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AGRICULTURE. The Massachusetts Agricultural Repository and Journal. Vol. VIII. No. 3. January, 1825.

Nature and Reason Harmonised in the Practice of Husbandry. By the late John Lorain. Philadelphia. Carey and Lea.

Address delivered before the Philadelphia Society for promoting Agriculture, at its Annual Meeting on the 18th of January, 1825. By Bobert Vaux. 8vo. pp. 28. Philadelphia.

The author first draws a short sketch of the history and progress of agriculture from the earliest times; but the chief part of his discourse is devoted to the agriculture of Pennsylvania. He describes the early modes of cultivation in that state, and follows step by step the improvements, which have been

radually taking plac In conclusion he makes some excellent remarks on the importance of moral, literary, and scientific instruction in an agricultural country, as promoting both the science of husbandry, and the happiness of the people.

ARTS, SCIENCES, AND PHILOSOPHY. Conversations on Natural Philosophy, in which the Elements of that Science are familiarly explained, and adapted to the Comprehension of young Pupils. Illustrated with Plates. By the Author of Conversations on Chemistry. Seventh Edition, with numerous Improvements. By Rev. J. L. Blake. Boston.

Lectures on the Adulteration of Food and Culinary Poisons in general, and of Adulteration in sundry Chemical Preparations, &c. in Medicine and the Arts, with the Means of discovering them, and Rules for determining the Purity of Substances; delivered in the United States Military Academy. By James Cutbush. 12mo.

The Mysteries of Trade, or the great Source of Wealth ; containing Receipts and Patents in Chemistry and Manufacturing ; with Practical Observations on the Useful Arts, original and compiled. By David Beman. 8vo. The American Journal of Science and Arts. Vol. IX. No. 1.

ASTRONOMY. Elements of Astronomy, illustrated by Plates for the Use of Schools and Academies, with Questions. By John H. Wilkins, A. M. Third Edition. Boston. Cummings, Hilliard and Ço. 12mo.

BIOGRAPHY. Musical Biography, or Sketches of the Lives and Writings of Eminent Musical Characters, interspersed with an Epitome of interesting Musical Matter. By John R. Parker. 8vo.

Outlines of the Principal Events in the Life of General Lafayette. From the North American Review. 8vo. pp. 64. Boston. Cummings, Hilliard and Co.

Biography of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence. Vol. V.

BOTANY. A Sketch of the Botany of South Carolina and Georgia. Vol. II. No. 6. By Stephen Elliott.

COMMERCE. Reply of the Committee of Merchants of Philadelphia, to the Memorial of the Auctioneers, lately presented to Congress. 8vo.

pp. 15.

A Brief View of the Law relating to Transactions between Principals, and Factors, or Agents. A Memorial to the Legislature, praying for an Alteration of the Law, &c. Respectfully addressed to the Members of the Senate and Assembly of New York. 8vo.

pp. 14.

EDUCATION. Comparative View of the Systems of Pestalozzi and Lancaster; in an Address delivered before the Society of Teachers in the City of New York. By Solyman Brown, A. M.

Essay on the Study and Pronunciation of the Greek and Latin Languages. By Wm. White, A. M. Philadelphia. 8vo. pp. 24. A. Finley.

The English Teacher, or Private Learner's Guide ; containing a New Arrangement of Murray's Exercises and Key, &c. Designed to accompany and match with the Boston Stereotype Edition of Murray's Exercises prepared for the Use of Schools. By Israel Alger, Jr. A. M. Teacher of Youth. Boston. Lincoln and Edmands.

Murray's English Exercises, consisting of Exercises in Parsing, &c. Revised, prepared, and particularly adapted to the Use of Schools ; being a Counterpart to the English Teacher. By Israel Alger, Jr. A. M. Boston. Lincoln and Edmands.

The American Arithmetic, in which the Science of Numbers is theoretically explained and practically applied, &c. Also a System of Book Keeping by Single Entry. Designed for the Use of Schools and Academies in the United States. By James Robinson, Jr. Instructer of Youth in Boston. Lincoln and Edmands.

A new Spanish Grammar, adapted to every Class of Learners. By Mariano Cubi y Soler. Second, Edition, revised, corrected, enlarged and greatly Improved. 12mo. pp. 464. Baltimore. F. Lucas, Jr.

The Moral Instructer, and Guide to Virtue ; designed for a National Manuel of Moral Science, in American Seminaries of Education, and private Families. By Jesse Torrey, Jr. Fifth Edition,

A Concise Introduction to Practical Arithmetic; in which all the Rules that occur in common Business are applied to the Federal Currency. Designed for the Use of Schools in the United States. By Samuel Temple, A. M. Ninth Edition, improved. Boston. Lincoln and Edinands.

Noyes' System of Penmanship, containing Directions for Making the Pen, Holding the Pen, &c. with large and smail Hand, and German Text Copies. Boston. Richardson and Lord.

Observations on the Importance of Female Education and Maternal Instruction, with their Beneficial Influence on Society. By a Mother. New York.

Fourth Annual Common School Report, made in the Year 1825, to the Legislature of New York. By J. V. N. Yates, Secretary of State, and Acting Superintendant of Common Schools. Fol. pp. 44.' Albany.

Elements of Arithmetic, translated from the French of M. Bezout, and adapted to the Use of American Schools. By Nathaniel Haynes, A. B. Tutor in Mathematics, in the Gardiner Lyceum. Hallowell.

The Pronouncing Spelling Book, adapted to Walker's Critical Pronouncing Dictionary, &c. By G. A. Cummings, Author of Ancient and Modern Geography, &c. carefully revised and corrected from the Third Edition. Canandaigua. J. D. Bemiss and Co. and Cummings, Hilliard and Co. 16mo. pp. 203.

Easy Lessons in Reading ; for the Use of Younger Classes in Common Schools. By Joshua Leavitt. Second Edition. 16mo. pp. 156. Keene. John Prentiss.

GEOGRAPHY. A System of Universal Geography. By M. Malte Brun, Editor of the Annales Des Voyages,' &c. Nos. 1, 2, 3. Boston. Wells and Lilly. 8vo.

An Easy Introduction to the Study of Geography, on an improved Plan, accompanied with an Atlas. By Thomas T. Smiley, Second Edition, improved.

GEOLOGY . A Geological and Agricultural Survey of the District adjoining the Erie Canal in the State of New York. Part I. Containing a Description of the Rock Formations, together with a Geological Profile, extending from the Atlantic to Lake Erie.

HISTORY. Collections of the New Hampshire Historical Society, for the Year 1824. Vol. I. Concord. J. B. Moore. 8vo. pp. 336.

A History of the Indian Wars in the Country bordering Connecticut River and Parts adjacent, and other interesting Events, from the Landing of the Pilgrims to the Conquest of Canada by the English, in 1760. With Notices of Indian Depredations in the neighboring Country, and the first Planting and Progress of Settlement in New England, New York, and Canada. By E. Hoyt, Esq. Boston. 8vo. pp. 312.

History of Massachusetts from July, 1775, when General Washington took co

nand of the American Army, at Cambridge, to the year 1789, inclusive, when the Federal Government was established under the present Constitution. By Alden Bradford, Author of the Volume of History of Massachusetts published in 1822. ton. Wells and Lilly. 1825.

History of the State of New York, including its Aboriginal and Colonial Annals. By J. V. N. Yates, Secretary of the State of New York, and Joseph W. Moulton, Counsellor at Law, with a Map of the Hudson River. Part I. 8vo. pp. 336. New York.

LAW. A Digested Index to the Reported Decisions of the several Courts of Law in the United States. By Thomas I. Wharton, Esq. Vol. III. Philadelphia. Carey and Lea. 8vo. pp. 604.

The very great utility of a work on a plan of this is so obvious, that nothing needs be said to make it more plain. It furnishes a key to all the important decisions of the several states, and refers to the particular volumes of reports in which they may be found. The present volume contains a systematic arrangement of the cases decided and published in the following states; viz. Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

The editor says in his advertisement, that in the execution of his undertaking he has generally followed the plan of his predecessors; the object being to give merely a compendium of the points actually decided, he has not considered himself at liberty to introduce the dicta of judges, however respectable, but has confined himself to a concise statement of the opinion of the court, upon the main subject of inquiry in each case.'

At the beginning the editor gives a catalogue of the different Reports, which he cites, and which in Maryland amount to two, Virginia three, North Carolina ten, South Carolina seven, Kentucky five, Tennessee three.

The Fourth volume of the Digested Index will comprise the recent Reports of the Eastern and Middle States.

The Lawyer's Common Place Book, with an Alphabetical Index of most of the Heads, which occur in General Reading and Practice. Boston. Cummings, Hilliard and Co.

Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Vermont. Prepared and published in Pursuance of a Statute Law of the State. By Daniel Chipman. Vol. I. Middlebury, Vt.

A Digested Index to the Virginia Reports, containing all the Points Argued and Determined in the Court of Appeals of Virginia, from Washington to Second Randolph inclusive, with a Table of the Names of Cases Reported. By Everard Hall, Counsellor at Law. To which are added Rules for the Court of Appeals, and General Courts, for the Richmond and Lynchburg Districts, with Instructions for Commissioners in Chancery. Richmond. Peter Cottom.

Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Chancery of the State of New York. By Samuel M Hopkins, Counsellor at Law. Part I. New York.

Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the English Courts of Common Law. Vol. III. Parts 1 and 2. Edited by Thomas Sergeant and John C. Lowber, Esqrs. of the Philadelphia Bar. P. H. Nicklin.

A Digest of the Reported Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. By Lewis Bigelow, Counsellor at Lay. Wells and Lilly. Boston.

MATHEMATICS. Mathematical Diary ; Containing new Researches and Improvements in the Mathematics ; with Collections of Questions, proposed and resolved by ingenious Correspondents, in Quarterly Numbers. Conducted by L. Adrain, LL. D. Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy in Columbia College, New York. No. 1, for January, 1825. James Ryan.

Medical Review and Analectic Journal. No. 3.

The Philadelphia Journal of the Medical and Physical Sciences Nos. 17 and 18. Edited by N. Chapman, M. D. Carey and Lea.

The Journal of Foreign Medical Science and Literature. No. 17. Philadelphia. E. Littel.

New England Journal of Medicine and Surgery. No. 1. Vol. IX. For January 1825.

MINERALOGY. Conversations on Mineralogy. By Delvalle Lowry. With Plates, froin the Engravings of Mr and Miss Lowry, from Original Drawings.

MISCELLANEOUS. An Address pronounced at the Opening of the New York Atheneum, Dec. 14, 1824. By Henry Wheaton, Esq. 8vo. pp. 44.

The Gentlemen's New Pocket Farrier; comprising a General Description of that useful Animal, the Horse; together with the VOL. XX.-NO. 47.


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