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the com Little preser in the

the committee on Pensions and Revolutionary Claims.

On .motion of Mr. Randolph, Ordered, That the petition of Soseph Scott, presented on the 13th day of November, 1811, be referred to the same committee.,

Mr. Archer presented a petition of sundry iphabitants of Harford County, in the State of Maryland, praying that a law may be passed prohibiting, for a limited time, the exportation of bread stuffs, and the distilling of spirituons liquors from grain, in consequence of the short crops of those articles made at the last harvest, and the high price they now bear.

Ordered, That the said petition be referred to the committee of Commerce and Manufactures.

Mr. Little presented a petition of Thomas Murray, master cooper in the nary yard, in the city of Washington, stating that crer since the destruction of the said navy yard, his salary bas been discontinued without his having been dismissed from office, and praying that thc said salary may ba paid to him. ' Ordered, That the said petition be referred to the Secrctary of the Navy.

Mr. Lattimore presented a pctition of John Chambers, praying for a pre-emption right in the purchase of the land on which he resides in the Mississippi Territory.

Ordered, That the said position, toycther with the petition of sundry inhabita!its of St. Stephens, in tlie said Territory, presented on the 12th of Janvary, 1816, bc referred to the Committee on the Public Lands.

Mr. Lowndes, from the committee of Ways and. Mcans, made report upon “ tlic expcdicncy of amending the act caliiled . an act to regulate the

duties on linports and Tonnagc,' so far as it relates to the duis on tonnage,” which report as read: When

Mr. Lowndes reported a bill supplementary to an act to regalaic the drities on Imports and Tonnage," which was read the first and second Tiine, and comunitted to a committee of the whole House to-morrow.,

Mr. Hopkinson, from the committee on the Judiciary, reported a bill to cstablish an uniform sysicm of bankruptcy throughout the United States, which was read tlic first and second time, and comunilicd to a committee of the whole Housc on Monday ncst.

Mr. Julinson), of Kentucky, from the commitice on Military Affairs, reported a bill making donations of land to the disbanded officers of the lato arus of the United States, which was read the first and second tinc, and coimipitted to the committee of the wholc House on the bill for the relief of infirm, disabled, and supcrannuated officers and soldiers.

Afr. Betis, from the committee appointed on the petition of Luther Bingham, made report, whicla was read: When

Mr. Betts, by leave of the Housc, reported a bill for the relief of Luther Bingham, which was road the first and sccond time, and committed to a coinmittce of the whole House to-day.

The following resolution was submiited by Mr. Hardin :

Resolved, that it is expedient to repeal an act cntiiled “ An act to abolish the existing duties on spirits distilled within the United States, and to lay other duties in licu of Ulose at present imposed on licenses to distillers of spirituous liquors," except so much of said act as may enable the govemment to collect the sums now due under said uch, or may become due before the repcal shall take effect.

The said resolution iras read and ordcred to lie on the table.

On motion of Mr. Johnson, of Kentucks, Resolved, That the cornuittce on Pensions and Revolutionary Claiins be directed to inquire into the expediency of paying to t!e heirs of Edward Abbott and John Abbott the pay for their services during the revolutionary war.

On motion of Mr. Johuson, Resolved, That the committee on the Post-Office and Post-Roads, be instructed to inquire into the cxpediency of establishing a post-road from Louisville, on the Ohio, to New-Castle, thence to the town meeting house, thence to Boon court-house, thence to Covington, opposite Cincinnati.

On motion of Mr. Fletcher, Resolycd, That the committee of Claims be instructed to inquire into the expediency of rcmuderating Henry Brother, now of Kentucky; for losses sustained on the Niagara frontier by the United States' army and the chemy.

The Speaker luid before the House a report of the Secretary of the Treasury, on the petition of Pentland, Hegins, and Stcele, which was rcad and referred to the committec of Claims.

The Speaker laid. before the House a letter from the acting Secretary of War, enclosing 5 A plan for classing and arining the militia, and ior calling them forth to crecute the laws of thc Union, suppress insurrections and ropel invasions," in obcdience to a resolution of this House, passed on the 16th of April last; which were read and referred to the cosciticc on a rc-organization of the Militia.

On motion of Mr. Forsyth, The House resumed the consideration of the second resolution submittcd by him on the 4th instant; and the said resolutica being amended to road as follows:

Resolved, That the President bc and he is bere. by requested to order the further exccution of the act, entitled, “ An act to authorize the payment for property lost, captured, or destroyed by the enemy while in the military service of the United States, and for other purposes,” to be suspended until the subject shall be disposed of by this House.

Mr. Webster moved further to annend the same by striking out from the word “ Resolved," and to insert the following: “ That it is expedient to suspend, for the present, all further procecdings under the act passed on the 9th of April, 1816, cntitled, “ An act to authorize the payment for property lost, captured, or destroyed by the enemy while in the military scrvice of the United Siates, and for other purposes," and that the com. mittee of Claims be instructed to bring in a bill for that purpose.

A motion was then made by Mr. Hardin, that the said resolution and amendment lie on the table. And the question being taken,

It passed in the affirmativc. Ordered, That when the House adjourns, it will adjourn until Monday next.

And then the House adjourned until 12 o'clock op Alonday.

MONDAY, December 16, 1816.

Ordered, That Mr. Goldsborough have leave of absence for tiro weeks.

Mr. Reed, presented a petition of Thomas

Cooke, jun. collector of the customs for the port of Edgartown, in Massachusetts, praying for an incrcase of compensation.

Ordered, That the said petition be referred to the Secretary of the Treasury.

Mr. Pitkin, presented a petition of Ezekiel Williams, praying to be exonerated from the payment of duties on his distillery for the time ihat the saine was unoccupied.

Mr. Clark, of New York, presented a petition of Joseph Landon and Ira Tracy, praying to be exonerated from the payment of judgments obtained against them, as the sureties of a certain Bateman Fisk, in bonds given to secure the payment of duties on his distillery.

Mr. Irring, presented a petition of Nathaniel Tast, who is confined in prison, in the city of NewYork, on a judgment obtained at the suit of the United States, praying to be discharged from his imprisonment.

Mr. Tucker, prescated a petition of Robert Meuck, praying to be exonerated from the paymont of a bond given by him to secure the duties payable on. his distillery, as he was unable to use the same, because of the failure of the principle upon which it was crccted.

Mr. Harrison, presented a petition of Jesse Hunt & Hunt. Riddle & Piatt, merchants, of Cincinnati, in the State of Ohio, praying for an extension of the time of payment of certain bonds given to secure the payident of duties on inerchandise imported by thicro into the port of Ne:r-Orleans.

Ordered, That il:e said petitious be referred to the committce of Ways and Means.

On motion of Mr. Pleasants, Ordered, That so much of the perition of C. H. Sauoders and Manuel Judah, prusented up the 17th

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