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Psalm 92. C. M.

Verse 1 to 4.

HOW good and pleasant must it be

To thank the Lord most high!

And with repeated hymns of praise
His name to magnify.

With ev'ry morning's early dawn
His goodness to relate,

And of his constant truth each night
The glad effects repeat.

To ten-string'd instruments we'll sing,
With tuneful psalt'ries join'd;
And to the harp with solemn sounds,
For sacred use design'd.

For through thy wond'rous works, O Lord!
Thou mak'st my heart rejoice;

The thoughts of them shall make me glad, And shout with cheerful voice.


Psalm 93. L. M.

WITH glory clad with strength array'd, The Lord that o'er all nature reigns, The earth's foundation strongly laid, And the vast fabrick still sustains. How surely 'stablish'd is thy throne, Which shall no change or period see! For thou, O Lord! and thou alone Art God to all eternity.

The floods, O Lord, lift up their voice,
And toss the troubled waves on high;
But God above can still their noise,
And make the angry sea comply.

Thy promise, Lord, is ever sure,

And they that in thy house would dwell, That happy station to secure, Must still in holiness excel.

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Verse 1, 2, 3, 6.

COME, loud anthems let us sing, Loud thanks to our Almighty King; For we our voices high should raise, When our salvation's rock we praise.

Into his presence let us haste
To thank him for his favours past;
To him address in joyful songs
The praise that to his name belongs.

For God, the Lord, enthron'd in state,
Is with unrivall'd glory great,
A King superior far to all,
Whom by his title, God, we call.

O let us to his courts repair,
And bow with adoration there!
Down on our knees devoutly all
Before the Lord our Maker fall.

Psalm 100. L. M.


VITH one consent, let all the earth To God their cheerful voices raise, Glad homage pay with awful mirth And sing before him songs of praise. Convinc'd that he is God alone,

From whom both we and all proceed;
We, whom he chooses for his own,
The flock whom he vouchsafes to feed.
O enter then his temple-gate,

Thence to his courts devoutly press,
And still your grateful hymns repeat,
And still his name with praises bless!
For he's the Lord, supremely good,
His mercy is for ever sure;
His truth, which always firmly stood,
To endless ages shall endure.


Psalm 103. L. M.

Verse 8 to 13.

HE Lord abounds with tender love,
And unexampled acts of grace;
His waken'd wrath does slowly move,
His willing mercy flows apace.

God will not always harshly chide,
But with his anger quickly part,
And loves his punishments to guide
More by his love than our desert.

As high as heav'n its arch extends
Above this little spot of clay,

So much his boundless love transcends
The small respects that we can pay.

As far as 'tis from east to west,

So far has he our sins remov'd, Who, with a father's tender breast, Has such as fear him always lov❜d.

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RENDER thanks to God above, The fountain of eternal love, Whose mercy firm through ages past, Has stood, and shall for ever last!

Who can his mighty deeds express,
Not only vast but numberless?
What mortal eloquence can raise
His tribute of immortal praise ?

Extend to me that favour, Lord,
Thou to thy chosen dost afford;
When thou return'st to set them free,
Let thy salvation visit me.

O may I worthy prove to see
Thy saints in full prosperity!

That I the tuneful choir may join,

And count thy people's triumph mine.

Let Israel's. God be ever bless'd;
His name eternally confess'd;
Let all bis saints, with full accord,
Sing loud Amens, Praise ye the Lord."

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Psalm 108. C. M.


Verse 1 to 4.

my heart is fully bent To magnify thy name:

My tongue with cheerful songs of praise
Shall celebrate thy fame.

Awake! my lute; nor thou, my harp,
Thy warbling notes delay;
Whilst I, with early hymns of joy,
Prevent the dawning day.

To all the list'ning tribes, O Lord!
Thy wonders I will tell,

And to those nations sing thy praise
That round about us dwell.

Because thy mercy's boundless height
The highest heav'n transcends,
And far beyond th' aspiring clouds
Thy faithful truth extends.


Psalm 113. P. M.

Verse 1 to 5.

saints and servants of the Lord,

The triumphs of his name record, His sacred name for ever bless, Where'er the circling sun displays

His rising beams or setting rays,

Due praise to his great name address. God through the world extends his sway, The regions of eternal day

But shadows of his glory are ; To him, whose majesty excels,

Who made the heav'n in which he dwells, Let no created pow'r compare.

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