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TABLE XXIII.-PART 5.- Statistics of industrial schools-Concluded.

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List of orphan asylums, miscellaneous charities, and industrial schools from which no insor

mation has been received.


PART I.-Orphan asylums. Male Orphan Asylum and Industrial School

Mobile, Ala. Sheltering Arms.

Mobile, Ala. Orphans' Home...

Montgomery, Ala. Protestant Orphan Asylum.

Montgomery, Ala. St. Francis Orphan Asylum for Girls.

Now Haven, Conn. Female Orphan Asylum ..

Wilmington, Del. Seandinavian Orphan Asylum.

Berlin, Ill. Boys' Asylum, Roman Catholio.

Chicago, IL. St. Paul's Orphan Asylum...

Chicago, Ill. St. Aloysius Orphan Asylum of St. Boniface Church.

Quincy, Ill. Roman Catholic Asylum....

it. Wayne, Ind. Community of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ.

Hesse Cassel, Allen County

Ind. Orphan Asylum

Rensselaer. Ind. St. Ann's Orphan Asylum

Vincennes, Ind. St. Vincent's Male Orphan Asylum..

Vincennes, Ind. St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum

Leavenworth, Kans. German Orphan Asylum

Covington, Ky. St. John's Orphan Asylum...

Covington, Ky. St. Vincent's Female Orphan Asylum

Louisville, Ky:
Protestant-Episcopal Children's Home

New Orleans, La.
St. Joseph's
Orphan Asylum

New Orleans, La.
St. Mary's Orphan Asylum...

New Orleans, La. St. Theresa Female Orphan Asylum..

New Orleans, La. St. Vincent's Home for Boys...

New Orleans, La The Kelso Home for Orphans of the Methodist-Episcopal Church of Bal. Baltimore, Md.

timore. State Alms-House, (orphans' department)..

Hampden County, Mass. St. Patrick's Orphan Asylum.

Lawrence, Mass. State Alms-House, (orphans' department).

Plymouth County, Mass. Protestant Orphan Asylum...

Detroit, Mich. St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum.

St. Paul, Minn. Orphan Asylum

Shakopee, Minn. St. Mary's Orphan Asylum..

Natchez, Miss. Home of Guardian Angel..

St. Louis, Mo. Home of the Good Shepherd..

St. Louis, Mo. Mulanphy Orphan Asylum for Females.

St. Louis, Mo. St. Bridget's Half-Orphan Asylum..

St. Louis, Mo. St. Joseph's Half-Orphan Asylum

St. Louis, Mo. St. Philomena Orphan Asylum and School.

St. Louis, Mo. Orphan Asylum.

Virginia City, Nev. St. Mary's Orphan Asylam.

South Orange, N. J. Orphan Asylum of the Church of the Holy Trinity

Brooklyn, N.Y. St. Joseph's Boys' Orphan Asylum

Buffalo, (Lime Stone Hill.)

N. Y. St. Mary's Orphan Asylum..

Canandaigua, N. Y. St. Mary's Orphan Asylum.

Clifton, Long Island, N. I. St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum

Erie, N. Y. St. Patrick's Orphan Asylum.

Newburg, N. Y. Children's Fold....

New York, N.Y. St. Vincent de Paul's Asylum.

New York, NY. Sisters of St. Dominick's Orpban Asylum

New York, N. Y. County Alms-House, (orphans' department)

Onondaga Hill, N. Y. St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum, (German).

Rochester, N. Y. St. Mary's Orphan Asylum

Rondout, N. Y. St. Mary's Orphan Asylum..

Syracuse, N. Y. German Orphan Asylum.

Utica, N. Y. Orphan Asylum

Oxford, N.C. Cincinnati Colored Orphan Asylum.

Cincinnati, Ohio. House of Preservation of Children.

Cincinnati, Ohio. St. Aloysius Orphan Asylum

Cincinnati, Ohio. German Orphan Asylum

Cleveland, Ohio. St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum.

Cleveland, Ohio. St. Mary's Female Orphan Asylum

Cleveland, Ohio. St. Joseph and St. ter's Asylum.

Cumminsville, Ohio. Asylum of Franciscan Sisters

Delphos, Ohio. Citizen's Hospital and Orphan Asylum.

Tiflin, Ohio. St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum...

Toledo, Ohio. German Catholic Orphan Asylum.

Allegheny, Pa. St. James' Orphan Asylumn

Lancaster, Pa. Emmons Institute

Middletown, Pa. St. John's Male Orphan Asylum.

Philadelphia, Pa. St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum..

Philadelphia, Pa. Allegheny County Homo

Pittsburg, Pa. St. Paul's Roman Catholic Asylum

Pittsburg, Pa. Orpban's Home of the Shepherd of Lambs.

Womelsdorf, Pa. Boys' Orphan Asylum, (Roman Catholic)

Charleston, S.C. State Orphan Asylum for Colored Children.

Charleston, S.C.

List of orphan asylums, miscellaneous charities, industrial schools, &c.—Concluded.

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TABLE XXIII.--Memoranda.




Boys' Home

Baltimore, Md See Boys' Home Association, identical. Orphans' Home, (German) Baltimore, Ma See German Orphan Asylum, identical. Orphan Asylum..

Bath, N. Y See Davenport Institution for Orpban Girls, identical. Orphans' Home

Brooklyn, N. Y. See St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum, identical. Orpban Society for the City Brooklyn, N. Y... See Orphan Asylum Society for the City of Brooklyn, of Brooklyn.

identical. Industrial School, Hart's New York, N. Y.. See Table XXII.

Island. Protestant Half-Orphan New York, N. Y.. See the Society for the Relief of Half-Orphan and DesAsylum.

titute Children, identical. Soldiers' Orphan School.... Cassville, Pa Closed. Catholic Home for Desti. | Philadelphia, Pa See St. Joseph's Roman-Catholic Orphan Asylum, tute Orphan Girls.

identical. Union School and Children's Philadelphia, Pa. See the Southern Home for Destitute Children, iden Home.





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House of Refuge and Correction, p. 34.

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New Jersey State Reform School, p. 21. New Haven Orphan Asylum, p. 57.

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