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the legislative business before them, are not ready to adjouro.

An adjournment being moved and seconded,

Mr. Speaker arose and addressed the House as follows:.:

or the ability and impartiality with which benrans residel or its deliberations, and the correcinBefore I perform the last duty of the presiding officer of the House, I will avail myself of the occasion to make my respectful acknowledgments for the lattering expression of favourable opinion which has been recents made, and which was rendered more interesting by the quarter from which it proceeded. Next to the approbation of one's own conscience, and one's couotry, that of the immediate representatives of the people must ever be most acceptable. But I feel, that in the instance of that just bestowed on me, I am more indebted to the kindness than to the justice of the House. For I am quite sensible, that in the course of my administration of the duties of the chair, called upon, as I frequently was, promptly to decide complicated and embarrassing questions, as they suddeuly arose, I must have committed many errors. And if I have been able, in any degree, to satisfy the just expectations of the House, it is owing to that liberal support which has been, on all sides, generously accorded me. Action Pichthouse on 0.16.00

Io legislation there are three periods of extraordinary dis. ficulty, and requiring great fortitude. The frst is that which immediately precedes a war, and in whicb preparation is made for the event. The second, that which accoinpanies the war; and the third that which immediately follows the war. During the two first, however, there were animating circumstances always existing, wbich invigorated the legis lative function. During the last, the stimulus is gone, and being replaced by relaxation, the legislator needs ncore for titude. He has to survey the whole fabric of the State ; to accommodate it to the new circumstances in which it is placed; to proride a revenue for redeeming the debt of the

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war; to retrench, and, by the reduction of the establishments, to dismiss from the service of the country many of those who bave nobly contributed to sustain its glory.

It has been your lot, gentlemen, to be cast in the last of the three periode mentioned. And I take great pleasure, regardless of the motives which may be ascribed to me, in testifying to the patience, the diligence, and the zeal which you have manifested in the public service. I am greatly de ceived if, as the result of your labours, at no distant day, there will not be acknowledged to have been laid by you, the deepest foundations of the national prosperity. That you may long continue to lire to witness and to participate in that prosperity; and tbat you may experience, on your return to your respective homes, every blessing of which our nature is susceptible, is the ardent wish of one, who, wherever he may be, will never cease to cherish of all of you, the most agreeable and affectionate recollections.

It remains for me only to announce, that this House slands adjourned sine die.




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Absence, leave of, granted to

Mr. Goldsborough, .
Mr. Darlington,
Mr. Thomas Wilson,
Mr. Irwin,

Mr. Avery,

Mr. Baylies, o

Mr. Rice, . .
Mr. Wheaton, .
Mr. Blount,

Mr. Miller,
Academy, (see military academy)
Accounts, committee of, appointed, (see committee).
provision for the prompt settlement of public 315

(see bills from the senate)
Accountability for public moneys, letter from the beads

of departments upon the subject of i • 247
Adjournment, daily bour of, fixed . . 8, 131
African slave trade, further restrictions recommended

by the president to be imposed
ou the

committee on. (see commillee)
Agriculture, bill to establish a national board of . 440
Alabama territory, the eastern part of the Mississippi
territory to be a separate territory, by the name of the 442

(sce bills froin the scnate)
Alexandria, bill to erect a court house and jail ia 133
Algiers, uncertain state of our relations with . 12
Alien duties paid on British regsels, information of 335, 355

(see bills)
Allison,'Rev. Burgess, appointed a chaplain . 31
Andre, Major, motion to hare a painting executed il-
lustrating the capture of .

. 488, 489
Appeal froin the speaker's decision an a question of
order, .


Appropriations, estimates of

bills making, (see the various bills).
Arms, a statement to be laid before the bouse, of the

contracts heretofore made for the supply of 454
report concerning a contract with Elias Earle for
the supply of . .

Armoury near Newport, in Kentucky, inotion to esta-
blisb an.

. . 108, 109, 194
Armouries, the secretary of war directeil to report upon

the propriety of establishing national . . 454
Army, inquiry into the expediency of altering the pre-

sent system of supplying provisions for the .43
motion to reduce the

180, 404, 426, 430
strength of the .

regulation of the pay, &c. of the medical staff of
the .

. 373
better organization of the general staff, and inak.

ing further provision for the . . 526, 532
Artillery, motion to place on a more equal footing, as

to promotion, the officers of .
Assessors, emoluments of .
Attorney general, tbe president recommends an iucrease

of salary, and that further provision
be made for tbe accommodation of

bill concerning the . . 210, 220
letter from the heads of departments

respectiog the office of .
Attorneys, regulation of the sees of the district 412, 424

(see bills)
Auditors, provision for the appointment of five

(see bill from the senale, selllement of public accounts)
Allen, Thomas I.

41, 119, 138

(report to lie) .
Arden, John

• .

Abbot, Edward and John
Albert, Elizabeth .

. . . . 71, 9.
Anderson. Alexander,


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210, 220


Armstrong, Jobo ..

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(bill No. 96).

Arnold, Williama .
Allen, John, (see Joseph Summers) ' .
Adams, Jobo .

· 117, 496
(petition rejected)

Tohlexandria, levy court of 315} (bill No. 90)


Armon, Nancy, (resolution) er engin 149, 328
n be the constitutionistis? hoill No. 96).it

123, 133
101 be canced som any parts or it within
m American society for colonizing free negroes, 199,380

o insufficient precedents}(resolution)
Averill, Elipbalet

class of the constitution

Atkinson, Sarah
Is on a tinite prt01 (petition rejectedy pra

American society for the promotion of agricul. 20
pa ture,

il Find of hpo 304, 380

Abhot, Seth
Allison, Burgess,. ?? ne oplod 602 354
Allen, Hannah . . . . . 398
Alesis, Lewis .


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Balances, unsettled, annual reports of, . 344, 424
Bank of the United States, (see national bank)
Bank notes not current, inquiry as to what amount re-

mains in the public treasury . .
Banks within ibe Dist. of Col. inquiry into the proprie-

ty of probibiting the es
tablishmeut of addition-

al, &c. . . 35
sundry bills incorporating

several 92, 93, 97, 119, 330
bill from the senate to in-

corporate certain 502

(sce bills from the senate)
Bankruptcy, unisorm system of, to be established, 66, 459
Barbary poirers, motion to require the Secretary of

State to report the expense of intercourse with the 552
Barrack masters, further provision for . . 185

(see bill making further provision for military services)
Barron, James, extra pay allowed to

. 558
Bayou St. John and the Canal de Carondelet, bill av

thorizing vessels to clear out at New-Orleans departo
ing from the town of . . . . 480

(see bills from the sense)
Beaumarchais' heirs, application of the French goveru-
ment on behalf of

. 318
Bill for internal improvement returned by the president
with objections,


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