The parliamentary gazetteer of England and Wales. 4 vols. [bound in 12 pt. with suppl.].

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Стр. 355 - Term begins on the 10th of October, and ends on the 16th of December. Lent, or January, Term begins on the 13th of January, and ends on the Friday before Palm Sunday. Easter, or Midsummer, Term begins on the eleventh day (the Wednesday se'nnight) after Easterday, and ends on the Friday after Commencement-day.
Стр. 353 - House, from its members wearing their hoods lined with white silk. All the rest constitute the Non-Regent or Lower House, otherwise called the Black-Hood House, its members wearing black silk hoods. But Doctors of more than two years...
Стр. 353 - REGISTRARY, who is obliged, either by himself, or by deputy properly authorized, to attend all Congregations, to give directions (if it be required) for the due form of such Graces as are to be propounded, to receive them when passed in both Houses, and to register them in the University records.
Стр. 354 - University is 408. 3. NOBLEMEN GRADUATES, DOCTORS in the several faculties, BACHELORS IN DIVINITY (who have been Masters of Arts), and MASTERS of ARTS, who are not on the foundation, but whose names are kept on the boards for the purpose of being members of the Senate. The expence of keeping the name upon the boards varies a little in some colleges — in general it is about £4. per annum.
Стр. 227 - Pitchcroft's, to know whether my Lord Wilmot was there or no; and had word brought me by him, at night, that my Lord was there ; that there was a very secure hiding-hole in Mr.
Стр. 256 - The rectory is in the patronage of the Master and Fellows of St. John's College, Cambridge, to whom it was granted by LordKeeper Williams in 1623.
Стр. 220 - Strid," from a feat often exercised by persons of more agility than prudence, who stride from brink to brink, regardless of the destruction which awaits a faltering step.
Стр. 220 - Egremond, (one of his grandfather's baronies, where he was probably born,) who surviving an elder brother, became the last hope of the family. In the deep solitude of the woods betwixt Bolton and Barden...
Стр. 220 - ... rock; on the left a rising copse. Still forward, are seen the aged groves of Bolton Park, the growth of centuries; and farther yet, the barren and rocky distances of Simon-seat and Barden Fell contrasted with the warmth, fertility, and luxuriant foliage of the valley below.
Стр. 220 - Linn,' which bear witness to the restless impetuosity of so many Northern torrents. But, if here Wharf is lost to the eye, it amply repays another sense by its deep and solemn roar, like ' the Voice of the angry Spirit of the Waters,' heard far above and beneath, amidst the silence of the surrounding woods.

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