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Radio Address from Buenos Aires, December 1, 1936


T GIVES me the greatest satisfaction to associate myself in this broadcast with my illustrious friend, Dr. Saavedra Lamas, the Foreign Minister of the great Republic of the Argentine.

I bring you good tidings. We have had a great day here an extraordinary day-brought to a brilliant climax by the addresses of the Presidents of our two republics. It was most fitting that this Conference, upon which are largely centered the hopes of this hemisphere, if not of the world, held its opening session under the auspices of the Presidents of the Argentine Republic and of the United States of America. Their mutual concern for maintaining the blessings of peace led to the proposal for this gathering, which is now quickened into life. Together they took the lead in voicing the hemisphere's common wish for peace, friendship, and civilization. Today was a magnificent beginning for this Conference, and well begun is half done.

But now the tumult and the shouting dies, and we proceed to our next task-that of putting into constructive reality the day's encouraging words.

This Conference has an opportunity second to none in our day and generation. Through it, the twenty-one republics of the Americas are voicing their common will

for peace. They are evidencing their willingness to sacrifice for peace. I am sure they will bring forward further practical, workable agencies for the safeguarding of peace-agencies which, through the example of achievement, should offer hope to a troubled world.

We know well that it is not enough to cry out, "Peace, peace, let us have peace!" We are assembled here because there is work to be done to make our continent safe for peace. We are assembled here to demonstrate to mankind that here is an entire hemisphere with the single voice for peace. We are assembled here because we feel that we cannot omit any word or act calculated to maintain that peace.

I am most happy over the cooperative attitude of the arriving delegations. It has been my pleasure to call upon them and to exchange with them views about our common task. There could scarcely be a more unanimous insistence that we implement words by deeds, back up our wish for peace by providing workable machinery to insure it.

Of one thing all can be assured. The demonstrations of the last few days bear impressive witness that this Conference represents more than a gathering of chosen delegates. It represents the hundreds of millions of people of this hemisphere, who, with a single voice, have dedicated themselves to the cause of peace.

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