The New London Letter Writer: Containing the Compleat Art of Corresponding with Ease, Elegance, and Perspicuity, on the Following Subjects, Viz. Trade, Affection, Love, ... To which are Added Models for Cards, Or Notes of Compliments, Also, a Collection of Petitions, ... Likewise Necessary Rules for Addressing Persons of All Stations, and Precedents of Bonds, Letters of Attorney, Wills, &c. &c. A New Edition, with Improvements. By Samuel Johnson, ...

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Էջ 108 - Pounds of good and lawful Money of Great Britain, to be paid to...
Էջ 44 - I have likewise conversed with him, and find him a very sensible young man. As to your objection concerning disparity of age, I do not think it has any great weight, and upon the whole I have but one reason against your union, and that is, that there is nothing more precarious than commerce, and the merchant who today has unlimited credit, may be tomorrow in the list of bankrupts.
Էջ 49 - ... often failed. I know not in what light it may be considered, only if I can form any notion of my own heart, from the impression made on it by your many amiable accomplishments, my happiness in this world will, in a great measure, depend on your answer.
Էջ 51 - I am in a very sickly condition, and although I have concealed it from him, yet, in all human probability, my time in this world will not be long. Excuse the indulgent partiality of a mother, when I tell you that it is my real opinion you.
Էջ 109 - I do hereby ratify, allow and confirm all and whatfoever my faid attorney lhall lawfully do, or caufe to be done, in and about the execution of the premifes, by virtue of thefe prefents.
Էջ 10 - It was the allurements of vicious company that first tempted me to forsake the paths of virtue, and neglect my duty in a family where I was treated with the greatest tenderness. Fully sensible of my fault, I am willing to make every reparation in my power ; but know not of any other, than by acting diametrically opposite to my former conduct. Let me beg of you, Sir, to intercede with my worthy master to take me again into his service, and my whole future life shall be one continued act of gratitude.
Էջ 104 - To the PARLIAMENT. ,: To the Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament aflembled.
Էջ 105 - TO THE OFFICERS OF HER MAJESTY'S HOUSEHOLD. They are for the most part addressed according to their rank and quality, though sometimes agreeably to the nature of their office; as, My Lord Steward, My Lord Chamberlain, Mr, Vice-CImmberlain, &c.
Էջ 108 - Indenture, made the day of in the year of the reign of our fovereign lord George the Third, by the grace of God, of Great Britain, France^ and Ireland, King, defender of the 'faith, &c.
Էջ 11 - ... unnecessary. I am a father, sir, and can feel at least part of what you suffer. My resentment against the young man is less than my anxiety for his happiness, and were I sure of his adhering to an uninterrupted course of virtue, I should have more real pleasure than his acquiring me the revenue of a nabob.

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