possession of Verona.-Blockadrs Mantua.- Pre-
pares to march into the Tyrolese.- Detained by Insurrections in the
Distriels, known under the Name of Imperial Fiefs. These being sup-
pressed, he carries his dims to the Southward.—

Reduces Tortona, Bo-
Kogna und Urbino.-Menaces Rome: -- Armistice between the Pope and
Buonaparte.- Suspension of Ilostilities with Naples.---Buonaparte the
Friend and Patron of Men of Learning and Science-i mvilious Vieu's
of the French Republic.— Irisurrection in Lugo.--Quelled, and the
City reduced by the French.-The Blockade of Maniua converted into
a close Siege. Raisei ly Niarshal Wurmser.-ictions between the
French Army and that of the Austrians, reinforced by Detachments
from Mantua.-Remarkable Instance of Presence of mind in Buongo
parte.-The Austrians driven back beyond the Adige


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Italian Mols excited against the French.--Suppressed ly a Terror of the
victorious French, Marshal Wurmser, pursued by Buonaparte, re-


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into the Tyrolese.The Siege of Mantua resumed.-Mars -1 172,

powerfully reinforced, makes Head against the French in the Teater Te

ritories. But is defeated. --The French take possession of Treat.-(2.

nued Success of Buonaparte.--Marshal Wurmser, with the Renzins of
Army, makes good bis Retreat, and takes shelter within the Wails yr.
tua.--Corsica, evacuated by the English, returns under the G20:22 AM
France.- Pacification between France and Naples.-Including the bes.
vian Republic.-- Religious Zeal of the Romans.-Asvakened by it C++
of Rome into Rage, and avowed Preparations for War agains: the Fax.
A new Republic, eçmposed of several small States.- Prevalence of the r.
publican Spirit in Italy. -The Austrians, reinforced with Trop: fra
Germany, advance against the French.- Ritake Trent. - *** ari da.
feated wib pridigious Less at Arcola.--The Austrians, though frequerg
defeated, reiurn to the Charge.- High Spirit and Ciaraze of ibe T..
ans.Devolion of the Army in Italy to the French Republic.-Patæza
she French S ldiers under manifold Privations



Campaign in Germany. Opposite Designs of the French and Austrians.-

Successes of the Freneb.-They invest Ekrenbriistrin.-Driven back, by
the Archduke Charles, to Dresseldorff.The Divi ion of the French Ars
under Mreau takes Post ar Strasburg.-The Plan of Operatius proposed
by this Genera..-Crosses the Rhine.-Rrduces the Fortress of Kebl.-
D fears the insirians, under Mirsh I Wurmser, near Philipsburg:-

And in various and successive Engagements. -The Austrians retire, in The

19 wait for Reinfircements, into the Interior of Germany:- Juuttise of the

French Tronps under Jourdan and Kleber. These united reduce Frazi.

fort.-Successes of Moreau in Swabin.-Cessation of Hostilities beter

the French and the Princes of Wirtemburg and Baden.Car:dati of Pressia.

A Prussian Arm, tak-s Possession of Nureinberg.-Imp-licy of ibe Freub

in the Mode of raising Contributi ns.-Cause of this. - Depredations of tbe

French in Germany. - Operations of the French Armies under M.reiz es

Jourdin.Disasiers of the Austriins.The Emperor ripresents the Sia.

ation of Germiny, and his ww. Situation, in an Appeal is bis Bohemian erd

Hung rinn Subjects. Diet of the Einpire.---Piriakes of the gener :: Ca.

sternation of Germa: y.---D-termi :ation 9 open a Negotiator for Pear

with Franco-The Tide f Siccess turned rigninst the French by the Gr.

mans, under the Archduke Chirles.-03stinate Engagements.Master

Retreat of the French drinies.--Particularly of hat under Mor:an. (.

sequences.--The Austrians occupied in the Sige of Kohl.--Sally of the Gar.

rison there.--Various Actions.-Armistice be:ween the French and Anstri.

ans.The Diet of the Empire re-animated by the enerprising Spirit az.


ss of the Archduke Charles, solicito:es to regair the Favour of the 1s-

perial Court


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State of Parlies in France.- A Revival of the Reign of Terror threatened in

the Sutera Departments by Freron.--The Directory desert' and oppose
the Facubin Interest.-Conspiracy of Jacobins.-Discovered and defeated.
- Arrangements respecting the Estates of Emigrants.- Influence of the non-
juring or refra@ory Clergy troublesome to Government.---Scandalous Neg.

lect of the Execution of Justice.--Criminal Trials.Money and Fis

nance. The same Impositions laid on the People of the Austrian Nether.

land; as in those of France.-New. Plots and Insurrections Law for re-

conciting the different Fastins in France, by the Extinction of Terror.

Proposal for repealing a Low which appeared to some to bear to hard

on the Relations of Emigrants.---- Rejecled.-But an equitable Alteration

made in that severe Law.-This is a Matter of Triumph to the moderate



Efects expected in France from a growing Spirit of Moderation.---The Chief

Object in the Councils of France, how to break or to weaken the Power of
England.- Plan of the French for that End.-Means for restoring the
Pecuniary Credit of the French Republic.-A Rupture threuteed between
the French Councils and Executive Directory. Prevented by the Necessity
of their atling in Concert.--The I. gislcture invade the Province of the
Directory, by the Appointment of a Committee for judzi g in Cases of
Appeals fr:m Emigranis.-Lofriness of the Directory.-Humbled by the

wise Economy and Firmness of the United States of America.- Jea.

lausies and Disputes between the French and Americans. And an open



The Haughtiness of the Directory towards diferent Nations. - Particularly

towards the Dutch, whom they considér, nit as Confideretes, but a cono
quered People.Moderation of the Republic ad pri ponderating Party in the
United Provinces.-- Batavian Convezir011.- lis Proceedings... Affairs of
Geneva.--Mecling of the National i stilu:e of Frarte.-Considered as ar
auspicious Omen of the Return of Peire nad Reign of the Arts, -- And Li.
berty of Thukivgard Publishing o al Subjects. The Alliance between the
Church and Monarchy of France, in tive Ed, ruinous to both.--The new, or
consti:utional, Clergy arow ibeir sissetto the Separation of the Churih from

the State.-Yet venture to condem surt Things settida, or approved, by the

republican Government.-- but which t' ey Onored as aduerse to the Dignity

and Interests of the Eccl. sias'icul Orur. cite Settlement of Ecclesiasticul

Affairs considered by the Generality of ihe irenin as a Mutter of great



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