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Congress of the United States. Begun and held at the city of Washington, in the district of Columbia, on Monday the 2d day of December, in the year of our Lord, 1816, being the Second Session of the FOURTEENTH CONGRESS, under the Constitution of government of the United States :

On which day, being that fixed by the Constitution for the meeting of Congress, Herry CLAY, the Speaker, Thomas DOUGHERTY, the Clerk, and the following members of the House of Representatives appeared, and took their seats, to wit:

Charles H. Atherton,

William Hale,
From New-HAMPSHIRE, Roger Vose,

Daniel Webster,
Jeduthup Wilcox.
William Baylies,
George Bradbury,
Samuel S. Conner,
John W. Hulbert,
Cyrus King,
Jeremiah Nelson,

Albion K. Parris,

John Reed,
Thomas Rice,
Nathaniel Ruggles,
Asahel Stearns,
Solomon Strong,
Samuel Taggart,
Artemas Ward,
Laban Wheaton.

Epaphroditus Champion,

John Davenport, Jud.

Lyman Law,
Jonathan 0. Moseley,
Lewis B. Sturges,
Benjamin Tallmadge

Asa Lyon,
Erom VERMONT, Charles Marsh,

Joho Nores.
Asa Adgate,
Micab Brooks,
Daniel Cady,
Henry Crocheron,

Thomas P. Grosvenor, from New-YORK John Lovett,

Hosea Moffitt,
John Savage,
John W. Taylor,
George Townsend,
Peter H. Wendover,
Ezra Baker,

Ephraim Bateman, from New-JERSEY,

Benjamin Bennett,
Lewis Condict,
Henry Southard,
Thomas Ward.
William Crawford,
William Darlington,
Isaac Griffin,
John Hahn,

Joseph Heister,
From PENNSYLVANIA, Joseph Hopkinson,

Samuel D. Ingham,
Jared Irwin,
Aaron Lyle,
William Milnor,
Jobo Whiteside,
Thomas Wilson

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