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The Power of Faith exemplified, in the Life and Writings of Mrs Isabella Graham, of New York. By Dr Bethune. To which is added Extracts from a number of Devotional Letters, written a short Time previous to her Death. Price $1. New York. Wilder and Campbell.

Book of Revelation Unsealed ; An Explanation of the Apocalypse, or Revelation of St John. By Alexander Smythe, Member of Congress. 16mo. pp. 59. Washington D. C.

Retrospective Theology; or the Opinions of the World of Spirits, commonly called Dr Ely's Dream. Philadelphia.

Extract from the Minutes of the Synod and Ministerium of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, in the State of New York, and Adjacent Parts, Convened at Brunswick, New Jersey, October, 1824. 8vo. pp. 40.

A Sermon Delivered at the Ordination of the Rev. William Henry Furness, as Pastor of the first Congregational Unitarian Church, in Philadelphia, January 12, 1825. By Henry Ware, Jun. Minister of the Second Church in Boston. 8vo. pp. 46. Philadelphia. A. Small.

A Sermon preached before the Bible Society of N. Carolina, on Sunday, December 12th, 1824. By the Right Rev. John S. Ravenscroft, Bishop of the Diocess of North Carolina ; with an Appendix. 8vo. pp. 22. Raleigh, N. C. Unitarian Miscellany, No. 48.

The Second Volume of Sermons and Plans of Sermons on many of the most important Texts of Holy Scripture. By the late Rev. Joseph Benson. pp. 312. Baltimore. Armstrong and Plaskett.

Christian Spectator, Vol. VII. Nos. 1, 2, and 3.
The Literary and Evangelical Magazine, Vol. VIII. Nos. 1 and 2.

A Vindication of the Divine Inspiration of the Bible, by human Reason and Argument. By M. M. B. Price 75 cents.

A Serinon preached at the Funeral of his Excellency William Eustis, Esq. late Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in Presence of the Constituted Authorities of the State, February 11, 1825. By Daniel Sharp, Chaplain of the Senate.

A Family Prayer Book ; Containing Forms of Morning and Evening Prayers, for a Fortnight, with those for Schools, Religious Societies, and Individuals. Third Edition, newly arranged, revised, and enlarged. 12mo. pp. 252. Boston.

A Reply to An Inquiry into the Scriptural Import of the Words Sheol, Hades, Tartarus and Gehenna ; all translated Hell in the Common English Version. By Walter Balfour,' in a Series of Lectures delivered in the Universalist Church, Charlestown. By James Sabine, Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in the City of Boston. 8vo. pp. 132. Boston.

A Sernion Preached at the Dedication of the New Meeting House in the First Parish in Deerfield, December 22d, 1824. By Samuel Willard, A. A. S. Minister of that Parish. 8vo. pp. 15.

The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; in which the Text of the Common Version is divided into Paragraphs, the Punctuation in many cases altered, and some Words, not in the Original, expunged. 12mo. pp. 297. Boston.

TOPOGRAPHY AND STATISTICS. A General Outline of the United States of North America, her Resources and Prospects, with a Statistical Comparison, shewing, at one View, the Advance she has made in National Opulence, in the Period of Thirty Years, &c. 8vo. pp. 238. Philadelphia. H. S. Tanner.

A Topographical and Statistical Manuel of the State of NewYork. Second Edition, Containing an Account of the Grand Canals, Schools, Finances, &c.

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. Narrative of an Expedition to the Sources of St Peter's River, Lake Winnepeck, Lake of the Woods, &c. &c. Performed in the Year 1823, by Order of the Hon. J. C. Calhoun, Secretary of War, under the Command of Stephen H. Long, Major U. S. T. E. Compiled from the Notes of Major Long, Messrs Say, Keating, and Colhoun. By William H. Keating, A. M. &c. Professor of Mineralogy and Chemistry, as applied to the Arts, in the University of Pennsylvania ; Geologist and Historiographer to the Expedition, in 2 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia. Carey and Lea.

A Year in England, comprising a Journal of Observations in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Switzerland, the North of Italy, and Holland. By John Griscom. Second Edition. New York. Collins and Hanney.

AMERICAN EDITIONS OF FOREIGN WORKS. Journal of the Conversations of Lord Byron ; noted during a Residence with his Lordship at Pisa, in the Years 1821 and 1822. By Thomas Medwin, of the 24th Light Dragoons. Author of • Ahasuerus the Wanderer.' 12mo. pp. 304. New York.

Lord Byron's Works, a new and complete Edition, containing many Pieces not to be found in former Editions, among which are several Articles which appeared in the Liberal.'

The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth, Esq. in 4 vols. 12mo. Boston. Cummings, Hilliard and Co.

Tales for Mothers, from the French of T. N. Bouilly, 12mo. pp. 184. New York.

• Alasco,' a Tragedy, written by M. A. Shee, Esq. R. A. with those Passages marked, that were Objected to by the Licenser of the British Stage.

Price 31 cents. The Tragedy of Caius Gracchus. By James S. Knowles, Author of Virginius.

Price 25 cents.

Floating Beacon, a Melo Drama, in two Acts. By E. Ball, Esq.

Memoirs of the Right Hon. Edmund Burke, with Specimens of his Poetry and Letters, and an Estimate of his Genius and Talents, compared with those of his great Cotemporaries. By James Prior, Esq. with Autographs and a Portrait. 1 vol. 8vo. Philadelphia. A. Small. pp. 507.

Book of the Church. By Robert Southey, Esq. From the Second London Edition, in 2 vols. 8vo. Boston. Wells and Lilly.

The Human Heart, A Novel. By the Author of Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life.' 1 vol. 12mo.

Recollections of the Life of Lord Byron, from the Year 1808, to the End of 1814, exhibiting his early Character and Opinions, detailing the Progress of his Literary Career, and including various unpublished Passages of his Works, taken from Authentic Documents, in the Possession of the Author. By the late R. C. Dallas, Esq. to which is prefixed an Account of the Circumstances, leading to the Suppression of Lord Byron's Correspondence with the Author, and his Letters to his Mother, lately announced for Publication. 8vo. pp. 222. Philadelphia. A. Small.

Theodore ; or the Crusaders. A Tale for Youth. By Mrs Hofland. Boston. Munroe and Francis.

The Four Gospels, translated from the Greek. With Preliminary Dissertations, and Notes, Critical and Explanatory. By George Campbell, D. D. F. R. S. Edinburgh, Principal of the Marischal College, Aberdeen, in four vols. 8vo. with the Author's last Corrections. Boston. T. Bedlington, and Charles Ewer.

New Monthly Magazine, Nos. 46, 47, and 48.

A near View of Society, or Essay on the Formation of Human Character, preparatory to the Development of a Plan for gradually ameliorating the Condition of Mankind. By Robert Owen. First American, from the Third London Edition. 1 vol. 18mo. Price 75 cents.

Lessons for Children in Four Parts. By Mrs Barbauld. Second American Edition. 24mo. Boston, Wells and Lilly.

Jane and her Teacher, or the Sunday School of Ellington. First American Edition. 16mo. pp. 72. Salem, Whipple and Lawrence.

George Wilson and Friend; or Godliness is Profitable for all Things. First American Edition. 16mo. pp. 108. Salem, Whipple and Lawrence.

Five Thousand Receipts in all the Useful and Domestic Arts, constituting a complete and universal Practical Library, and Operative Cyclopedia. By Colin Mackenzie. pp. 670. Philadelphia. A. Small.

Mechanic's Magazine, Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4, published weekly from the London Copy. New York.

The Edinburgh Review, or Critical Journal ; No. LXXXI.
VOL. XX.-NO. 47.


High Ways and By Ways, or Tales by the Roadside, picked up in the French Provinces by a Walking Gentleman. Second Series. 2 vols. Philadelphia. Carey and Lea.

Hogg's Queen Hynde, a Poem.

Memoirs of Goethe. Written by Himself. New York. Collins and Hanna.

The Elements of Greek Grammar. By R. Valpy, D. D. F. A. S. Fifth American Edition. Arranged on an improved Plan; with extensive Additions. By Charles Anthon, Adjunct Professor of Languages in Columbia College, New York.

Greece in 1823 and 1824, being a Series of Letters and other Documents on the Greek Revolution ; written during a Visit to that Country. By the Hon. Leicester Stanhope. To which is added, the Life of Mustapha Ali.

A Treatise on Dislocations and Fractures of the Joints By Sir Astley Cooper, Bart. F. R. S. First American from the third London Edition, with Notes and References. By John D. Godman, M. D. Lecturer on Anatomy and Physiology, and Professor of Physiology to the Philadelphia Museum. Philadelphia. Carey and Lea.

A Few Days in Athens, being a Translation of a Greek Manuscript. By Francis Wright, Author of Views of Society and Manners in America.?

Rainsford Villa, or the Language of the Heart, a Tale. By a Lady. Embellished by a Frontispiece. 1 vol. 16mo.

Missionary Journal and Memoir of the Life of the Rev. Joseph Wolf, Missionary to the Jews. Written by Himself.

Gow on the Law of Partnership. First American Edition, with the Addition of American Cases. By E. D. Ingraham, Esq. Philadelphia. A. Small.

The Study of Medicine, with a Physiological System of Nosology. By John Mason Good, M. D. F. R. S. 5 vols. 8vo. Second American Edition. New York.

Colombia ; its present State, in Respect of Climate, Soil, Productions, Population, Government, Commerce, Revenue, Manufactures, Arts, Manners, Education, and Inducements to Emigration, with Itineraries, partly from Spanish Surveys, and partly frora actual Observation. By Colonel Francis Hall, Hydrographer in the Service of Colombia, Author of Letters from France, and of "A Tour in British North America, and the United States. 12mo. pp. 131. Philadelphia.






Aborigines of America, traits of the, a

Poem, 211.
Adams, Hannah, her character as an

author, 366——her Dictionary of Re-
ligions, ib.--her History of the
Jews, 367–her History of New-
England, ib.—her Letters on the

Gospels, ib.—commended, 369.
Address, Mr Wheatou's, at the opening

the New York Athenæum, 453.
Africa, colonisation of free people of

color in, 191–project not chimeri-
cal, 192—not inconsistent with
emigration to Hayti,--preferred
to it, ib.-first step to the abo-
lition of the slave trade, 193-its
success ultimately dependent on
the general and state governments,

America, United States of, the rapid

growth of their back country, 99
-of their commercial towns, 100
-deplorable state of their affairs
at the time of the application of
Lafayette to the American minis-
ters, 149—ominous predictions of
the Edinburgh Reviewers with re-
lation to the duration of their go-
vernment, 421-how verified, ib. -
peculiar motives to intellectual ex-

ertion in, 418_found in the new
form of civil society, 423—in the
peculiar nature of their confedera-
cy, ib.-differs from all other con-
federacies, ib.-advantages of their
constitution in various ways, 423
et seqq.--tendency of their institu-
tions to give talents a direction to
political pursuits, 427-effect of
their novel political organisation
on literature, 429—of their com-
munity of language, 436-general

outline of, noticed, 446.
Amphictyonic league, 424.
Astronomers royal, 320—Flamsteed,

ib.—Halley, ib.--Bradley, 322-
Bliss, ib.— Maskelyne, 323—Pond,

Astronomy, modern, way to its im-

provements opened by Copernicus,
Kepler, and Newton, 309—its great
progress in the last hundred years,
ib.-Dr Bradley's observations, 310
to 315—instruments, 315 et seqq.-
advancement of astronomy by ob-
servations at Greenwich, 319-as-
tronomers royal, 320 et seqq.-ob-
servations of Herschel and Schroe-
ter, 326-of Messier, 327_Pons,
&c. 328-physical astronomy, 329
problem of the three

dies, ib.

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