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Horses seized by United States authorities in the State of Indiana.

Letter from the Secretary of War relative to claims for..
Hot Springs reserve, in Arkansas. Message of the President of the

United States relative to the...

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No. 7. Report of J. W.P. Huntingdon, superintendent..
No.8. Report of Amos Harvey, Grande Ronde agency.
No.9. Report of J. B. Clark, teacher, Grande Ronde agency.
No. 10. Report of John Smith, Warm Springs agency
No. 11. Report of J. U.D. Gillett, teacher, Warm Springs agency
No. 12. Report of G. W. Collins, Alsea sub-agency
No. 13. Report of Benjamin Simpson, Siletz agency.
No. 14. Report of W. H. Barnhart, Umatilla agency.
No. 15. Report of A. S. White, superintendent of farming, Umatilla
No. 15 A. Report of Father Warneersch, principal teacher for the

Walla-Walla, Cayuse, and Umatilla tribes
No. 15 B. Report of Lindsay Applegate, Ashland Mills sub-agency..



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No. 16. Report of Charles Maltby, superintendent.
No. 17. Report of Robert L. Stockton, Huopa Valley Reserve agency.
No. 18. Report of B. L. Fairfield, Round Vailey Reservation agency.
No. 19. Report of George J. Hoffman, special agent, Tule River farm.
No. 20. Report of G. Kingsbury, special agent, Smith River reserve..
No. 21. Letter from Charles Maltby, superintendent .
No. 21 A. Letter from William Bryson, agent, Smith River reserva-

No. 21 B. Letter of Charles Maltby, superintendent
No. 21 C. Report of William Bryson, agent, Smith River reservation.
No. 21 D. Letter from Charles Maltby, superintendent..
No. 22. Report of J. Q. A. Stanley, special agent, Los Angeles
No. 23. Communication from Charles Maltby, superintendent
No. 24. Communication from D. N. Cooley, superintendent of Indian


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No.50. Annual report of Governor Cummings, superintendent ex

No:51. Letter of Governor Cummings, February 14, 1866
No.52. Report of Agent Oakes, February 12, 1866..
No.53. Letter of Governor Cummings, June 9, 1866
No.54. Instructions to Governor Cummings, July 22, 1866
No.55. Correspondence relative to recent hostilities..

No.56. Report of Major General Corse, January 11, 1866, disposi-

tions for peace..
No. 57. Report of Governor Edmunds, February 15, 1866, suffering

of Indians
No.58. Report of Special Agent Day, March 5, 1866, suffering of

No. 59. Report of Governor Edmunds, March 7, 1866, suffering of

No. 60. Report of Agent Hanson, traffic in liquor
No. 61. Office reply to Agent Hanson ..
No. 62. Report of Governor Edmunds relative to settlement of Sioux

and Crow Creek..
No. 63. Letter of General Curtis, May 30, 1866, relative to conduct

of Indians ....
No. 64. Report of northwestern treaty commissioner to Upper Mis-

souri Indians...
No. 65. Annual report of Governor Edmunds, superintendent ex

officio ...
No. 66. Resolution of House of Representatives relative to Dakota

No. 67. Report of Special Agent Johnston relative to Yancton agency.
No. 68. Report of Special Agent Graves relative to Yancton agency..
No. 69. Request of Agent Conger for medals for Yancton chiefs.
No.70. Annual report of Agent Potter, Poncas



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No. 71. Report of Governor Lyon, March 1, 1866..
No. 72. Report of Special Agent Hough...
No. 73. Annual report of Governor Ballard, superintendent ex officio..
No.74. Letters relative to proposed reservation for Spokanes.
No. 75. Agent O'Neill's annual report, Nez Percés agency
No. 76. Report of farmer at Nez Percés agency..


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No. 77. Report of Acting Governor Meagher, December 14, 1865...
No. 77 4. Correspondence showing hostilities of Blackfeet...
No. 78. Letter of Acting Governor Meagher relative to Bannocks and

No. 79. Letter of Agent Chapman relative to removal of Flathead agency
No. 80. Letter of Agent Chapman relative to Hudson Bay Company

No, 80 A. Office reply to Agent Chapman
No.81. Report of H. D. Upham, in charge of Blackfeet agency.
No. 82. Report of Agent Wright, August 30, 1866. Blackfeet agency

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No. 83. Letter of Colonel Maynadier, January 25, 1866, Fort Laramie
No. 84. Major General Pope to Secretary of Interior, February 12, 1866
No.85. Major General Dodge to General Pope, March 12, 1866..
No. 86. Colonel Maynadier's letter, burial of a daughter of a Sioux chief
No.87. Report of treaty commission at Fort Laramie...
No.88, Agent Patrick's report, Upper Platte agency.
No. 89. Superintendent Taylor's annual report
No. 90. Agent Mathewson's report, Winnebago agency
No. 91. Agent Furnas's report, Omaha agency
No. 92. Report of teacher, Omaha agency.
No. 93. Report of Superintendent Taylor, allotments at Omaba agency
No. 94. Agent Smith's report, Ottoe and Missouri agency
No. 95. Agent Norris's report, Great Nemaha agency..
No.96. Report of Agent Wheeler. Attack by Sioux upon Pawnees..
No. 97. Letter of Superintendent Taylor relative to reported Indian

No. 98. Letter of General Cloud to the superintendent, charging hos-

tilities upon Pawnees and other tribes, and reply papers relating to

the Santee Sioux...
No. 99. Recommendations of Superintendent Taylor, February 20, 1866
No. 100. Withdrawal from sale of lands at Niobrara
No. 101. Letter of Rev. H. W. Reed relative to removal of Indians..
No. 102. Office report, April 20, 1866 relative to disposition, Santee

Sioux matters and funds
No. 102 A. Draught of proposed bill..
No. 103. Letter of Hon. W. A. Burleigh to President, protesting against

removal of Indians
No. 104. Office report on same..
No. 105. Report of Rev. H. W. Reed relative to Indians at Crow creek
No. 106. Office report relative to Sioux, in answer to resolution of

House of Representatives .
No. 107. Instruction to Special Agent Kilpatrick to take charge of

Sioux released at Davenport...
No. 108. Report of Special Agent Kilpatrick .
No. 109. Letter of Commissioner of Land Office relative to Niobrara

No. 110. Report of special Agent Adams relative to friendly Sioux of

No. 111. Report of same, June 26, 1866
No.111 A. Letter of Right Rev. A. B. Whipple; claims of friendly Sioux
No. 112. Letter of northwestern treaty commissioners relative to J. R.


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No. 113. Annual report of Agent Stone, Santee Sioux agency.
No. 114. Report of teacher, Santee Sioux agency.
No. 115. Report of farmer, Santee Sioux agency-
No. 116. Report of Superintendent Taylor. Preparations for winter,
Santee Sioux agency

No. 117. Superintendent Murphy's annual report.....
No. 118. Agent Pratt's annual report, Delaware agency.
No. 119. Delaware code of laws
No. 120. Report of teacher, Delaware agency
No. 121. Correspondence relative to Wyandott affairs.
No. 122. Report of special agent relative to Wyandotts.
No. 123. Agent Adams's annual report
No. 124. Report of special agent. Efforts to make treaty with Kick-

No. 125. Agent Abbott's annual report
No. 126. Official report, Ottawa University
No. 127. Communication from Ottawa Indians.
No. 128. Agent Palmer's annual report, Pottawatomies.
No. 129. Report of teacher, Pottawatomies
No. 130. Letter of H. C. Henderson
No. 131. Agent Martin's annual report, Sac and Fox agency
No 132. Report of Special Agent Irwin, investigation at Sac and Fox

No. 133. Letter of Agent Martin, Sac and Foxes at Iowa.
No. 134. Queries by Chippewas of Kansas as to their status.
No. 135. Office reply to above ...
No. 136. Report of Superintendent Murphy, annuity payment to Sacs

and Foxes...
No. 137. Agent Farnsworth's annual report, Kansas agency.
No. 137 A B. Reports of school at Kansas agency...
No. 138. Report of agent relative to Kansas agency school
No. 139. Report of Captain Gordon, U. S. A., March 5, 1866, escort

with goods for Arapahoes, &c ...
No. 140. Report of Major Wynkoop, April 8, 1866, conference with

No. 141. Instructions to Major Wynkoop, July 25, 1866.
No. 142. Report of Major Wynkoop, August 11, 1866..
No. 143. Report of Agent Taylor, Arapaboes, Cheyennes, &c...
No. 144. Superintendent Murphy sends letter of Agent Taylor, October
6, 1866..

No. 145. Letter from Superintendent Sells, September 30, 1866. No

annual report....
No. 146. Office report relative to disposition of Indians for territorial

government ...
No. 147. First report of Major General Sanborn, in charge of freed-

No. 148. Report of Major General Sanborn
No. 149. Final report of Major General Sanborn. Asks to be relieved

No. 150. Agent Martin's annual report
No. 150 A. Report of teachers of Oneida mission school, Episcopal
No. 150 B. Report of teachers of Oneida mission school, Methodist..
No. 150 C. Report of teachers of Stockbridge mission school....
No. 150 D E F. Report of teachers of Menomonee schools....
No. 150 G H I. Report of farmer, miller, and smith, Menomonee

No. 151. Office letter to agent, relief of Stockbridges...
No. 152. Department letter, claim of Wisconsin to certain lands.

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No. 153. Agent Clark's annual report
No. 1531. Report on location of new agency:
No. 154. Agent's report relative to prosecution for sale of liquor....
No. 155. Agent's report relative to the threatened disturbance at Leech

No. 156. Agent's report relative to same subject....

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No. 157. Agent Webb's report relative to church at Bad river...

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No. 159. Agent Smith's arnual report...
No. 160. Memorial of citizens for restoration to market of Indian lands

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No. 162. Correspondence relative to taxation of Indian lands......
No. 163. Decision of United States Supreme Court in Michigan liquor
No. 164. Office report relative to licenses..
No. 165. Report relative to Kindergarten schools
No. 166. Enactment of July, 1866 relative to licenses, statistics.
No. 167. Indian trust land sales
No. 168. Indian trust funds, 1,2,3..
No. 169. Liabilities of the United States to Indian tribes...
No. 170. Population, schools, individual property, &c...
No. 171. Farming statistics, products of industry, &c...
No. 172. Recapitulation of statistics of 1866, compared with 1865 and

No. 173. Census for Indian tribes corrected for 1866



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No. 1. Report of Rev. E. C. Chirouse, teacher of Tulalip school

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No.4. Annual report of D. H. Wheeler, late agent, Pawnees
No.5. Annual report of J. B. Maxfield, teacher of Pawnee school....

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No.6. Annual report of J. W. Dunn, Creek agent...
No.7. Statistics of Creek agency
No. 8. Annual report of George A. Reynolds, Seminole agency
No.9. Statistics of Seminole agency
No. 10. Annual report

H. Shanklin, Wichita agency.

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