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reference, and having heard the Presbytery of Glasgow in explanation of it, they unanimously and most respectfully recommend, that the finding of the General Assembly should be of the following tenor: that the Presbytery of Glasgow having felt it their duty to enquire of Mr. David Thom, (who had received from them licence as a Probationer, and ordination as a Minister of this Church), whether he were the author of a pamphlet bearing his name on the title page, and containing opinions inconsistent with the standards of this Church ;* and the said Mr. David Thom having, in his official answer, addressed to their Moderator, declared, that he “accounts the government of this Church to be unscriptural," and that he "objects to all and every species of Church Government, (as it is called)," and concludes by stating in express terms : "you will of course understand, that the import of this letter is to intimate to you, that my connection with you as a body is henceforth at an end;" and having made no compearance before this Assembly, although the intention of the Presbytery to make this reference was duly intimated to him; the General Assembly find and declare, that the said Mr. David Thom is no longer to be considered as a Minister or Licentiate of this Church, and that he is incapable of receiving or accepting a presentation or call to any Parish or Chapel of Ease in this Church, without the special allowance of some future General Assembly; and the Assembly prohibit all Ministers of this Church from employing him to preach or perform any ministerial offices for them, or from being so employed by him, unless some future Assembly shall see cause to take off this prohibition.' The General Assembly approved of the Report of the Committee in all respects, and found and decerned accordingly."

“ Extracted by

JOHN LEE, CI. Eccl. Scot."

* A curious admission; not inconsistent with the Word of God.


Riddick & Kerr, Printers, Liverpool.

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Works by the Author, to be procured from SIMPKIN and MARSHALL, London,

W. GRAPEL, Liverpool, and the other Booksellers.

1. REMARKS, by the Rev. DAVID THOM, Minister of the Scotch Church, Rodney-street, Liverpool, on a series of charges recently preferred against him, before the Reverend the Presbytery of Glasgow, by certain individuals connected with the management of the said Church. With a copious Appendix.1825. ls. 6d.

2. MEMORIAL submitted by the Rev. DaviD Thom, to the Presbytery of Glasgow, regarding the theological points of his case. Second edition. 1825. 8d.

3. A LETTER to the Rev. RICHARD T. P. POPE, adverting to some im. portant mistakes committed by him in his recent Controversy with the Rev. Taomas Maguire. By OBSERVER.—1827. Is. 6d.

4. THREE QUESTIONS PROPOSED AND ANSWERED, concerning the Life forfeited by Adam, the Resurrection of the Dead, and Eternal Punishment. — 1828. 2s. 6d. (Of this edition scarcely half a dozen copies remain.)

5. RECENT CORRESPONDENCE between the Presbytery of Glasgow, and the Rev. David Thom, occasioned by a second interference on their part with him.-1828. 8d.

6. The MIRACLES of the IRVING SCHOOL shewn to be unworthy of serious examination.—1832. ls.

7. The ASSURANCE OF FAITH, or CALVINISM identified with UNIVER. SALISM.--1833. 2 volumes octavo. 21s.

The Author intends submitting to the public, at an early period, a work on the scriptural distinction between SOUL and SPIRIT.


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