Shipowners' Liability (Sick and Injured Seamen) Convention, 1936-disability Compensation: Hearings...on H.R. 6726...and H.R. 6881...July 11, 1939

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Էջ 150 - Conference, bring the recommendation or draft convention before the authority or authorities within whose competence the matter lies, for the enactment of legislation or other action.
Էջ 183 - Article 9 above, if and when the new revising Convention shall have come into force; (b) As from the date when the new revising Convention comes into force this Convention shall cease to be open to ratification by the Members. 2. This Convention shall in any case remain in force in its actual form and content for those Members which have ratified it but have not ratified the revising Convention.
Էջ 163 - Convention, the Governing Body of the International Labour Office shall present to the General Conference a report on the working of this Convention and shall consider the desirability of placing on the agenda of the Conference the question of its revision in whole or in part.
Էջ 183 - Should the Conference adopt a new Convention revising this Convention in whole or in part, then, unless the new Convention otherwise provides, (a) the ratification by a Member of the new revising Convention shall ipso jure involve the immediate denunciation of this Convention, notwithstanding...
Էջ 165 - Article 8 1. This Convention shall be binding only upon those Members of the International Labour Organisation whose ratifications have been registered with the Director-General. 2. It shall come into force twelve months after the date on which the ratifications of two Members have been registered with the Director-General. 3. Thereafter, this Convention shall come into force for any Member twelve months after the date on which its ratification has been registered.
Էջ 182 - Convention and which does not, within the year following the expiration of the period of ten years mentioned in the preceding paragraph, exercise the right of denunciation provided for in this Article...
Էջ 163 - Article 17 1. A Member which has ratified this Convention may denounce it after the expiration of ten years from the date on which the Convention first comes into force, by an act communicated to the DirectorGeneral of the International Labour Office for registration. Such denunciation shall not take effect until one year after the date on which it is registered.
Էջ 181 - ... 2. The undertakings referred to in subparagraphs (a) and (b) of paragraph 1 of this Article shall be deemed to be an integral part of the ratification and shall have the force of ratification. 3. Any Member may...
Էջ 36 - injury" means accidental injury or death arising out of and in the course of employment, and such occupational disease or infection as arises naturally out of such employment or as naturally or unavoidably results from such accidental injury, and includes an injury caused by the willful act of a third person directed against an employee because of his employment.
Էջ 147 - Article 1. 1. This Convention applies to all vessels registered in a territory for which this Convention is in force and engaged in maritime navigation with the exception of — (a) ships of war; (b) Government vessels, or vessels in the service of a public authority, which are not engaged in trade; (c) wooden ships of primitive build such as dhows and junks. 2. National laws or regulations may grant exceptions or exceptions...

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