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never won a

the land and naval forces of the
United States have been put
in nation to repress the insurreation
The true character of the pretended
new State is et anse revealed
It is seen to be a. Poser existing
in pronunciamento only.

It has
field. It has ablained
forts that were not virtually
betraged into its hands on seized
in breach of trust. It commands
not a single post

the coast nor and highway out from its pretended. Capital by land. Bender These circumstances Great Britain it called upon to intervene and gine it body and independence resting to cont, our measures of suppression. Pritish recognition would be British atera



a arill

vention to create within our own territory a hortie Itate be, overthrow

by ing die Republic itulf. then cis act of intervention is distinctly performed, we from that hair shall cease to be friends and Cher & Come once more, as we have twice before been forced to head Sopot enemies of Great Britam

As to the treatment of pri raturs in the incurgent service you day

that they is a Vere treat them as pirates. They

question exclusively our own are our own citizens, on persons

our citizens, prey. ing on the commerce of our coun

try: of Great Pritain thall choose to recognise them as lawful belligerents, and fiwe. them thelter from our parent and pancéhment, the law of nations afford an ade. quate and proper remedy. and we chall avail ouricever Epit. iftner while for nese not to


ohns of sawance saw that your say nothing anconcept arogata


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nic Majesty's Government
avord all there difficulties
It invited as in 1856 to acceda


to the declaration of the leon
gress of Paris, of which body
Great Britain was herself a
"enember abolishing privative
ing everywhere in all cases
and for
You have our
authority to propose to her our
accession to that declarations
of the refuse to receive it it
can only be because the is
willing to become the pation
of privationing when acved at

our devastatione

These positions

are not chaber

Eately defended now, because to
vindicate them would imply en
possibility of our wawing them,

We are not intentible of the
grave importance of this secation.
We see how apon the result of the
dibate in which we are engaged a war way

paper is for your for grissenes any ones no has near, or shower my ond

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between the United States and

one, two, or even ouvre

War in

European natines

any case is as exceptionable firm. the habits as it is revolting to per the sentiments of the American people. But of it sme it will be fully seen that it results firme the action of Great Britain, aut our own, that Great Britain will have decided to fraternize without waiting to hear finis you are re.


ou dnnectic

munstrances and ou

having heard them.

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or after beining

War in defence of national life is not immoral, and was in defence of independence is an inevitable part of the discipline of nations.

The dispute will be between the
European and the Avencan branches of the
Butish race.
All who belong to that race
will expecially deprecate it: as they ought
It may well be believed that men
-men of avery
race and thundred will deplore it. A.

was not unlike it gecorect between the
Dame parties occurred at the close of the
last century Europe atoued by forty years
of Ruffering for the
that Great Britain:
committed in provoking
• proroking that cuitecto

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repeat the Lame peat in the social calor which will away not be to lung hit they will be cine general. When they chall have ceased it will, we think, be keen,



away have been the futumes of other nations that

it will not be the United States that will

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take a

have come out of them with its presiones con stitution altered or it's honestly obtamed any depee abridged Great Britain has but to wait a few months and all her present inconveniences will cease with all our own troubles of the different course the will calculate. for herself the ultimate as well as the immediate consequences, and will consider what position she will hold when she shall have forever lost the sympathies and the affections of the only nation on whose Sympathies and affections she has a natural clain. making that calculation the will Do well to remember that in the controversy she proposes to open we shall be actuated by weither prive, nor pastim, nor cupidity. nor auction; but we shall in the principle of self preservations and that on cause will involve the independence of cations and the rights of human nature

stand simply

I am, his respectfully your abution to

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