The people's edition of Thomas Carlyle's works. 37 vols. Wanting vol. 33-35, Հատոր 14

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Common terms and phrases

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Էջ 128 - Very curious. The forlorn Irish Widow applies to her fellow-creatures, as if saying, " Behold I am sinking, bare of help : ye must help me ! I am your sister, bone of your bone ; one God made us : ye must help me ! ' They answer, " No ; impossible ; thou art no sister of ours.
Էջ 28 - To him that hath shall be given, and from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath,' — that doctrines like these should be applied in the State, and especially in a monarchically, paternally governed State.
Էջ 5 - In the midst of plethoric plenty, the people perish ; with gold walls, and full barns, no man feels himself safe or satisfied. Workers, Master Workers, Unworkers, all men, come to a pause ; stand fixed, and cannot farther. Fatal paralysis spreading inwards, from the extremities, in St. Ives workhouses, in Stockport cellars, through all limbs, as if towards the heart itself.
Էջ 173 - All true Work is sacred ; in all true Work, were it but true hand-labor, there is something of divineness. Labor, wide as the Earth, has its summit in Heaven. Sweat of the brow ; and up from that to sweat of the brain, sweat of the heart ; which includes all Kepler calculations, Newton meditations, all Sciences, all spoken Epics, all acted Heroisms, Martyrdoms...
Էջ 3 - So many hundred thousands sit in workhouses: and other hundred thousands have not yet got even workhouses; and in thrifty Scotland itself, in Glasgow or Edinburgh City, in their dark lanes, hidden from all but the eye of God, and of rare Benevolence the minister of God, there are scenes of woe and destitution and desolation, such as, one may hope, the Sun never saw before in the most barbarous regions where men dwelt.
Էջ 2 - Passing by the Workhouse of St. Ives in Huntingdonshire, on a bright day last autumn," says the picturesque Tourist, "I saw sitting on wooden benches, in front of their Bastille and within their ring-wall and its railings, some half-hundred or more of these men.
Էջ 134 - But our work — behold, that is not abolished, that has not vanished; our work, behold, it remains, or the want of it remains — for endless Times and Eternities, remains; and that is now the sole question with us...
Էջ 169 - Blessed is he who has found his work ; let him ask no other blessedness.
Էջ 251 - But there is one Preacher who does preach with effect, and gradually persuade all persons : his name is Destiny, is Divine Providence, and his Sermon the inflexible Course of Things. Experience does take dreadfully high school-wages ; but he teaches like no other ! I revert to Friend Prudence the good Quaker's refusal of ' seven thousand pounds to boot.
Էջ 137 - Of all the Nations in the world at present the English are the stupidest in speech, the wisest in action. As good as a

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