The Theatrical 'world' of 1893-1897

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Էջ 130 - Of aspect more sublime : that blessed mood In which the burthen of the mystery, In which the heavy and the weary weight Of all this unintelligible world. Is lightened; that serene and blessed mood. In which the affections gently lead us on...
Էջ 115 - ... experience — the sensations of a soldier in battle and in flight. In the second act all is changed. Bluntschli, in whom the author practically speaks in his own person, without any effort at dramatization, has almost disappeared from the scene, and the really dramatic effort commences in the characterization of the Byronic swaggerer, Sergius Saranoff, and the working out of his relation to Rai'na. At once Mr Shaw's ease and lightness of touch desert him, and we find ourselves in Mr Gilbert's...
Էջ 111 - But I more than suspect that he conceives himself to have written a serious comedy, a reproduction of life as it really is, with men and women thinking, feeling, speaking, and acting as they really do think, feel, speak and act. Instead of presenting an episode in the great war between the realms of Griinewald and Gerolstein, or in the historic conflict between Paphlagonia and Grim Tartary, he places his scene in the (more or less) real principality of Bulgaria, dates his action to the year and day...
Էջ xvii - ... not in the least due to the vanity and jealousy of the actor-manager: it is due to his popularity. The strongest fascination at a theatre is the fascination of the actor or actress, not of the author. More people go to the Lyceum Theatre to see Mr Irving and Miss Ellen Terry than to see Shakespear's plays; at all events, it is certain that if Mr Irving were to present himself in as mutilated a condition as he presented King Lear, a shriek of horror would go up from all London.

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