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Statement at Santos, Brazil, December 29, 1936


HEN last we visited Santos, we were on our way to Buenos Aires to meet with the representatives of the sister republics of this hemisphere in a conference with the primary purpose of setting up practical arrangements to safeguard peace in this hemisphere. I am happy to be able to say, on returning to Santos, that these objectives so eminently desirable have been successfully reached.

We are going back to our own special problems and duties, as are the members of the other American delegations which have taken such an active and constructive part in the Peace Conference. But, in addition, we take with us the cordial memories of the friendship and collaboration at Buenos Aires and a determination to press forward in the all-important work of the consolidation of peace through the Americas.

Statement at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, December 31, 1936

N RETURNING to Rio de Janeiro, this time on our


way back to the United States, I am happy to take

advantage of this opportunity to pay my tribute to the unselfish, devoted, and highly constructive work of the Brazilian delegation to the Inter-American Conference for the Maintenance of Peace. Your country's delegates, with great intelligence and high purpose, were of indispensable value in making the Conference a success. It is a matter of vital importance that a hemisphere is organizing itself for peace.

I cannot but feel that the friendly relationships, increased by the common thought and action at this Conference, will play an increasingly important part in even further growth of the traditionally friendly relations between the great republic of Brazil and my own country.

May the spirit of mutual friendship and cooperation which was evidenced at Montevideo and which has been so expanded and developed during the present Conference, play its full part in the cordial and cooperative relationships between the sister republics of the Americas.

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