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Verse 1 to 5.
WAITED meekly for the Lord,

'Till he vouchsafd a kind reply ; Who did his gracious ear afford,

And heard from heav'n my humble cry. He took me from the dismal pit,

When founder'd deep in miry clay ; On solid ground he plac'd my feet,

And suffer'd not my steps to stray. The wonders be for me has wrought,

Shall fill my mouth with songs of praise : And others, to his worship brought,

To hopes of like deliv'rance raise. For blessings shall that man reward,

Who on th’ Almighty Lord relies ; Who treats the proud with disregard,

And hates the hypocrite's disguise. Who can the wond'rous works recount

Which thou, O God! for us bast wrought? The treasures of thy love surmount

The pow'r of numbers, speech, or thought.

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APPY the man, whose tender care
Relieves the


distress'd ; When he's by trouble compass'd round

The Lord shall give him rest.

The Lord his life, with blessings crown'd,

In safety shall prolong,
And disappoint the will of those
That seek to do him

wrong. If he in languishing estate,

Opprest with sickness lie,
The Lord will easy make his bed,

And inward strength supply.
Secure of this, to thee, my God,

I thus my pray'r address'd : “ Lord, for thy mercy heal my soul,

Though I have much transgress’d.” “My cruel foes, with sland'rous words,

Attempt to wound my fame; . When shall he die ? say they, 'and men

Forget his very name ?”

Psalm 42. C. M.

Verse 1, 2, 3, 9, 11. A

S pants the hart for cooling streams,

When ,
So longs my soul, O God! for thee

And thy refreshing grace.
For thee, my God, the living God,

My thirsty soul doth pine ;
O when shall I behold thy face,

Thou Majesty divine !
Tears are my constant food, while thus

Insulting foes upbraid; “Deluded wretch! where's now thy God,

And where his promis'd aid ?”.

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Goil of my strength, how long shall I,

Like one forgotten mourn ?
Forlorn, forsaken, and expos'd,

To my oppressors' scorn.
Why restless, why cast down, my soul?

Hope still, and thou shalt sing
The praise of him who is thy God,

Tby healtli's eternal spring.

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UST Judge of hear'n, against my foes,

Do thou assert my injur'd right;
O set me free, my God, from those

That in deceit and wrong delight, Since thou art still my only stay,

Why leav’st thou me in deep distress? Why go I mourning all the day,

Whilst me insulting foes oppress? Let me with light and truth be bless'd ;

Be these my guides and lead the way, Till on thy holy hill I rest,

And in thy sacred temple pray. Then will I there fresh altars raise

To God, who is my only joy: And well tun'd harps with songs of praise,

Shall all my grateful hours employ. Why then cast down, my soul? and why

So much oppress'd with anxious care? On God, thy God, for aid rely,

Who will tbv ruke repair.


Psalm 47. L. M. O ALL ye people clap your hands,

And with triumphant voices sing; No force the mighly pow'r withstands

Of God, the universal King. He shall opposing nations quell,

And with success our battles fight : Shall fix the place where we must dwell,

The pride of Jacob his delight. God is gone up our Lord and King,

With shouts of joy and trumpet's sound, To him repeated praises sing,

And let the cheerful song go round. Your utmost skill in praise be shewn,

For him who all the world commands; Who sits upon his judgment throne,

And spreads his sway o'er heathen lauds. Our chiefs and tribes that far from bence,

T'adore the God of Abr’am came, Found him their constant sure defence;

How great and glorious is his name!

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Verse 1, 11, 12, 14.
HAVE mercy, Lord, on me,
Let me, oppress'd with loads of guilt,

Thy wonted mercy find.

Withdraw not thou thy help,

Nor cast me from thy sight,
Nor let thy holy spirit take

Its everlasting flight.
The joy thy favours give

Let me again obtain,
And thy free spirit's firm support

My fainting soul sustain.
My guilt of blood remove,

My Saviour and my God;
And my glad tongue shall loudly tell

Tly righteous acts abroad.

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my foes.

Verse 1, 2, 7, 8, 11, 12. My soul for help on God relies,

Froin him alone my safety Aows; My rock, my health that strength supplies

To bear ihe shock of all
God does bis saving health dispense,

And flowing blessings daily send;
He is


fortress and defence, On him my soul shall still depend. In him, ye people, always trust,

Before his throne pour out your hearts; For God, the merciful and just,

His timely aid to us imparts,
For God has oft his will expressid,

And I this trutb have fully known ;
To bę of boundless pow'r possess'd

Belongs of right to God alone.

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