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taioed—That the Wesleyan Methodists are one Body in every part of the world.

(2.) That the British Conference have frequently rejoiced in the very favourable accounts which bave been received, year after year, of the great and glorious work which God is graciously carrying on in the United States of America ; but that it is with peculiar pleasure that they receive a Representative from the General Conference in America.--'The statement given by our beloved Brother, MR. EMURY, of the present state of Methodism in America, has been received with inuch joy; and the Conference hereby expresses its high satisfaction, not only in the declaration, but in the proof of the love of our American Brethren in fully openiog the way for a brotherly intercourse between the European and the American Societies.

(3.) That the Conference particularly rejvices in the zeal which is manifesto ted by our American Brethren, in carrying the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the lodian tribes, and in the success which God has already given to their labours in that natural and moral wilderness; and hopes, that the time is drawiog near, when the aborigines of that vast Continent shall become the mild and gentle followers of our gracious Redeemer.

(4.) That it is the earnest wish of this Conference, that the kind and friendly intercourse which is now opened between the British and Americau Confer. ences should be continued; and that, prior to the time of the next General Conference in America, the British Conference will appoint one or mure of their Body to visit our Brethren in America, and to be present at their General Conference.

(5.) That a letter shall be sent to the American Brethren, containing these Resolutions, and trongly expressing our high approbation of the selection of our highly-esteemed Brother, Mr. Emory, as their Representative to our Conference, and our earnest desire and prayer, that, in the spirit of Cbristian Love, we may ever be one in Christ Jesus.

(6.) That ibere shall be a regular exchange of Minutes, Magazines, Missiopary Reports and Notices, and of all new original Works. published by the European and American Methodists, from their respective Book-Rooms.




Savannah, (Geo.) Sept. 25, 1820.

His parents were members of the Rev. Nathan Bangs and Tho. Mason, Protestant Episcopal Church; DEAR BRETHREN,

which he was bapiized. Upon their You will oblige the South-Car. death, (which occurred wben Henry elina Conference by giving the fol- was about nine years old, he was conlowing brief sketch a place in your fided to the care of the Rev. William Magazine.

Bingham, master of an academy io the We regret that we cannot speak of interior of the state of North Caroliour beloved younger brother, more na; and under the care and tuition of circumstantially. We have not ac.

this gentleman, he continued, until afcess to those, who, for the greater ter that happy event which exalsed part of his life, were most intimately the amiable orpban boy into the adophis associates. Excellent young man tion of grace. could we tell all the hidden labours of

He was about fifteen years old when his heart, the recollection which we this took place; and always afterhave of him, assures us, they would wards was distinctly remarkable for give a lesson of no ordinary worth.

the coosisteocy and purity of his ChrisLewis Myers,

tian character.

Nor do we mean by this purity of

character, that idoled amiableness, HENRY THOMAS FitzGERALD, was which is but the result of a virtuous born on the 26th of August, 1797, in education ;-nor do we intend, that the town of Wilmington, N. Carolina, undefined religiousness, which, by a

W. CAPERS,} Committee.

current charity, is made to consist lo vain the enemy sought througte with a thousand improprieties, and to his native modesty aod diffidence, to veil or to sanctify ihem all, because counteract the convictions of his heart. the Christian is a youth. His was the ln vain the consideration of his youth, religion of the gospel, as it is midis- was urged against bis assuming an of tered to the soul by the Holy Ghost, fice so sacred, and involving a respon. with power; and in bim, were to be sibility so awful; and the reluctance discerned those tempers and habits, of nature, to a most cross-bearing life, which are declared in the scriptures was felt in vain. His faith and confito be peculiarly Christian, and to be dence in God bis Saviour-his well-inonly of the operation of God through structed conscience-his ardent love, the Spirit.

and zeal for the souls of men gave him Just what the belierer professes to the victory; and after many prayers, experience when at forty years old, he and strong cries to God for direction is * born again," and passed from and support, he offered himself to the death unto life,” did this excellent Quarterly Conference, to be licensed youth experience at fifteen. And, by to preach; and was, by that Conferthe very same rule of judgment, which ence, recommended to the South Carwould decide for the aged, wben the olina Annual Conference (held in Dehistory of his life is ascertained to ac- cember 1817) as a proper person to cord with bis professed experience, do be employed in the itinerancy, we declare of our beloved youoger The Conference admitted him, an! brother, that he was a most consistent he was appointed to the Little-river Chris ian.

circuit, (Georgia) for the year 1918. Soon after his conversion he return- Here, in the stripling preacher, was ed to Wilmington ;-in reference it early recognized the man of God; would seem, to a permanent establish- and the sprightliness of his genius, and ment; and the business chosen for the urbanity of his manners, joined him was that of a dry-good mer- with an ardent piety, gained bim unichant.

versal esteem. How minute is the providence of For the year 1819, he was appointGod !--Our young convert bad now ed one of the junior preachers for the attached himself to the Methodist city of Charleston; where be closed Church; and in Wilmington there bis short but lual life. His senilived a minister of this branch of the or colleague upon this station, thus church who was himself a mercbaut. speaks of hiun: It is easy to determine why the pious “ In Charleston, he laboured with and iateresting youth, should become zeal and success : preaching, visiting the minister's clerk. He became so: the sick, aod attending upon the raand afterwards (and before he was rijus duties of the Churchi, as a soo is yet twenty years old) commenced the gospel, with readiness and cheerbusiness for hinself. But other things fuloess. were intended for him.

“He was respected by the members It affords an interesting contempla- of our church, and by all who knew tion to behold a young man, while him. He was very studious: very few get upon the thresħhold of life, turn- of his age have made equal progress ing away from the enchantment of its in the various studies connected with business, its pleasures, and emolu- bis calling. Had be lived, he would revis; and, patient of the cross, rea- probably have shined as a star of the dy to resign himself to the service of first magnitude in the firmament of the church.

the church. But the Lord does all Our beloved brother had already, things well: On Saturday, the 11th of in part, entered upon this service: and Sepiember, he was attacked with the 10 those who are acquainted with the yellow fever. Medical aid was imme. economy of Methodism, it will be re- diately had, but to no avail; and on garded highly recommendatory, that Friday the 17th of September, he es. earlier than his twentieth year, he bad pired. His disease was extremely viobeen the leader of a class. But bis lent, and sometimes seemed to affect soul was labouring under the impres- the sanity of bis mind; but at all times sion of a higher duts :-his spirit was he was patient and resigned, and apstirred up within him to declare peared entirely devoted to God. abroad the unscarchable riches of " Nor was he without peculiar manChrist.

ifestations of the Divine favour. At

one time, when spoken to relative to “When wilt thou possess the earth as his fulure prospects, he exclaimed, thy indubitable right!”

** His last end was peace, and assu. “Then shall I see and hear and know, rance of eternal life." All I desired or wished below; And every power find sweet employ,

“O the depth of the riches both of In that eternal world of joy."

the wisdom and knowledge of God!

How unsearchable are bis judgments; “At another time be ejaculated, and his ways past finding out ?"





From the London Methodist Magazine.

Their harps symphonious, and higher raised THE INCARNATION.

Their voices, praising the eternal Father

For his amazing love to fallen men. LONG had the voice of prophecy foretold The heavenly host with all their power comMessiah's advent. “Unto us is born

bine, A son; a child to us is given. Op him

To bless and praise the God of love. Louder Sballlie the rule of nations : and his name And louder still the concert rose, till He Shall be, the Wonderful, the Counsellor, Spoke to a seraph nearest to his tarone, The mighty God, the everlasting Sire,

And bade him go to earth, and there make The Prince of Peace. His government and peace known Shall stili increase for ever. He shall sit To those few shepherds, near to Bethlehem, On David's throne, and kingdom evermore. What he had done. The winged messenger, With judginent and with justice, he shall sway, Swift passed the radiant hosts, and reached the Ilis righteous sceptre : all sball he order,

gates: All establish firm. I, the Lord, have said, A multitude soon followed in his train. And will perform my word.” On earth was And now the air about the shepherds

glowed known

With beavenly glory, as the angel band Heaven's high determination. Joy was felt Came down from heaven. The shepherds, By those who waited for salvation here.

terrified, Prophets and kings desired to see the day, Grew pale, and trembled at the awful sight. Which should elucidate the great design,

To them it seem'd all heaven was come to Unveiling to the feeble view of man, The Deity. The promise made by God, Around them shone, the light ethereal, They knew would be fulfilled. Firm as a rock With dazzling blaze. “ Fear pot," the serapk It stood; sure as eternity Their minds In contemplarive frame, oft viewed by faith, “Behold, glad tidings of great joy I bring The glory which should follow-Messiah

* To you, aud all the fallen race of man. Ruling all. Earnestly they prayed to see “In David's city, Betblehem, is born This happy season, but they prayed in vain. “ This day, a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord,

Revolving suns and seasons now brought near “And this shall be your sign, the babe you'll The incarnation of the Son of God.

find His chosen people sought to see their king; “ Wrapp'd round with swaddling-clothes; and, And eagerly expected he would now

mark it well, Appear in all his glory and with might “ Not in a mansion, but a manger laid.” And majesty, exalt their favoured land,

This said, the seraph ceased, and now the bose And place them on the pinnacle of power, Of angels which attended him from benyen, And universal monarchy. Attent

Broke out in praise to God: each vied with They beard each whisper which concerned

each their prince;

To sing with sweetest melody, and tune
And watched each personage of note; that they Their softest notes upon their golden harps.
Might first ingratiate themselves with him. All glory in the highest be to God;

Thus when a mariner, whose ship the winds “ On earth be peace, towards all men good
And waves have wrecked, and left him but a

will." boal,

With sopys like these the angel band retire
Watches for land, and thinks he spies it now: Singing to heaven : gwiltly they join their
He spreads his sail to reach the hoped-for shore :
But when arrived at this expected land,

And all in one exalted chorus laud
He finds 'tis only clouds--the shadow's gone- Jehovah's name. The hymning cherubim
Tis fled-be's still at sea. So was it here. Tried their best straips: With sweetest melody
But while the worldly sought among the They struck their iyres sonorous, chavting soft

Ileaven's choicest songs. The music echoing For God's Messiah ; be in Bethlehem Was humbly born. The Saviour of mankind Through all the ethereal vault, and ecstacy Appeared in proverty, in luman shape.

Filled each angelic breast: such bappiness A servant's form he took, tho' destined soap They ne'er had felt, as now their souls inspired To pay th' enormous debt of all our sins.

Enraptured were the shepherds when tbey His glory he laid by : bis Deity

heard He hid behind the veil of human flesh.

Angelic voices sing, and praise their Gol: A tender infant hema helpless babe,

For such melodious notes were ne'er before Although omnipotent-Ancient of days. Sounded in morial ear. They listened long In heaven tbe melody of cherubim

To catch the flying sound: they beard it far And şeraphim increases Afresh they tuned Reverberating through the ait. And when





The angels had retired, to take their seats Like as a mirror, placed before the sun,
Again in heaven, still they kept listening. Conceutrates and reflects its glowing rays;
The music long resounded in their ears. So stood the seraph, and rejected brighi
At length, recovered from their ecstacy, Heaven's beams to Bethlehem, where Jesus lay.
They wondered at this deed--then all fell down, The eastern magl, gazing at the stars,
And humbly blessed their God—then rose, and Saw this and wondered ; straight they rose and
On what devolved on them to do advised; To see the new-born King: arrived they saw
u To Bethlehem let us this instant go,

Meanly attired, the King of heaven anri earth. “ And see this thing which there is come to pass, Prostrate they fell, the incarnate God ador'd, "That which the Lord hath now to us made Then opened all their treasures, and to him known."

Offer'd their gifts : sweet smelling frunkincense With joint consent they rise, and towards the Arabian myrth, with valuable gold. place

Emmanuel, hail thou King of glory, bail! They bent their steps. The light which just had Hail to our world! hail to our hearts! matchless shone

In majesty, matchless in might, go forth From heaven around them, nocturnal darkness From conquering to conquer. o may all Made t'appear in ten-fold gloom. The voices Who live, and move and are in thee, submit Which had lauded fortb melodious praises Their hearts to thy blest sway. Thy wondrous To the God of heaven, made as the shepherds

love Traversed o'er the fields, the nightiy silence Sball then resound from sbore to shore, and all Lonely. Onward they hastened to the place, Conspire to glorify their God. Angels Anxious to see their Prince. An unseen hand

With rapturous amaze, eternally Guided their steps. Joseph and Mary there Shall sound its depths unsearchable: bat their They saw ; and in a manger found the Babe. Most strenuous efforts, finding all in vain. When they had seen this just accomplishment, Ever shall cry astonished, o lhe depth. Instant they told the vision, which appeared Ride on, o King Messiah, to possess To them that night, while watching o'er their The sovereign rule of all O glorious Sun flocks,

of Righteousness arise, shed forth thy beams, Astonished stood all those who heard: wonder Thy healing beams Divine-s0 shall all heaven, Possessed their hearts Anew the shepherds So shall all

earth acknowledge, God with us. praised

Messiah's reign's begun on earth, but bear, And glorified their gracious God: their hearts My soul, does he reign over thee? Art thog Enkindled into rapture as they spoke.

The subject of the King of kings? Is Christ, Again was known in heaven 'the will of him The only hope of glory, formed in thee? Who sits between the cherubim. Forth flew Remember, twas for this he came to earth. A flaming seraph, and with matchless speed He laid his glory by: all heaven was moved, Descended to a massy orb, placed on

To gain this end—that he might be thy king. The east of heaven, and there refulgent stood.

T. W

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