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prewed that Mr. Dallas did not protest against the propound - official intercone between the Bertsch. bordument and the musimano of the increports, as well quali against the demande for explanations made by the British box churmant. It is due however to allt. Dallas to that out mottuations had been given only to you and not to him and that his loyalty and fidelity, in these times f


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wish the so-called Commisioners is liable to be cructices as a recog mition of the authoring which appointed them. Such in tecouse would be none the less

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and meaningless, of it is not expedie to ripen ento official intercounte and direct recognition. It's left doubtful here whether the proposed sofficial intercourse has got actually begun. Your own present instructions are deemed explicit enough, and it is hoped that you have not misunderstood

thand. You will or any event
desist from all intercoured
whatever, unofficial.

as well as

official with the Betish boreina


ament, so long as it shall contine
interconised of either sind mich
the domestic enemises of this country

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confining gofiicely simply delivery of a copy of this paper to the Secretary of dipe **After dong this you met

communicate with this


for the con

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Department and receive farther directions.

Lord Johne Russell has informed us of an understanding & veruments that

its and French

between the Brit


they will act together in regard mus affairs. This communication However loses something of its value from the circumstance that the communication was withheld until


after im Knowledge of the Jait had acquired by us from other sources We know also another fact that has 6 yet been officially com

adopt on the subject of recognition. The United States have been impartial and just in all their conduct towards the several nations of Europe. They will not complain however of the combination now announced by two leading powers, although thing think they had a oright to expect independent if not a more

You will take no notice of that on other alliance Whenever the


European governments shall su fit to communicate directly with us we shall be as heretofore frank and explicit in our reply Ao to the blockade, you

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say that by the laws of materne
the lary of int
and of nations

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In exclusion of Commerce from national ports which have been seized by the insurgents, in the equitable form of blockade, is a proper oneans to that end. You will any that our blockade is not to be respected if it be not maintained by man competent force but you will m you add that it blockare



to now and it will Continue to be to maintained, and therefore we expect it to respected by Great Intainwill add that wi




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already revoked the exequatur of a Russian
Consul who had enlisted in the Military
cervice of the incurgents and we shall dis
mild or demand the recall of every foreign
agent, Consular or Diplomatic who shall
either disobey the Federal laws
Le Federal authority


a new


As to the recognition of the so called Southern Confederacy it is not to be made subject of technical definition . It is of cours recognition to publish an acknowledgment of the sovereignty and independence of power. It is recognition to receive its ambassadors Ministers agents or commissioners officially. A concession of belligerent rights is liable to be con streed as a recognition of them. No dese proceedings will be borne by the United States in this case


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Hitherto recognition has been moved only on the assumption that the socalled Confederate States are de facts self sustaining power. Now after long forbearance, designed to soothe discon= tent and avert the need of civil war,

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