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CR 224.0

niel, Nathan Ga'ther, Albert G. Hawes, R. M. Johnsor, From MAINE--John Anderson, James Bates, George Thomas A. Marshall, Christopher Tompkins, Charles A.

Joseph Lecompte, Chittenden Lyon, Robert P. Letcher, Evans, Cornelius Holland, Leonard Jarvis, Edward Kava

Wickliffe. nagli, Rufus McIntire. NEW HAMPSHIRE- John Brolhead, Thomas Cland

TENNESSEE--Thomas D. Arnold, John Bell, John ler, Joseph Hammons, llenry Hubbard, Joseph M. Har: Blair, William Fitzgerald, William Llall

, Jacob C. Isacks,

Cave Johnson, James K. Polk, James Standifer. per, John W. Weeks. MASSACHUSETTS--John Quincy Adams, Nathan

OHIO--Joseph II. Crane, Eleutheros Cooke, William Appleton, Isaac C: Bates, George N. Briggs, Rufus Choate, w. Irvin, William Kennon, Humphrey H. Leavitt, Wil

Creighton, jun., Thomas Corwin, James Findlay, William Henry A. S. Dearborn, Jolm Davis, Edward Everett, liam Russel, William Stanberry, John Thomson, Joseph Gcorge Grennell, jun., James L. Hodges, Joseph G. Ken- Vance, Samuel F. Vinton, Elisha Whittlesey. dall, Johan Reed, (one vacancy.) RIODE ISLAND--Tristam Durges, Duteel. Pearce. ward 1). White.

LOUISIANA--H. A. Bullard, Philemon Thomas, Ed. CONNECTICUT--Noyes Barber, William W. Ellsworth, Jabez W. Huntington, Ralpli 1. Ingersoll, William

INDIANA--Ratliff Boon, John Carr, Jonathan McCarty.

MISSISSIPPI--Franklin E. Plummer.
L. Storrs, Ebenezer Young.
VERMONT-Ileman Allen, William Cahoon,

Il race

ILLINOIS- Joseph Duncan. Everett, Jonathan Ilunt, William Slade.

ALABAMA-Clement c. Clay, Dixon H. Lcuis, Sa

muel W. Mardis. NEW YORK-William G. Angel, Gideon H. Barstow,

MISSOURI--William H. Ashley.
Joseph Bouck, William Babcock, John T. Bergen, John
1. Brodhead, Samuel Beardsley, John A. Collier, Bates

Cooke, C. C. Cambreleng, John Dickson, Charles Dayan,
Ulysses F. Doubleday, William Hogan, Michael Hoff-

MICHIGAN-Austin E. Wing.

ARKANSAS-- Ambrose II. Sevier.
man Freeborn G. Jewett, John King, Gerrit Y. Lansing,
James Lent, Job Pierson, Nathaniel Pitcher, Edmund H.

FLORID.I- Joseph M. White.
Pendleton, Edward C. Reed, Erastus Root, Nathan Soule,
Tohn H. Taylor, Phineas L. Tracy, Gulian C. Verplanck,

Frederick Whittlesey, Samuel J. Wilkin, Grattan II. This being the day appointed by the constitution for the
Wheeler, Campbell P. White, Aaron Ward, Daniel meeting of Congress, at 12 o'clock the Clerk called the

House to order, and having called the roll of the memNEW JERSEY--Lewis Condict, Silas Condict, Richard bers by States, to ascertain if a quorum was present, two M. Cooper, Thomas FI. Hughes, James Fitz Randolph, hundred and two members answered to their names. Isaac Southard.

quorum being present, PENNSYLVANIA--Robert Allison, JohnBanks, George The House proceeded to the election of a Speaker, a.. Burd, John C. Bucher, Thomas H. Crawford, Richard on counting the ballots, the following result was announc Coulter, Harmar Denny, Lewis Dewart, Joshua Evans, ed, viz. The whole number of votes given in, 195; neceslames Ford, John Gilmore, William Heister, Henry Ilorn, sary to a choice, 98. Peter Ihrie, jun., Adam King, Henry King, Joel K. Mann, For ANDREW Stevenson, of Virginia, 98. Robert McCoy, Henry A. Muhlenberg, T. M. Mckennan, For Joel B. SUTHERLAND, of Pennsylvania, 54. David Potts, jun., Andrew Stewart, Samuel A. Smith, For C. A. WICKLIFFE, of Kentucky, 15. Philander Stephens, Joel B. Sutherland, John G. Wat- For Join W. Taylor, of New York, 18. Though.

For Lewis.Coxdict, of New Jersey, 4. DELAWARE--John J. Milligan.

Scattering, 6. MARYLAND--Benjamin C. Howard, Daniel Jenifer, (Mr. Cooke, of Ohio, offered his ballot to the tellers, "ohn L. Kerr, George E. Mitchell, Benedict I. Semmes, after they had commenced counting the votes, (he having John S. Spence, Francis Thomas, George C. Washington, been accidentally without the Hall while the ballot boxes 1. T. H. Worthington.

were handed round;) but some hesitation being, manifested VIRGINIA--Mark Alexander, Robert Allen, William by the tellers as to the regularity of receiving 'he vote of 1. Archer, William Armstrong, John S. Barboury Thomas Mr. C. at that period of the proceeding, he waived press1. Bouldin, Nathaniel H. Claiborne, Robert Craig, Joseph ing it.] W. Chinn, Richard Coke, jun., Thomas Davenport, The Hon. Andrew STEVENSON, of Virginia, having rePhilip Doddridge Wm. F. Gordon, Charles C. Johnston, ceived 98 votes, (the exact number necessary for a choice,) John Y. Mason, Lewis Maxwelly Charles F. Mercer, Wil. was declared to be duly elected Speaker of the House of liam McCoy, Thomas Newton, John M. Patton, John J. Representatives: whereupon, being conducted to the Roane, Andrew Stevenson.

chair by the Hon. Thomas Newton, of Virginia, the NORTH CAROLINA-Daniel L. Barringer," Laughlin SPEAKER addressed the House as follows: Bethune, John Branch, Samuel P. Carson, Henry W. " GENTLEMEN: In accepting, a third time, this exalted Conner, Thomas H. Hall, Micajah T. Hawkins, James J. station,'I cannot adequately express the deep sense I enMcKay, Abraham Rencher, William B. Shepard, Augus. tertain of the honor you have been pleased again to con. tine II. Shepperd, Jesse Speight, Lewis Williams. fer upon me, or my warm feelings of gratitude for this

SOUTH CAROLINA--Robert W. Barnwell, James distinguished proof of your continued confidence and
Blair, Warren R. Davis, William Drayton, John M. Fel- unchanging kindness.
der, J. R. Griffin, Thomas R. Mitchell, George McDuffie, “ It is an honor, too, gentlemen, which has been con.
William T. Nuckolls.

ferred in a manner, and under circumstances peculiarly GEORGIA- Thomas F. Foster, Henry G. Lamar, Da. calculated to gratify and Aatter me; and I shall ever cheniel Newman, Wiley Thompson, Richard H. Wilde, James rish it as the most valuable reward for, my past services. M. Wayne, (one vacancy.)

The office of Speaker of this House has, at ng/period in our KENTUCKY--John Adair, Chilton Allan, Henry Da. history, been without its embarrassmentes and trials; and Dec. 12, 1831.]

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Slavery in the District of Columbia.--Appropriations for 1832.

[H. OF R. Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads. -Messrs. which he did not know but that it might be a proper subJohnson, of Kentucky, Conner, Russel, Pearce, Jewett, ject of legislation by Congress, and he, therefore, moved Johnston, of Virginia, and Newnan.

that the petitions he had had the honor of presenting, Committee on Private Land Claims.-Messrs. Johnson, should be referred to the Committee on the Affairs of the of Tennessee, Coke, Stanberry, Mardis, Marshall, Carr, District of Columbia, who would dispose of them as they, of Indiana, and Bullard.

upon examination of their purport, should deem proper, Committee on Public Lands.--Messrs. Wickliffe, Dun- and might report on the expediency of granting so much can, Hunt, Irvin, Clay, Boon, and Plummer.

of the prayer of the petitioners as referred to the abolition Committee on Revolutionary Claims. — Messrs. Muhlen- of the slave trade in the District. berg, Nuckolls, Bouldin, Crane, Bates, of Massachusetts, As to the other prayer of the petitions, the abolition by Hammons, and Standifer.

Congress of slavery in the District of Columbia, it had oc. Committee on Revolutionary Pensions.— Messrs. Hub- curred to him that the petitions might have been committed bard, Isacks, Mitchell, of South Carolina, Denny, Pendle- to his charge under an expectation that it would receive his lon, Doubleday, and Kavanagh.

countenance and support. He deemed it, therefore, bis duty Committee on Invalid Pensions.—Messrs. Burges, Ford, to declare that it would not. Whatever might be his opiErans

, of Maine, Reed, of New York, Appleton, Lansing, nion of slavery in the abstract, or of slavery in the District and Southard.

of Columbia, it was a subject which he hoped would not Committee on Public Expenditures.—Messrs. Hall, of be discussed in that House; if it should be, he might perNorth Carolina, Davenport, Lyon, Thomson, of Ohio, haps assign the reasons why he could give it no counteCoulter, Pierson, and Henry King.

nance or support. At present, he would only say to the Commiflee on the Territories.--Messrs. Kerr, of Maryland, House, and to the worthy citizens who had committed Creighton, W. B. Shepard, Williams, of North Carolina, their petitions to his charge, that the most salutary mediHuntington, Allan, of Kentucky, and Roane.

cines, unduly administered, were the most deadly of poiCommitee of Accounts. --Messrs. Allen, of Virginia, sons. He concluded by moving to refer the petitions to Burd, and Bergen.

the Committee for the District of Columbia. Committee on Revisal and Unfinished Business. -Messrs. Reed, of Massachusetts, Kennon, and Soule.

APPROPRIATIONS FOR 1832. Committee on Expenditures in the Treasury Department. — Messrs. Stephens, Wardwell, and Fitzgerald.

'The SPEAKER laid before the House the following Committee on Expenditures in the War Department.--communication from the Secretary of the Treasury, which

was referred to the Committee of Ways and Means: Messrs. A. H. Shepperd, Mann, and Felder. Committee on Expenditures in the State Department.—

TREASURY DEPARTMENT, December 8, 1831. Messrs. Lent, Evans, of Pennsylvania, and Mckay.

Committeeon Expenditures of Public Buildings.--Messrs. Sir: I have the honor to transmit, for the information of Young, Spence, and Tracy.

the House of Representatives, an estimate of the appropriaCommillee on Expendilures in the Post Ofice.—Messrs. tions proposed to be made for the service of the year 1832, Hawes, Bates, of Maine, and Brodhead, of New York. amounting to

$11,551,154 38 Committee on Expenditures in the Navy Department.-

Messrs. Maxwell, Hall, of Tennessee, and Harper. Civil list, foreign intercourse, and mis-



Military service, including fortifications,
This being the first day of the session for presenting peti- armories, ordnance, Indian affairs, revolu-
tions, a great number were presented. Among others, tionary and military pensions, and inter-
Mr. ADAMS, of Massachusetts, (the ex-President of nal improvements,

5,736,470 02
the United States,) presented fifteen petitions, all nume- Naval service, including the marine
rously subscribed, from sundry inhabitants of Pennsylvania, corps,

3,407,618 71
all of the same purport, praying for the abolition of slavery
and the slave trade in the District of Columbia, and moved

To the estimates are added statements,
that the first of them should be read; and it was read ac- showing-

1. The appropriations for the service
Mr. A. then observed that it had doubtless been remark- of the year 1832, made by former acts,
ed that these petitions came not from Massachusetts, a including public debt, gradual improve-
portion of whose people he had the honor to represent, ment of the navy arming and equipping
but from citizens of the State of Pennsylvania. He had the militia, subscription to canal stocks,
received the petitions many months ago, with a request revolutionary claims, and Indian affairs,
that they should be presented by him, and, although the amounting to

11,312,945 00 petitioners were not of his immediate constituents, he had 2. The existing appropriations, which pot deemed himself at liberty to decline presenting their will not be required for the service of the petitions, their transmission of which to him manifested a year 1831, and which it is proposed to confidence in him for which he was bound to be grateful. apply in aid of the service of the year From a letter which had accompanied those petitions, he 1832, amounting to

501, 102 78 inferred that they came from members of the Society of 3. The existing appropriations, which Friends; a body of men than whom there was no more will be required to complete the service respectable and worthy class of citizens, none who more of 1831, and former years, but which will strictly made their lives a commentary on their professions; be expended in 1831, amounting to 3,423,525 87 a body of men comprising, in his firm opinion, as much of

These three last mentioned amounts, together with as human virtue, and as little of human infirmity, as any other much as may remain unexpended of the sum stated in the reen hel member of men of any denomination upon the face port on the finances, presented by this

department on the The petitions, Mr. A. continued, asked for two things: ter of the present year, and with such sums as may be apabolition of the slave trade in the District of Columbia whole amount subject to the disposition of the Executive There was a traffic in slaves carried on in the District, of Government in that year.

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